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Are you in desperate need of a vacation and running short of cash at the same time? Then you need not despair as we have some great vacationing spots for you and that too on a budget. The United States has so many diverse destinations to satisfy wanderlust. Though it is home to the most expensive cities in the world (New York, Washington, D.C, San Francisco), it won’t stop you from exploring the other side of the country that will be easy on your pockets.

Let us see the top 8 affordable and cheap places shortlisted here for travel in the US. From coastlines, lush green forests, magnificent landscapes, deep valleys, bustling shopping centers, historical museums, and parks, it has never-ending opportunities to satiate the soul of a true travel geek with its cheapest vacation spots. Let’s start exploring the most affordable places to travel to in the US.

The 8 Cheaper Places to Travel in the USA

Do you want to travel but don’t have enough money? Cheap Places to Travel in the US is a list of places where you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. It has been compiled with utmost care so that all locations are cost-friendly and budget-friendly.

1. Glacier National Park

Bordering Canada from the north of Montana, Glacier National park is one of the cheapest vacation spots in the US. It has many breathtaking geological features to knock your socks off. Named as the crown of the continent, this place is famous for its exceptional and astonishing views of the deep valley covered by ancient forests. Hiking is the most popular pastime at this park, so for all the hikers, this place can give you overwhelming memories for a lifetime.

It is one of the cheap places to travel in the US as you can indulge in the day-long hiking activities and stargazing at the Logan Pass. In summer, fishing is the best thing one can enjoy, and winter seasons call for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. With a minimal entrance fee, this place is undoubtedly one of the cheap places to travel in the US.

2. The Grand Canyon

Located in Northwestern, Arizona, the Grand Canyon cannot justify the name it has got. Measuring 277 river miles in length, up to 18 miles in width, and a depth of over a mile, this huge canyon is a wonder to behold. The incredible beauty of this place is sure to leave you spellbound. If you are short on funds, this is our top second cheap vacation destination you can afford without much ado. The Canyon has two rims, the north rim, and the south rim.

Covered by the copper-colored Colorado River, this place offers spectacular views from its north rim of Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park. The park is also a superb place to hike, and many of the park’s activities come under the entrance fee of the park, so it is one of the cheapest places to travel in the US.

The small size of The Grand Canyon is enough to leave one awe-struck. The scenic and astounding views, adventure activities in the park are more like icing on the cake, and the best part is that these are the best cheap vacation spots. If you are looking for a budget trip, then we recommend you to visit this place once as it is the best affordable vacation spot for you and we guarantee you would love every bit of it.

3. Gatlinburg

It is a mountain town in eastern Tennessee, and it is famous for its beautiful scenic views, great shopping centers, and colorful history. Gatlinburg is a top US destination for travelers, and it is for sure one of the low-cost places to travel in the US. The charming town offers three entrances that lead to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, which is America’s most visited national park.

Here you can explore the lush green forests from Gatlinburg and enjoy the serenity of nature at its best. During your visit, you can indulge in numerous outdoor activities, and the town also offers a variety of free places to go fishing, camping, bird-watching, biking, etc. It is definitely one of the cheapest places to travel in the US.

Animal lovers can visit Cades Cove to see a large number of animals, including Deer, Coyotes, Turkeys, and Black Bears. With all these exciting activities, picturesque attractions, shopping, and adventure sports, Gatlingburg is undoubtedly a must-visit cheap travel destination in the US.

4. Colorado Springs

If you are looking for affordable places to travel in the US, then Colorado Springs is especially for you. Things to do in Colorado Springs are countless. Be it thrilling or fun activities, educational or cultural activities; this place has everything for everyone. Colorado Springs is easily reachable from all around the country. It has numerous free activities for you to enjoy without putting any pressure on your wallet. From natural sceneries, museums, parks, trains, zoos to many exciting outdoor activities, it is definitely the cheapest vacation spot for you to explore.

The adventure activities here range from mild to wild, so it generally gives you a variety of choices to pick up from. If you want to treat your eyes to breathtaking geological features, rock formations, and spectacular views of nature, then visit Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and Red Rock Canyon as they are the cheapest vacation spots. Don’t forget to take up a good pair of comfortable walking shoes. You can enjoy all this with a very minimal amount, so it is definitely one of the affordable places to travel in the US.

5. Yosemite

It is the best place for you if you want to reconnect with majestic nature in the best possible manner. Yosemite is bound to leave you mesmerized with its picturesque and vivid landscapes. The prominent landscapes of the place include Half Dome, Hiking Cathedral Lakes, Glacier Point, The Mist trails, and many more. It is truly a cheap travel destination in the US. This place gives you the chance to admire the tallest waterfall in the world, “Yosemite Falls.” It is truly the epitome of beauty and grandeur.

The other attractions include towering granite monoliths, deep valleys, and millennia-old-sequoia trees. For hikers, it has some excellent hiking trails. The Glacier point is genuinely a cant-miss as its breathtaking and dynamic views will make you go “Awe.” In a nutshell, Yosemite National Park should be your pick if you are looking for cheap places to vacation in the US.

6. San Antonio

The historic San Antonio is one of America’s top and most affordable travel destinations in the USA. The famous city riverwalk connects many other iconic local attractions. Here you can enjoy a festive atmosphere around the year. For history buffs, visiting Alamo and San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a must. And if you want to see how America’s first people lived, then the Texas Cultural Institute can take you further back in time. To give your feet a rest from continuous walks, cruise around in a river taxi to relax and feel nature’s divine beauty. Many travelers consider San Antonio as one of the cheap vacation destinations in the US.

Back in the city center, there is always something going on in the bustling Market square. Listen to the soul-stirring performances, browse the stalls, or simply sit there and relax, it’s entirely upon you. But when you are in the town, enjoying their lip-smacking Tex-Mex and European cuisine is a must for everyone. It offers some excellent hotels at affordable prices, which makes it a cheap travel destination in the US.

7. Oklahoma city

Being the capital of the oil-rich state, this city has amazing places to lure your arrival and is one of the cheap travel destinations in the US. From the abandoned warehouses, some parts of the city are now large entertaining centers and business hubs. One of the examples is Bricktown, where you will find affordable to luxurious accommodations. Nearby, there are many tourist attractions like botanical gardens, National museums, stadiums, etc., where you take a stroll without spending much. That’s why it is a cheap vacation spot in the US.

There is a city national memorial that pays tribute to the victims of the 1995 tragedy and is a major tourist attraction. With minimal entry fees, it is among the cheap places to vacation in the US.

8. Myrtle beach

The first suggestion is, “Don’t judge the place by its name.” Myrtle Beach is not just a beach but totally a paradise for people of many tastes. Myrtle Beach is popularly known as the golf capital of the world for the reasons you would like to discover yourself. Then comes the 60-mile-long coastline, which has so much to make your vacation one of the most enjoyable ones. All this variety of attractions is easily affordable, and that’s why it is one of the cheap places to travel in the US.

Be it the seafood cuisines, budget and luxurious resorts, amusement parks, or various adventures; Myrtle beach doesn’t let anyone down. There is everything for everyone, and so is the reason why about 15 million tourists visit the place annually. All these attributes of this place make it one of the cheap places to travel in the US.

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Is your mind constantly wandering off every time you see a beautiful scenic photo or your friends posting on Instagram about their vacation? But the idea of taking a trip when your hands are tied financially can be tricky, as we all know, traveling is expensive. You may go on a vacation with your family or friends if your soul is craving a trip right away. Staying in hostels will help you save a few hundred, instead of staying in a fancy hotel with room services.

Or, you may satiate your wanderlust soul by taking a trip to some of the cheap travel destinations in the US. There is no reason for you to frown or feel disheartened when you think about a trip on a budget. It may not be one of the romantic trips to some of the finest and most exotic locations like Hawaii, but the array of attractions along with the affordability of the destinations will intrigue you. Moreover, every traveler is thrilled to know that there are numerous cheap travel destinations in the US that are affordable and yet interesting.

We hope that this article would surely help you to find cheap places to travel to the USA.

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