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New Orleans may have the craziest things to do, and the best places to spend holidays. When it comes to a romantic trip, nothing spells more amorous than Santorini. This volcanic island is the most romantic place for love birds. There are lots of exciting and thrilling things to do in Santorini. Be it the stunning view of the waters glistening in the Aegean Sea, the magnificent sunset, the local sports on the beach, the delicious Greek food, or the taste of boasting wines, everything about this place is simply irresistible. If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon spot, there could not be any better place on earth than Santorini, Greece.

What if you are planning for a solo trip or you are going for a family tour? Well, Santorini does not deter its tourists from going for a solo trip. Even if traveling alone, there are many places to visit, and amazing things to do here in Santorini with your friends or family. If you are looking for what to do in Santorini, then you are in the right place.

Here we are sharing with you what to do in Santorini and the things to do in Santorini, Greece, which you must add to your must-visit destinations. Once you visit here, you will surely feel nostalgic and craving to revisit when you come back home.

The 12 Best Things To Do In Santorini

1. Start your trip by visiting the volcanic island, Fira

There is no fantastic way to start your Santorini trip than starting from Fira. Visiting this volcanic island is undoubtedly the most magnificent thing to do in Santorini, Greece. There are thrilling activities and amazing things to do in Santorini for people of all ages. At any point of the day you go, you will always feel the liveliness of the island. There isn’t a minute you will feel bored because there are top 10 things to do in Fira, Santorini. The social life, annual festivals, concerts, and night parties here will make you go crazy. Besides the fun and attractions, you will also find many gifts and souvenir shops where you can buy your favorite items.

2. Watch the most spectacular sunset from the Oia Village

Watching the spectacular sunset is the most exciting thing to do in Oia, Santorini. The sunset cruise is famous all around the world and is the most exciting thing to do in Oia, Santorini. Many tourists, both domestic and international, come here to experience the beauty of this place. Watch the sun setting down, and be ready to see the buildings turning pinks and orange. You will enjoy the crowd cheering and rejoicing when the sun goes down the horizon. At this point, it becomes amazing, and time for photography. Clicking photographs in Oia, Santorini is a fantastic thing to do here. Don’t miss seeing the blue dome here in this Oia Village- the architectural beauty will make you irresistible.

3. Discover the history of Santorini in the Museum of Prehistoric Thira

If you are looking for what to see in Santorini, then there is no other place to go but visit the Museum of Prehistoric Thira. This is considered a paradise for history buffs, and one of the most amazing places to visit in Santorini. This 3000-year old museum features the history of Santorini and the volcanic activity of the place. There are plentiful things to do in Santorini, Greece. Paintings, scriptures, artifacts, and historical evidence of the ancient Akrotiri are the main attraction here. Among all the things you see, the well-preserved fresco and the pottery will amaze you the most.

4. Relax and spend time in the Perivolos Beach

One of the top 10 things to do in Santorini is to go to Perivolos Beach. You will find all the best things to do in Perivolos Beach, Santorini. The water quality here is immaculate, and there is black sand all around. This Perivolos beach has a certificate of excellence and has received a blue flag because of its water quality. The outdoor swimming pool is the main attraction and is one of the top things to do in Santorini.

5. Take a horse ride in Akrotiri

Like the Haunts, Night-time Carriage Tour is the craziest thing to do in New Orleans, here in Santorini the horse ride rocks. If you would love horses, then you need to enjoy this experience at the seaside. Santo Horse Riding is one of the top 10 things to do in Santorini, Akrotiri. Many tourists visit here to experience the exciting horse ride. If you are going out with your partner, you simply cannot miss this place. The horse trek with your partner is probably the most romantic thing to do in Santorini.

6. Enjoy the sailing experience and watch the lava formation

The sailing experience passing from Red beach is one of the most exciting things to do here in Santorini. All the way long, you will love exploring the volcanoes and hot springs. What is there in Santorini to see more stunning than the sun sets, just irresistible? This place is the best in Santorini for photography. On stopping on the Nea Kameni, you will find the most interesting lava formation. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, visit there and witness on your own how the volcano erupts and transforms itself into lavas.

7. Go red in the Red Beach

As the name suggests, this red beach has rock slides all around. This rocky beach, with its magnificent beauty, makes the beach the best place in Santorini. The beach is prone to landslides; thus, it is risky to swim here, but you can click pictures from afar. A visit here will be incomplete if you don’t reach the top. Climbing on the top of the beach is the most exciting thing to do in the Red Beach Santorini. Climbing the hill is rocky and slippery, so you should carry a pair of boots.

8. Explore the historical Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Looking for what to see history in Santorini? The archaeological site in Akrotiri might excite you. This site, renowned as Greece Pompeii, has interesting and unusual things preserved from the 17th century to the present day. The site has been painstakingly excavated, and the level of preservation is mind-blowing for a place that dates back for more than 4,000 years. The incredible ruins and the management system here get this site renowned as the Pompeii of the Aegean. You will find lots of play cards here, so it is advisable to take a guide along. The parking places to sit inside and outdoor the exhibit makes this site the best place to visit in Santorini.

9. Grab a tipple from Santo Wines

Do you even call it a vacation without including a glass of wine? For wine lovers, the best thing to do in Santorini is to visit Santo Winery. If wine is your thing, then there is no second reason why you must take yourself to Santo Wines. This is a  place where you will taste the most delicious recipes and liquors. Enjoying the taste of Greek wine is the top thing to do in Santorini. Santo Winery is famous not only in Santorini but throughout the world. The Greek wine is just delicious, something you will know after tasting. Grab a tipple of top-class red wines, and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

10. Visit the gorgeous Lighthouse in Akrotiri

You may have heard about New Canal Lighthouse and often considered the place where you have the craziest things to do in New Orleans. But if you see the gorgeous lighthouse in Akrotiri, you will forget the incredible lighthouse in the world. The lighthouse is a rectangular building with a story tower topped with an octagonal cupola, which houses the light. Watching the sun setting is probably the best thing to do in Santorini.

11. Don’t miss the ATV-Quad tour experience

One of the top things to do in Santorini is to experience the ATV-Quad tour. Get a ride an ATV through the various terrains on the island. Rent an ATV, an enjoyable trip. Begin your journey from the Black beach and discover the varied landscape of Santorini. The panoramic views of the mind-blowing caldera are magnificent. The magnificent chapel inside the cave makes the tour interesting, and one of the best places in Santorini.

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12. Enjoy the tasty seafood in the Ammoudi Bay

A visit to Santorini is incomplete without visiting Ammoudi Bay. This place is a popular place to visit in Santorini, especially for food lovers. If you are a food lover and seafood are your things, this place is undoubtedly the most fantastic place to eat. You will get all varieties of seafood available in the nearby restaurants. From sea fish, grills, crabs, to lobsters, you will get everything right here. Besides the food, the atmosphere here is incredibly pleasant and mesmerizing. Chilling, relaxing, and enjoying the beautiful sunset in the ambiance are the top things to do in Ammoudi Bay, Santorini.

So, however, these were the top-most places, and what to do in Santorini on your first-time visit. If you are finding where to stay, then check out the best accommodations here. There are many more adventurous places to visit from the Greek island gateway, Santorini. Perhaps, those are for your next visit.


Santorini is a destination that’s hard to forget for many reasons. One of these things is the incredible food, which ranges from sea fish and lobsters to grills and crabs. When you’re not indulging in some delicious seafood dishes, take time to enjoy one of Santorini’s other top things: wine tasting at Santo Winery or visiting Akrotiri Lighthouse. There are a number of things to do when traveling here – be sure you don’t miss out on any!

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