Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress – Comparison, Pros, and Cons

There are tons of cloud hosting providers. Finding the best cloud hosting for WordPress is a matter of time-consuming research. But Cloud infrastructure has several advantages compared to traditional means. They’re optimized for speed and can keep your website up online for far longer.

If you are a business owner, you know that having a good website is the way to increase exposure and brand awareness. Doing a lot of website management and marketing will require good performance and uptime. The question is, which website hosting provider are you going to choose? What type of performance would you like? Which one fits my budget? If you’re having trouble and need cheaper alternatives to web hosting – cloud hosting is the way.

This article will focus on talking about three web hosting services and discuss their pros and cons. Finally, we will choose the best cloud hosting service based on your needs!

Top Cloud Hosting Providers

Many cloud hosting providers have various offers, features, and prices. However, we have chosen the top 3 companies for this cloud hosting comparison. These providers are known to offer wp cloud hosting/WordPress cloud hosting. These three cloud hosting providers are:


This cloud hosting provider is the first on the list. Compared to the others, Cloudways is easily accessible, uses multiple apps – and has many good features for people unfamiliar with coding.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is for those who know the needs of their websites. This cloud hosting service has the most flexible payment options. For those who are tech-savvy and seeking to optimize their website – Digital Ocean is for you.

HostGator Cloud

HostGator is the most basic and one of the more popular cloud hosting services. With site-building software and excellent customer service, HostGator can quickly get you started hosting your website. Furthermore, HostGator is one of the best in the market for WordPress cloud hosting, as it has dedicated servers.

Pros and Cons of Best Cloud Hosting

Cloud ways:


  • beginner-friendly
  • easy and fast to set up
  • pay as you go plans
  • site cloning
  • free trial for testing


  • no domain registration or purchasing option
  • getting a personal company email costs extra

Digital Ocean:


  • highly customizable and flexible
  • can optimize plans as the website grows
  • pay only for what you use


  • difficult to use for non-tech people
  • lack of domain name registration or purchasing
  • no refunds
  • little customer support

Host Gator Cloud:


  • easy to use
  • fast load times
  • reliable uptime
  • reliable customer support


  • Price hikes
  • No Cloud VPS

Case Study for Best WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloudways Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Cloudways is one of the popular cloud hosting providers in this cloud hosting comparison. Cloudways is excellent for those looking to get started in cloud hosting their websites. Unlike the other cloud hosting services on this list, Cloudways can provide you with a limited 3-day trial. This allows you to build and test your website without spending anything on the first three days!

This is an excellent start to getting into Cloud hosting their website for beginners. Though Cloudways is not the most customizable cloud hosting service – Cloudways provide various packages that make it easy to set up your website. It may take you as quickly as 10 minutes just to get started with a website on Cloudways!

In addition to this, Cloudways has very accessible and friendly technical support. Their technical support is available 24/7, meaning any solution can be easily fixed by contacting customer support.

If ever you need to take down your website or need to refund your money, Cloudways has your back. Cloudways has a “pay what you used policy.” If you’ve paid for one month of service, for instance, but have decided to r

Cloudways mainly has two glaring issues compared to other cloud hosting providers. For one, Cloudways

Digital Ocean for WP Cloud Hosting

Digital Ocean has the most price-flexible and customizable options for a Cloud Hosting service. Unlike other cloud hosting companies that give you a predetermined set of features at set prices, Digital Ocean makes you only pay for the features you want. This can range from anything to the amount of memory, transfer limits, etc.

If you decide to go with the cheapest features, Digital Ocean can get you to cloud hosting for as low as 5$ a month. Digital Ocean can accommodate wp cloud hosting and many other website builders. If you decide you need to upgrade your cloud hosting, you can request to add more features. Over time as your website grows, you can easily adjust Digital Ocean to suit your needs.

One of the biggest cons of the Digital Ocean is its complexity. Because of the many choices you are offered in Cloud Hosting your website – it can be tough to choose, especially as a beginner.

There are other lacking features with Digital Ocean. Unfortunately, Digital Ocean does not offer free domain names with hosting or the ability to purchase a domain name. In addition, they do not provide you with site migration if ever you have to move your website to another server.

HostGator for WP Cloud Hosting

Compared to other cloud hosting companies, HostGator serves as a middle ground. It has a mix of features suitable for beginners and more advanced users. In addition, HostGator offers plenty of benefits.

For one, HostGator offers packages for experienced website owners – allowing you to get started quickly. Furthermore, there’s plenty of integrated software with Hostgator. If you’re looking for higher performance, HostGator can also offer you VPS. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In short, it separates one big server into smaller, separate “virtual ones,”- which means you get more performance.

Overall, HHostGator’soptions are pretty good. In addition to that, HostGator also provides Control Panel (cPanel Integration). cPanel is a tool to manage your website – allowing you to edit some website features. IIt’smore useful for more expert users; however, novice users can still give it a try to make their website better.

Of course, HostGator is not without its cons. Although Hostgator does have the Domain registration, it is pricey compared to alternative options. Furthermore, HHostGator’sthe current structure may not be able to handle websites with thousands in internet traffic – so these are things to keep in mind.

Comparison of WordPress Cloud Hosting Companies

In this cloud hosting comparison, we are going to rate each with scores based on the following criteria:


What does the cloud hosting service offer for builders? What tools can help make my website development convenient? How can I approach this easily?


How much do I have to pay monthly for cloud hosting? Does it fit my budget? Is it adjustable? Does everything II’mpaying for make for the best cloud hosting for WordPress?

Ease of Use

How easy is it to migrate my website onto this service? Is it easy to make changes and adjustments? What struggles must I go through to make this work? Does

 FeaturesPricingEase of UseOverall
Digital Ocean10/108/106/108

Rating Summaries


Features 7/10
Among the cloud hosting companies, Cloudways does not offer the most features. Though a partner with Digital Cloud – Cloudways mainly stick to pre-made packages. This is good for beginners, but it does limit its customizability.

Pricing – 10/10

Overall, the pricing of Cloudways is the best among cloud hosting providers. Their “pay for what you use” policy means that you only pay for the hours you used on the server if you ever need to cancel. Furthermore, their free trial options can help you know what you are buying.

Ease of use – 9/10

Cloudways is very easy to use – and you can set up your cloud-hosting website in as fast as 30 minutes! Due to their 24/7 customer support, it’s effortless to solve any problem on Cloudways. Overall, CloudWays has the best score in Ease of Use in this Cloud Hosting Comparison.

Digital Ocean

Features 10/10

Nothing beats Digital Cloud in terms of features and customization in this cloud hosting comparison. In addition, if you’re willing to take the time to learn server development, nothing beats Digital Cloud.

Pricing 8/10

Even though Digital Cloud can get you started on a server much cheaper than Cloudways, bringing it to an affordable price point requires expertise. Furthermore, this would take time and setup on your part. It would be much faster to start with a Cloudways account and pay a little extra.

Ease of Use 6/10

As mentioned above, Digital Cloud requires expertise. If you are a beginner at Digital Cloud, they have some basic beginner options. However, making the best use of the Digital Cloud involves a lot of practice and knowledge. This makes it much harder to use than other cloud hosting providers.


Features – 8/10

Compared to other providers, HostGator can offer dedicated VPS and dedicated servers for WordPress. They have the right balance of functionality and flexibility – with plenty of options to choose from.

Pricing – 7/10

HostGator costs a little more pricey than other providers. For one, CCloudgator’sfees can be made cheap -but would require paying contracts of up to 4 years. Furthermore, some contracts have price hikes later down the line. Keep this in mind when budgeting for HostGator for your cloud hosting.

Ease of Use 8/10

Easy enough to use for both beginners and experts. Customer service is also very responsive—overall good for both big businesses and small-time website owners.

Testimonial and Rating

Review on Cloudways

Review on Cloudways. Borrowed from:

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Review on Digital Ocean. Borrowed from:

Review on HostGator

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FAQ on Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

Which Web Hosting service is the best for WordPress?

HostGator is the standard Web Hosting service for WordPress. In addition, HostGator comes with its own dedicated WordPress cloud hosting, giving you excellent performance and uptime.

Which Cloud Hosting Service is the best?

Digital Cloud has the most options and features in terms of features and customization. Though difficult to use, Digital Cloud will allow you to optimize cloud hosting specifically for your website.

What is WordPress Cloud Hosting?

WordPress Cloud Hosting refers to the best cloud hosting for WordPress. In other words, it is Cloud hosting built and optimized to host the WordPress website builder.

What is the cheapest cloud hosting service?

Digital Cloud offers the cheapest cloud hosting services if you are an expert. You can choose to get the bare minimum features and pay as low as 5$ a month. However, if you have time to do all that work – Cloudways is affordable and easier to set up!

What is the difference between web hosting and cloud?

Cloud hosting is technically a type of web hosting. Web hosting, in general, refers to keeping files online through servers (which can include a website, data storage, etc.). On the other hand, Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting where you keep your files on multiple servers instead of just one.

Is cloud hosting worthwhile?

Cloud hosting is worthwhile for more extensive websites with high foot traffic and data usage. Companies with company websites used for regular sales may need a cloud hosting service. For much smaller websites, cloud hosting is not necessary.

How much does cloud hosting cost?

Cloud hosting prices vary depending on the provider and the features you get. Cloud hosting can range from 5$ to as high as 100$ a month.

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Choosing your cloud hosting provider will depend on your needs, the type of performance your want, and your budget. So it is essential to do the research and check among the many clouds hosting providers out there.

From the three cloud hosting companies discussed in this review, we say that HostGator is the best cloud hosting for WordPress. With dedicated servers and structures built to accommodate WordPress, it offers unmatched performance. You may have to pay a little more than the others – but nothing beats its performance.

However, if you’re looking to get started, Cloudways is an excellent choice. Their friendly interface, as well as the reasonable prices, make it a less risky investment for beginner website developers. Finally, Digital Cloud is for experts looking to optimize their website and spending. If you’re looking to get the perfect wp cloud hosting with a bit of experimenting – Digital Cloud is for you.

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