B2B Lead Generation – 11 Must Follow Strategies

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have been finding new prospects or leads for the development of your Business to Business Sales? When you do this you are simply partaking in B2B lead generation. Just for reminder, B2B is the short form of business to business.

B2B is the form of business whereby you sell your products to other businesses rather than customers or direct users. One important thing you must take note of here is generating needs or new leads is the key to a successful business.

Now that we have settled the question of what is lead generation, the next thing is what are the lead generation strategies you would need for your business?

All The Lead Generation Strategies You Must Know

When we talk about B2B lead generation strategies, they include the tactics you employ to get potential customers who are interested in dealing with you and then convert them into your customers.

Are you asking what a lead means? A lead is simply a potential buyer who has taken action about your brand. They also may have shown some form of commitment, maybe by sharing their contact details with you. By sharing details, they have indicated that they would love to do business with you.

Your business needs a lot of lead gen strategies. Here we are going to look into a whole lot of B2B lead generation strategies, tools and services.

  1. Website Optimization Strategies for Lead Generation:
    When you optimize your website properly, the quantity and quality of lead gen will definitely increase. Of all the leads generation strategies and B2B lead generation ideas, this method is one of the most fundamental. To utilize this, you may follow these:
    1. Fix pages that are broken on your website:
      The last time I encountered a 404 error page on a website, I just concluded the website owners are not serious. Aside from this, when you have some broken pages, it slows down the performance of your website.
    2. Improve website speed:
      When your site’s speed is low, its efficiency in terms of conversion rate is affected. No one wants to visit a website that is very slow, you may lose visitors permanently for that. For the sake of all the leads, you will get, take note of this as one of the basic B2B lead generation ideas.
    3. Optimize for mobile:
      You would agree with me that most of your users would be visiting your website through a phone. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly if you must acquire all the leads that use mobile phones. In fact, most search engines do not regard websites that are not mobile-friendly and this is not good for your B2B lead generation. You must optimize your website. Make it mobile-friendly and fast to navigate.
    4. Record visitors that use your website:
      Don’t waste your valuable leads who visited your website. Use analytics tools to find out who are the potential clients visiting your website.

  2.  SEO Strategies for Lead Generation:
    SEO involves optimal use of search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. to get traffic. This is the best source of traffic. So, you need to optimize your website for users as well as for search engines.
    1. Find out good keywords:
      Keywords are very important in bringing organic traffic. You need to write content focusing on the keywords that your B2B leads are most likely to use when searching for your product or services. One tip is, use long-tail keywords. This refers to the keywords that are about 3 words and or more and these are specific queries. We recommend using SEMrush for easy and effective keyword research.
    2. Target keywords of your competitors:
      Following the successful competitors is a great strategy for new companies. But how you can know about your competitors’ SEO activities? We use SEMrush for this. Use it to find out the keywords of your ranking competitors.

      Of course, this is a healthy competition. You are simply going to check out their ranking keywords and improve your content for those. Note that you shouldn’t be looking at the keywords of competitors that are not doing well. When you get their keywords, your site will also rank on the same keywords and you will be driving traffic to your website. This is one of the effective B2B lead generation strategies to improve your lead generation business.
    3. Analyze the backlinks of your competitors:
      Again, you don’t need to stress yourself on this, SEMrush can help you out with this as well. In order to acquire good B2B leads with this strategy, immediately you have to compile these backlinks, then you can contact the site owners if you could get them to link back to your website too. If you could master this, it will favor your B2B business development.

  3. Content Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation:
    Coming up with quality content could be a nice means of leadgen for your B2B business development. Content marketing involves making quality content and distributing those content. Such content will build trust and respect for your brand. It gives you the opportunity to engage your visitors with your brand.

    Before you even jump on any content development and distribution, ensure the content would yield the desired result. Analyze and plan using SEMrush. Once you have a good plan, then explore the following strategies:
    1. Make use of guest posts:
      Guest blogging involves writing some quality articles and post them on some reputable websites to drive traffic to your brand. All the traffic you will get through here would boost the effectiveness of your B2B lead generation need. Your audience will see you as a professional and knowledge-loaded source of information. Find out sites that accepts guest article using tools like SEMrush, Ninja Outreach etc.
    2. Build up a microsite:
      This means that you would create a site that is smaller than your real site. This is not an uncommon strategy for your B2B leads generation. The micro-site will be made to tackle a particular niche that is similar to that of your original website. Websites like these could rank on search engines very well. Especially because of their long-tail keywords. You could use this microsite to gain more traffic to your main website too.
    3. Answer questions on Quora:
      One important thing you should understand is that when you help people, you are indirectly helping yourself. You could get some of the leads by answering some questions on Quora. If you do not know what Quora is, it is a website where some people ask questions and professionals answer the questions. You could tap into the engagement Quora has and drive some B2B leads generation to yourself.

  4. Social Media Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation:
    When we talk about social media, we aren’t talking about just Facebook posting alone. It is much more. Pinterest is another good source of traffic and customer engagement. You could make use of some social media influencers and get to reach their followers. Follow the below leadgen strategies:
    1. Be regular on social media:
      First of all, your brand needs to have a presence on major social media. Then you need to ensure regular content distribution and engagement on those media. Timing is important here. If you have a target market throughout the world, then it is not possible to determine the best time manually. Use TailWind for content distribution on Pinterest and Instagram. For scheduling content on all other media, try the native scheduling options. For example, Facebook suggests the best time for posting when you schedule using the platform.
    2. Follow the influencers:
      Social media is all about engagement with your target market. Scheduling content on regular basis will grow your audience gradually. If you want to grow faster, then follow the influencers in your product segment. Sponsor content with the influencers so that their fan can get familiar with your brand. Use the community features of TailWind to reach out to the influencers on Pinterest.
    3. Generate positive online reviews:
      The importance of reviews cannot be underestimated in cases like this where you want to win people over. Your B2B lead generation ideas should be centered around generating good reviews for your business. Because if you have bad reviews, no customer would want to stay. Therefore, ensure people perceive you to be good, always. It boosts your integrity and it will earn you new sales.

  5. Email Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation:
    Email marketing has been proven to be effective as well as efficient when it comes to lead generation. So you could take note of this area as well. Using the right plan, the right content and the right tool is important for any email marketing strategy. You should never spam. After trying several email marketing providers, we have found that Get Response is the best tool. It covers lots of templates, best integration with WordPress, etc.
    1. Look for the right set of people to email:
      This is the major thing you need to do in order to make use of this opportunity. You do not want to send emails about schools and study to old people. Therefore, it is important that you get the emails of your target audience before emailing them.
    2. Create a “Frequently Asked Questions” email:
      You should go beyond just putting content on your website. You need to understand that some things may not be clear to your audience yet, so you need to imagine these things and provide answers to them. You could email this to them so they may understand fully what your business is all about.
    3. Send some quality old posts that are new to your new prospects:
      Some old posts are evergreen and ever-relevant. They could be useful for the consumption of your new prospects. This is one of the uncommon b2b lead generation ideas that may make you stand out among your competitors. You may decide to send an email blast or newsletter to your new prospects. By doing this, you would be saving cost and time.

  6. Paid advertising Strategies for Lead Generation:
    Paid adverts could pay off if you set it right. This is one of the most effective b2b lead generation ideas. Although it may require spending some funds, it worth it at the end of the day.
    1. Facebook ads:
      Making use of Facebook ads is one of the most effective B2B lead generation strategies. Facebook serves all types of advertisement goals. All you need to do is to pay Facebook to help you gain access to your audience. You could filter out your target audience by age, gender, and other demographics on Facebook. After filtering them, then you can start targeting your ads at them.
    2. Google Ads:
      Google is your best friend for banner ads as well as search ads. Both of the ads are effective and value your money. As the largest search engine, and with access to millions of websites for display ads, Google is the best option. To ensure the best return on ad spending, you need to optimize your landing page and ad targeting to reach the right people with the right content.
    3. LinkedIn Ads:
      LinkedIn is more professional and business-related. So, you may want to try it out as one of your b2b lead generation strategies. The only problem here is that the competition for some keywords may have become tougher than normal. To make use of LinkedIn ads, just ensure that your paid campaigns are well optimized and within your budget. Although the cost may be on the high side, it pays off.

  7. Affiliate marketing Strategies for Lead Generation:
    Affiliate marketing involves getting some other people to help sell your product. They would do this and you would offer them commissions on the products they sell for you.

    The best affiliate marketing platform is ShareASale. The platform will connect your with marketers and publishers who are in a similar niche to yours. They will promote your products and services in exchange for a certain commission per sale. Unlike other lead generation strategies, here you will pay only when you have a sale.

    When you get on the platform, you need to set your tracking measures to know who and how many people bought your products through your affiliates. You need to pay the commission based on that tracking.

  8.  Referral Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation:
    The referral is a nice strategy for leadgen. It involves getting recommendations from someone who has used your product to someone who may be in need of it. Trust me, the referral is the best form of advertisement. There are two (2) strategies under this:
    1. Set up referral programs:
      This is a simple process. All you need do is to do the following:
      • Select the service/product you want to promote;
      • Set the commission offer. It could be maybe 10% or 15% on every sale made through their referral;
      • Devise a method to track the sales from each referral;
      • Monitor sales and pay those that have referred in due course.
    2. Reach out to your existing customers or clients:
      This is the first step after having your referral programs. Reach out to your existing customers and request referrals if they have enjoyed your services. But you should also ask if they have any suggestions for you to improve your product.

  9. Review Strategies for Lead Generation:
    Reviews are also like recommendations. They are a form of comments people drop to show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your product.

    It is a good strategy because it gives potential customers the confidence that some people have purchased from you and they are satisfied. This could also mean that they are more likely to be satisfied with your products too. This reduces the risk of purchasing any new product. Business customers will not take the risk of taking any wrong decision by purchasing your new products or services.

    Getting positive reviews will definitely help you. However, if you have negative reviews, it will have a negative impact on your sales. So, ensure the quality of your products before running any review campaign.

  10. Partnership Strategies for Lead Generation:
    Partnerships are also great for getting leads for your business. If you have been into it before, it would be easy for you. However, if you are just starting, it may be a little difficult, but it worths it at the end of the day. Even companies that are big already could make use of partnerships to up their business.

    This strategy doesn’t just mean that you sponsor some events. Though sponsorships could get you some leads, it is costlier. The main objective of the partnership model is building relationships with intermediaries, publishers, associations, etc. so that both parties help each other. The partnership deal must be a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

  11. Remarketing Strategies for Lead Generation:
    This involves doing the marketing again to those who have visited your website and didn’t convert to customers. This also remains one of the most powerful features of Google Ads. It helps you to remarket to the visitors of your website. The technical term for it is, remarketing ads. This is how it works:
    • Google Ads places a cookie on their browsing device(s);
    • Then it monitors their browsing behavior;
    • Whenever they visit any website that has Google Ads, then your ads will be displayed on their screen;
    • Then they could be converted to make sales from you.

Also, you could use the Facebook Pixel feature of Facebook to achieve this with the help of Facebook Custom Audience.

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After discussing a few basic questions like, what is lead generation, we have discussed 11 lead generation strategies for business to business companies. These 11 strategies are everything you’d need to generate B2B leads. The strategies will be discussed in detail in other articles. So, read again, pay attention to details and make the best use of your leads.

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