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Don’t you ever feel like escaping everything and heading to a place where there’s serenity, fun, or both, which keeps you away from your routine? Well, we all have various sets of baggage in our lives. Emotional baggage, stress, responsibilities, worldly confusion. We all deserve our time to get away from everything to revisit ourselves once in a while or rediscover the nuances of life with friends and family. These little escapades make life a little more interesting.

Talking of escapades, you can get some of the Best Things to do in Atlanta itself. Georgia has always been an eventful state, so it has been its capital, which makes it a great place to explore. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a trip with your old school buddies, or your lovely family, or someone you barely know, dear Atlanta has got your back. Let’s have a look at some of the Top Things to do in Atlanta:

1. Stone Mountain Park

Ever thought of climbing an 800-foot high rock right near the city for fun? Sounds tempting, right? Well, if you love living on the edge, nothing can refresh your mind more than an adventurous outing. That’s the reason why Stone Mountain Park appears at the top. To go to this apt place to meet the adventurous you, you would need to travel a few miles towards DeKalb county (16 to be precise).

If you love adventure, you will find it among some of the best places to visit in Atlanta. If you think that there would be no other options than adventures, you are wrong. Other than rock climbing, you can take the smooth and calm cable car to the top of the rock, or take your children on the joyous locomotive ride present around the park. Overall, it makes a perfect destination to hang out and rejuvenate yourself.

2. Georgia Aquarium

If you want to go around looking for the best things to do in downtown Atlanta with your family, Georgia Aquarium might be the best answer at your hand. While your children will love exploring the sea life unfolding right before their eyes, you would enjoy being there and witnessing how there’s a different side to life. It is going to be a thrilling experience to watch whale sharks and about 100,000 species to amazing you.

It is tempting enough not to let you have second thoughts before deciding the best things to do in downtown Atlanta. Guess what, your experience can have double the thrill if you have a scuba diving certification, as you would then be eligible to participate in the dive programs, which makes it one of the best things to do in Atlanta. Once you have that, you would not be able to resist diving into this amazing world. So, a place that serves you best when it comes to family things to do in Atlanta.

3. National Center for Civil and Human Rights

There are quite a lot of things that make the country great. One of them is the spirit of fighting against injustice. The reason to bring the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in the list of tourism destinations is its embodiment of the American spirit. Well, if you want to take a nice stroll and discover some of the best things to do in downtown Atlanta, you can go to this destination and dive into some history.

The style of presenting the history of Atlanta’s role in the great civil rights movement would move you, and with some thought-provoking speeches and historical documentation, it’s just worth it. Moreover, it would be an excellent opportunity for the kids to know the significance of the state in shaping America’s history. With all of it, it makes for one of the downtown Atlanta things to do.

4. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Nature’s aesthetics outshines everything this materialistic world has to offer. A trip to Atlanta’s Botanical Garden is enough for you to realize this fact. There are few places where you don’t have to think twice before visiting in all parts of the calendar year. It is one such place when you think of Top things to do in Atlanta.

While flora and fauna are themselves enough to mesmerize you, the gardens following various themes such as the Japanese Gardens and Desert House will take you on a joy ride. This makes you think of this place whenever you think of a nice, beautiful place to visit in Atlanta. You can just come with your loved one and show some of the beautiful gardens, which would be among the fun things to do in Atlanta for couples.

5. Fox Theater

Talking of things to do in midtown Atlanta and not addressing the rich history that the Fox theater brings with it, would be an offense to history. There is something about historic theaters. They make artists flock towards them from thousands of miles in search of art. Be it opera, ballet, or movies, the Fox Theater has been home to performers of various genres and styles, and one of the best things to do in Atlanta.

The intricate design with a little renovation, keeping in mind its originality, makes the visit one of the best things to do in midtown Atlanta.

6. Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Park

People die; ideas don’t. The national historical park, set as a tribute to the great Martin Luther King Jr, would instill you with the same belief. This place to visit in Atlanta is one such venue. When you reach Auburn Avenue, you will find the birthplace, and the Ebenezer Baptist Church, along with his grave. While the venue makes you revisit so much of historical deeds at once, it fills you up with comfort and peace at the same time.

The place comes as a solace for many so does the memory of the great reformer. No doubt, the park does deserve a spot when it comes to some of the best places to visit in Atlanta. You can consider taking your kids to the place to make them know about the great heritage this site has. It would surely be among some of the family things to do in Atlanta.      

7. Piedmont Park

When talking about a place to visit in Atlanta, one of the easiest ways of refreshment would be just lying in a park, listening to some beautiful songs, and getting to know yourself a bit more. According to a 2018 poll by Gallop, almost half of the American adults suffer from Stress. What can be a better way of reducing stress than to take a gentle stroll around a park?

The piedmont park, being one of the oldest parks around midtown Atlanta, would have helped countless people, reducing their stress. So, when it comes to some of the best things to do in midtown Atlanta, a visit to the park would be worth it. Also, Midtown is one of the best areas to stay in Atlanta. Similarly, coming for a family picnic in the park might be one of the best family things to do in Atlanta.

Moreover, gardens and walks are not the only few things the park has to offer. It’s home to playgrounds and dog parks. These make it fun for people to enjoy, mostly around the best time to visit Atlanta, which is around March to May. You know what? Playing with dogs and then having a long walk hand-in-hand can be among the fun things to do in Atlanta for couples.

8. Skyview Atlanta

How about having a gaze over the beautiful Georgian capital from a few feet above the ground, chilling in a giant wheel. Well, the Skyview Atlanta is one of the coolest downtown Atlanta things to do. Ac gondolas taking you on a visual spree are enough to make your day. Since Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympic games, the view of the fountain rings would mesmerize you, and the scenes all around will fill you up with joy. The view will tell you why it reflects the best area to stay in Atlanta.

With the one you love; it can also turn out to be among the fun things to do in Atlanta for couples. So, next time you think about some of the best downtown Atlanta things to do, don’t miss out on Skyview!

9. Oakland Cemetery

A calm, smooth, and quiet place for people who like peace, Oakland cemetery can prove to be among some of the best places to visit in Atlanta. A serene environment with the richness of nature, along with rich historical essence, makes the place a complete one, especially when you visit it during the best time to visit Atlanta.

While people from all age groups would enjoy coming here, the ones with age on a bit higher side are most likely to find the place worth visiting, and one of the Top things to do in Atlanta.

10. Coca-Cola World

No matter which part of the world you stay in, you are never too far from cola. Well, the world of Coca-Cola is one such place where you would find a fascinating history of how Coca-Cola spread all over. If you’ve got some kids with you who love finding out stuff on their own, it would be a great day out for them, and one of the best things to do in Atlanta.

Moreover, it’s a place irrespective of the best time to visit Atlanta.


Well, the world is a tricky place. You need to work to live life, but sometimes you need to leave work to live life. Well, it’s all about finding the right balance. Well, above are some of the best things to do in Atlanta to choose from. It’s your chance to go with anyone according to your interests and choices. Hurry up! Life is short.

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