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Ireland, the North Atlantic-based country, has been an unexplored and uncharted land for a long. The country’s natural beauty and its chains of coastal mountains set up the perfect backdrop for travelogues. The central plains and the long chain of mountains attract flocks of tourists every month to the country of Ireland. The country has been mentioned continuously among the tourists’ circles and revered as one of the most beautiful landscapes, with tourists visiting 1.8 times more than the native population of Ireland. This makes the nation’s economy run on its shoulders.

The internet is always flooded with pictures of the best things to do and places to visit in Ireland. The trends in internet clicks show that people have been showing interest in finding the best destinations in Ireland. The economy based on tourism is not only a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP, GNP values but also provides a plethora of jobs around it. Ireland’s job markets depend a lot on the incoming number of people. It is not at all difficult to list down the ten best things to do in Ireland. Ireland’s gifted landscape makes a lot of its heritage places stand out as scenic beauties. Even some of the streets in Ireland have been referred to as a must-see thing among travelers’ circles.

The 10 Best Places To Visit In Ireland

1. The cliffs of Moher

This beauty of natural design perfectly crafted by the forces of weathering down of rocks by winds has been a backdrop of photoshoots for people coming from all parts of the world. It is undoubtedly a chart-topper when listing the best places to visit in Ireland. These cliffs have beautiful textures engrained all over them that add to the gorgeous looks. This has been used as a perfect photogenic setting for movie shootings of both local and foreign language films and music album videos. Its temperature and climate make it one of the best places to visit in Ireland in the Winter season. While on a trip to the best places in Ireland to vacation, People always keep this place star marked, and its reverence makes it more of a must-visit location.

2. Killarney National Park

The Muckross House and Gardens housed within the widespread premises of Killarney National Park are a building full of awe and spirit. It is referred to as one of the best places to visit in Ireland as Muckross lake flowing nearby the national park is one of the three lakes in Killarney, and the building looks majestic when viewed in the backdrop of the lake.

It is so famously called one of the best places to go in Ireland that even Queen Victoria visited this when she toured Ireland. The entire area, whether it be the National Park or the lakes region, is filled with lush green beauty. The park is serene, and it is among the best places to visit in Ireland in winter when the national park unravels a plethora of flora and fauna living within its fences. A safari through the national park is a must, and hence, they are hailed among the best things to do in Ireland.

3. Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

It is often new trivia to people traveling to Ireland that this nation had a troubled past, and Kilmainham Gaol is an exhibit of that historical oppression. Although this place might seem a memoir of the dark past, it is often recommended as a must-visit place in Ireland. If you are a trivia buff and love places of historical eminence, then this place is for you. Its importance in Ireland’s history visits the Gaol into top things to do in Ireland. After the leaders of the 1916 Uprising were executed in its prison yard, Kilmainham Gaol stood out as a sign of extreme oppression and persecution.

4. Dublin’s Grafton Street

The busy streets of Dublin are always bustling with travelers from all around the world, but Grafton Street is not just any other street in Dublin. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Ireland. It hosts people from different walks of life, right from flower sellers to performing artists who assemble to create a mesmerizing atmosphere. This place is quite similar to the carnivals hosted in many countries, except that, this street is a live wire all day of the year. It is often hailed as one of the best things to see in Ireland. Visit this street to experience the vibrant culture of Ireland.

5. Trinity College, Dublin and The Book of Kells

The Trinity College in Dublin is one of the country’s oldest heritage structures. This college was founded in the late 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I. It features in the list of top 10 best things to do in Ireland solely because of its historical eminence and its lineage of producing bright and shining young minds that propel the nation. For people obsessed with literature, this is among the best destinations in Ireland.

Famous writers like Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift hail from the same institution. The works of these writers have not only caught the eye of people in Ireland but also spellbound people beyond borders. If you are fond of historical pieces and trivia, this surely tops the best things to see in Ireland. This structure houses the Book of Kells, which is a permanent exhibit here and houses the long room, which acted as an inspiration for the library in Harry Potter books.

6. Powerscourt House and Gardens

There are numerous naturally crafted destinations in Ireland, but this one has been created by humans and nature hand in hand. Beautiful and scenic mountains in the backdrop and crafted lakeside walkways make Powerscourt House and Gardens a perfect setting for ones traveling on romantic vacations. It is suited for couples who hail this among the best places in Ireland to a holiday that are romantic. The top places to visit in Ireland are always peaceful and closer to nature, and this quality speaks volumes about Ireland’s natural beauty and efforts to maintain it in times of ecological imbalance. Powerscourt area has the best setting during winters, and thus, it is among the best places to visit in Ireland in Winter. The atmosphere gets more mesmerizing in the months of the winter season. These naturally bestowed places have been the best tourist attractions in Ireland.

7. Little Museum of Dublin

If you want to start the trip of Ireland on a short, summarized account of the history of the city of Dublin, the Little Museum of Dublin is the perfect place to be in. Although it has opened just newly, it is still one of the best places to go in Ireland. It is a trivia-filled informative and personally guided tour through recent Dublin history. This tour is picking interest among youth and is among the top things to do in Ireland. Dublin is the largest city in Ireland and the most populous city.  Therefore, understanding its history and political play summarizes the big picture. Thus, Little Museum is undoubtedly among the best destinations in Ireland.

8. Rock of Cashel

Although this comes up late in our list, this dreamy castle is a manifestation of the castles one can only dream of, and it is revered by many as the best place to visit in Ireland. Its beauty is such that Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t resist visiting Rock of Cashel during her 2011 visit to Irish country. This limestone rock formation has been done over centuries part by part, and its historic value is immense. This heritage might not be a natural one, but is a man-made wonder. This is among the best tourist attractions in Ireland. The golden hue of its structure adds to the beauty of the view. There are AV telecasts and exhibitions always going on for the travelers to know the rich Irish past. This tourist attraction is one of the highpoints and among the best places in Ireland to vacation.

9. The Ring of Kerry

Talking about Killarney’s beauty has no endpoints. The ring of Kerry is an exotic location situated right at the Iveragh Peninsula. The tour along the coastal lines gives a majestic perspective of the Atlantic Ocean to the horizon. The car ride along the coast is always among the top things to do in Ireland. Kenmare at one end and Killarney at another, this ride never fails to amaze one and all. Mountains, Islands, and the vast ocean blend together to spellbind flocks of tourists. This geographical point on the Irish coast is a hub of filmmakers and photographers. This place is crafted by natural forces and shall be recommended by any Irishman as one of the best places to visit in Ireland.

10. Kinsale

Kinsale has been immersed in historical backgrounds for a long, long time. Its cultural significance makes it among the best places to travel in Ireland.  This town feels Spanish-like in Irish summers. It has been an important point of transport and seaway communication. It has, therefore, seen a massive amount of turmoil in the past when different forces have brutally attacked the nation. Kinsale is a mark of the cultural blend that Ireland offers. Trying out the seafood in exotic restaurants of Kinsale is one of the best things to do in Ireland. Food travelers and travel vlog makers visit Kinsale’s restaurants, and therefore, dining here is among the ten best things to do in Ireland.

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There are so many places to visit in Ireland, but if you’re looking for the best of the best locations, these ten are your go-to! Whether it’s a small museum or historic castle, all of these destinations have something that will make them worth visiting. Start planning now by checking out this list and see which one sounds like it would be perfect for you!

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