The 11 Best Places to Stay in Barcelona, Spain

Deciding a tour is one thing, and planning where to stay is another thing. It is obvious to have confusion regarding your accommodations, especially if you are visiting the second-largest city in Spain, Barcelona.

Located in the Catalonia Region, Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain. Barcelona has a culture of its own, and along with the culture, there is immense pride. This city stands out and is different than the rest of the cities of Spain. Be it the finest art museums to the most astonishing architecture to world-class football grounds, and you will find all the Best Places to visit in Barcelona.

If you are looking at the Best Places to stay in Barcelona, then you are precisely in the right place. Here we are sharing your top listed Places to stay in Barcelona, where you stay once won’t feel like going home. Besides, there are also the Best Neighbourhood areas in Barcelona, without which the list is incomplete.

The 11 Best Places to Stay in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city with a unique culture and immense pride. It is located in the Catalonia region of Spain and is the cosmopolitan capital. The city has many places to stay, but here we are sharing the 11 best places to stay in Barcelona. These places will make you feel at home and you will never want to leave.

1. Durlet Beach Apartments

Are you looking for Where to Stay in Barcelona with your family? There is no better place to stay in Barcelona than Durlet Beach Apartments, especially if you are on a family trip. That’s why this place ranks at the top and is one of the best places to Stay in Barcelona. There is an availability of AC rooms, modern furniture, and also the swimming pool. Herein the kitchen is so well equipped, you will feel at home. The home-like facilities of this apartment make it one of the perfect Places to Stay in Barcelona. Take a stroll and discover the rich culture in the relaxing atmosphere. Visit the beach or explore the iconic squares and corners, together as a family, as you start walking the neighborhood.

2. Room Mate Gerard

Room Mate Gerard in the District of Eixample is amongst the Best Places to stay in Barcelona, with a sun terrace and nearby attractions. The food served here, especially the breakfast buffet, is undoubtedly delicious-WOW. Serving various kinds of Catalana products along with pastries, vegetables, exotic fruits, and also the most selected food items like the caviar, amongst many others, this is the compulsory breakfast you can’t afford to miss. Placa Catalunya, one of the Places to Go to Barcelona, is only 9 minutes of walk from the location. With a seasonal pool, a fully equipped gym, and luxurious meeting rooms, so that you don’t miss work make Room Mate Gerard is one of the ideal Places to Stay in Barcelona.

3. Almanac Barcelona

Thinking hard and rattling your brains about Where to Stay in Barcelona, Spain? Look no further than Almanac Barcelona, with an exclusive location that offers the sightseeing areas just a few meters away. Almanac Barcelona is one of those locations on the Tourist Map of Barcelona, which is the epicenter, where the urban landscape meets the cultural junction. Experience the culture of bold creativity. A few of the Places to Go in Barcelona are Passeig de Gracia at 150m, Passeig de Gracia Metro Station at 200m, Tivoli Theatre also at 200m, Casa Calvet at 300m, Casa Lleo Morera at 300m, Casa Batllo at 400m, amongst a few others, are all at a walking distance from the location. Hence, the perfect opportunity to take a walk with your loved ones while you explore modernist architecture and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

4. H10

The teenagers of the family love to hang on the beach while the adults are exploring the city, H10 Universitat is the ideal choice and the Best Place to Stay in Barcelona near Beach. There are a variety of rooms and if you enjoy the sea view, make sure you choose your room with the look your heart desires. Casa Batllo, Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, and Las Ramblas are the most popular attractions. So, if you are thinking about Where to Stay in Barcelona with your teenagers, then this is your pick. Every visitor finds H10 the Best Location to Stay in Barcelona. Once you visit here, you cannot stop praising the views from the rooftop, which itself makes it an attraction for the visitors to hit the roof at once and relax after their long journey.

5. STAY Bailen Apartments

Amidst a quiet and secured neighborhood is the STAY Bailen Apartments, which is only a walking distance away from the main modernist Gaudi Attractions. Perfect for large families, it is the Best Location to stay in Barcelona, with well furnished and equipped spacious rooms. Bakeries, restaurants, sightseeing buildings, cafes, and whatnot, everything you want or want to see is near nearby the neighborhood. Hence it is the Best Neighbourhood to Stay in Barcelona. If you are wondering Where to Stay in Barcelona, Spain, then this is the location where you want to stay with your family during the vacation.

6. Mandarin Oriental

With a prime location on the distinguished Passeig d Gracia, Mandarin Oriental is one of the Best Places to Stay in Barcelona. The amazing breathtaking views from the pool of the rooftop add to the excellent location. If you admire works of architecture, then the view outside of your windows will be admirable. Enjoy the works of modernist architects like Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece Casa Batllo while you are in the Best Area to Stay in Barcelona. The nearby attractions which include a few of the Places to go in Barcelona are Bobby’s Free at 400m, Casa Amatlller at 100m, and the obvious Casa Battlo at 200m, all at a walkable distance from the location. The location is also perfect for shopaholics, who love shopping for exclusive items from boutiques.

7. Hotel Brummell

With amazing boutique designs and the most stylish furniture, Hotel Brummell is undoubtedly one of the Best Places to Stay in Barcelona near the Beach. Herein the hotel, you will get all the world-class service in a single place. The big private balcony and its view from the top are irresistible. The outdoor tub is what you will love the most, especially on colder nights. The hotel has the best staff and provides amenities one can ask for and is the Best Area to Stay in Barcelona. Hotel Brummell is the answer to your question Where to Stay in Barcelona?

8. Hotel Casa Camper

Are you fond of Asian food, then the Tourist Map of Barcelona, Hotel Casa Camper is waiting for you. This hotel is undoubtedly the Best Place to Stay in Barcelona. Herein you will get fusion food, Asian dishes with a Spanish touch. Don’t miss the famous Spanish Tapas-style, and it is a must-try. Do not forget to book a reservation, as the place is always full. The minimalist decoration of the room, however, does not compromise on the luxury factor in any way. Visitors love this during their stay. So now you can stop questioning yourself about Where to Stay in Barcelona, Spain, and book your reservations in advance.

9. Hotel 1898

When mentioning the Best Neighbourhood to Stay in Barcelona, Hotel 1898 is hard to miss. Herein this hotel, you will enjoy the luxury to indulge yourself in the swimming pools, all year round. Hotel 1898 is the only one with two swimming pools, including a spa. The access to the pool and the rooftop bar is what you will love the most. The central location of the Hotel 1898 makes one easily explore the Best Places to Visit in Barcelona, during their stay. Staying in the most luxurious hotel in the city, which is in the Best Location to Stay in Barcelona, has its perks. Enjoy a relaxing moment in the pool with hydromassage along with a dry sauna and steam bath. Plus, the fresh and pleasant aroma received here matches perfectly with the modern décor.

10. The Barcelona EDITION

The Barcelona EDITION is the Best Place to Stay in Barcelona near Beach, providing luxurious amenities to all the visitors, while the visitors can experience staying in a 5-star hotel. From the hotel to the location to staffing, everything here is perfect. This place is the Best Place to visit in Barcelona, especially for couples. The beds are just superb, and it’s like sleeping on a cloud. The boutique hotel’s plunge pool and the workout fitness center altogether put this place on the Tourist Map of Barcelona. Explore your tastebuds in the hotel restaurants, which include a supper club, a rooftop bar serving exotic cocktails, and signature restaurants.

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11. Hotel Mercer Barcelona

If you love chic décor with exposed bricks and high ceilings, then Hotel Mercer Barcelona is undoubtedly the perfect place to stay. The hotel, located in the heart of old Barcelona, is amongst the Best Places to Stay in Barcelona. Be it the hotel design, décor, amenities, or staffing, this hotel has everything you expect in a 5-star hotel. Sit on the rooftop terrace and see the best views of the Gothic Quarter. Most of the rooms here are in the form of an ancient building- a perfect combination of history and modern designs. Indulge yourself in history and enjoy the unforgettable experience, as you are in the Best Area to Stay in Barcelona.


Barcelona is a city rich in history and culture, making it a popular destination for tourists. If you’re looking for the best places to stay in Barcelona, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes some of the most luxurious and centrally located hotels in the city. So whether you’re looking for a beachfront resort or a stylish boutique hotel, there’s something for everyone on our list.

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