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With the sun out again, this is the perfect time to plan your family holiday in the Sunshine State. Indulge with your family and kids in the Best Family Beaches in Florida. Surf, soak yourself in the warmth of the sun, observe and collect seashells in the Best Shelling Beaches in Florida. And, do you need any reasons to visit the Sunshine State, which is the perfect holiday destination for your family and you, along with the kids. With thousands of miles of coastal shores, and yet, chances are you won’t find any two beaches alike.

Now, you can choose your beach according to the likings of your family from the Top Ten Beaches in Florida. From the List of Beaches in Florida, there is a beach for every person or family. The family who prefers a small island getaway or hustling big-city shores with several activities to dive into, the Nice Beaches in Florida, has it all. Florida never falls short when it comes to beaches, perfect locations for family bonding, pearly-white fine powdery sand, shelling, castle building, and many more. The list comprises of the 10 Best Beaches in Florida.

1. Sanibel Beach

If your kids love seashells, then visiting the Sanibel Islands is a must, whose claim to fame is for shelling. Sanibel Beach has won many awards for being one of the Best Shelling Beaches in Florida. Where most of the islands have a north-south orientation, the Sanibel Islands have an east-west direction. Apart from being one of the unique barrier islands, Sanibel Island is ideal for watching marvelous sunsets over the Gulf, with stunning sandy beaches and offers the seashell lovers with a plethora of seashells.  Amongst the Nice Beaches in Florida, Sanibel Beach is perfect for spending some quality time with your family as it lacks the chaos and crowds. With clean Island shores and palm trees swaying at the borders, this is one of the Best Family Beaches in Florida, which offers picnic spots, boating, fishing, swimming, cycling, and many more.

2. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is amongst the most beautiful beaches in America, luring hundreds if not thousands of families and couples, alike, to the broad shoreline with white sands that remain cold to the feet, beachfront hotels, and calm surfing. Considered as one of the Great Beaches in Florida, the  Clearwater Beach as a lot of activities to offer to its visitors. Parasailing, taking a cruise for dolphin watching, beach volleyball, sunbathing on the pearly white sandy shores, are a few of the activities that families love on the beach. Amongst the Top 5 Beaches in Florida, this beach entertains the entire team numerous water sports, family-friendly resorts, and celebrating the sunset at Pier60, keeping them hooked on to something or the other.  No doubt, Clearwater Beach is one of the Best Beaches to Visit in Florida.

3. Jupiter Beach

Jupiter Beach is one of the Top 10 Beaches in Florida, and perfect for families who love enjoying out in the Sun. Moreover, if you love your four-legged friend, you can bring your dog along also and enjoy your holiday with your entire family. Yes, 2.5 miles of dog beach is the largest and one of a kind, located in the north of Palm Beach County. Jupiter Beach is one of the Best Family Beaches in Florida, being a kid-friendly, pet-friendly coastal line, you will find paw prints throughout, of every size and shape. Even if the sight of dogs makes you giddy, you will enjoy swimming, running, and playing off-leash with the dogs on this beach, which is one of the Great Beaches in Florida.

4. Siesta Key

Covering a short distance from Sarasota, Siesta Key is an award-winning barrier island that boasts itself for activities like snorkeling and various other water sports. Amongst the Top 5 Beaches in Florida, Siesta Key is one of those beaches where one has so much to do; that no one is ever idle. Siesta Key features the softest white-sand your toes will step onto ever. Siesta Key ranks as one of the Best Family Beaches in Florida, with picnic areas on the beachsides, playgrounds, an ice cream shop, beach volleyball amongst few others.

The atmosphere of a captivating little village, the place is brimming with pocket-friendly shops and restaurants, that too with the ease of a trolley, this kid-friendly spot is ideal. Also, the location of Siesta Key makes is the Best Shelling Beaches in Florida, where you can enjoy castle building with your kids, along with collecting shells of every kind.

5. Delray Beach

Millions of tourists rush to this charming village by the pristine clear waters. A two-mile-long family-friendly beach for swimming,sand-castle building, and sunbathing, Delray Beach is one of the 10 Best Beaches in Florida. Cosily tucked between Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, Delray Beach is famous for its appealing weather of the beach along with its bubbling main street. A fascinating culture which dates back to centuries, seafood restaurants, strolling on the Festive Atlantic Avenue as the sun goes down along with the impressive architecture, Delray Beach is undoubtedly one of the Best Family Beaches in Florida.

6. Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a laid-back destination boasting miles of wide, and peaceful Atlantic Beaches in the northeast of Florida. Your entire family will love discovering the history of the Amelia Islands while riding horses on the beaches and Kayaking. With excellent child programs, especially for kids to enjoy, parents can enjoy quality guilt-free time on their own, making it one of the Best Family Beaches in Florida. Covered in 13 miles of pristine sand, families often go shelling, which is also very popular in the region. It is one of the Top Ten Beaches in Florida, offering a few activities which one can do as a family like heading out in a day trip hiking. Fernandina Beach is the place where the new shriming industry was born. Visit Amelia Island as it is undeniably amongst the Best Beaches to Visit in Florida.

7. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach is an ideal substitute for the neighboring Beaches of Miami. The bright blue sparkling waters, the beautiful and cozy yachts, stretches of translucent white sand, and upscale resorts make this beach, which is the shadow of Miami, is amongst the Great Beaches of Florida. With waters nearly as flat as in a swimming pool, this is in the List of Beaches in Florida, which is very kid-friendly and also very calm and quiet. The paddleboards, onsite kayaks, banana boats, and wave runners make Fort Lauderdale Beach one of the Best Family Beaches in Florida.

8. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is a funky little town east of Orlando, which is only an hour-long drive. Also fifteen miles away from Dayton Beach, this peaceful and sleepy beach is amongst the Top 10 beaches of Florida. The beach is a surfers paradise with 13 miles long broad beaches drawing in surfing enthusiasts. Located in Central Florida, New Smyrna Beach is amongst the Best Family Beaches in Florida, with trustworthy locals and a destination famous for being kid-friendly. With diverse activities for the families, explore the wildlife, rent bikes, and kayaks, visit the 73 acres of Smyrna Dunes Park, and encounter reptiles, marine life, birds, animals, and vegetation in their natural habitat, Smyrna Beach is one of the Nice Beaches of Florida.

9. Palm Beach

The largest county east of the Missisippi River, Palm Beach, is the winter escape town for Manhattan millionaires and Hampton’s heiresses. A wide variety of activities makes this warm weather winter getaway beach amongst the Top Ten Beaches of Florida. Palm Beach is amongst the List of Beaches in Florida, which is famous for destination dining, sensational shopping, and high-speed headliners. With legendary resorts and historic landmarks, Palm Beach is the shoppers’ go-to paradise. The ambiance of Palm Beach is something that makes every visitor feel unique about themselves and hence is one of the 10 Best Beaches in Florida.

10. Bahia Honda Key

Bahia Honda Key has a National Park and three beaches, located only 12 miles south of Marathon. The smallest beach, Calusa, is a family favorite with several picnic spots. At the Southeast end of the island runs the longest beach Sandspur. The beaches of Bahia Honda Key are the Best Beaches to Visit in Florida.  Home to over 150 species of flora, Bahia Honda State Park also allures hikers with a choice of three different trails.

At the Watersmeet of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, lies this 524 acres of beach park which is amongst the Top 10 Beaches in Florida. Bahia Honda is both a hidden and a trafficking spot for Kayaking, sunbathing, fishing, and snorkeling. The State Park also offers 72 camping sites, which range from beginners to the full advanced hookup, along with spaces to park the RV.  The bird lovers especially enjoy at the State Park as it is home to 30 different species of wood-warblers. Not to mention the park is home to some of the endangered species of birds that migrate during the fall and winters.

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The 10 best family beaches in Florida offer plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. From swimming and sunbathing to kayaking, fishing, and bird watching, there is something for everyone at these beautiful Floridian beaches. So if you are looking for a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones, be sure to check out one of these amazing beach destinations!

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