Guest Blogging: Easy Way To Find, Screen and Pitch Guest Post

Guest Blogging Easy Way To Find, Screen and Pitch Guest Post
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Guest blogging isn’t new. It gained popularity during 2010-11. Now, it has become very basic to use the guest post as an effective content marketing technique.

What Is Guest Posting?

Let me tell you a simple story. There was a time I used to sell wristwatches. Of course, I just started the business, so I had few or no regular customers. Sincerely speaking, it wasn’t easy starting from the scratch. Although I sold quality wristwatches, because of lack of popularity, I sold less.

However, I had to make use of a different technique. I looked out for big shops who also sold wristwatches (especially the ones that don’t sell the particular brand I deal in). I placed my stickers on the packaging of the wristwatches. I then liaised with those big shops to display my products in their shops. That way, I sold more. I got more popularity since some customers were redirected to my shop and I started making sales.

This is basically what guest posting looks like. In essence, guest posting means publishing blog posts on other websites by an author who runs a different blog. For example, if Mr. A runs a business blog and he publishes some articles on Mr. B’s blog, then that is guest posting. While “guest posting” is the act and/or process, “guest post” is the particular article (publication) that is being published.

You may want to ask – “why do you need to publish on another person’s blog when you have yours?” Well, the benefits of guest posting includes the following, among other advantages:

  1. It helps to make your brand known to a different audience;
  2. It helps to drive new and original traffic to your website;
  3. It boosts the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website.

How To Find Guest Posting Sites

It is one thing to write blog posts, it is another thing to find appropriate website to guest posting sites. Aside having a nice guest post to publish, it is important to publish on guest blogging sites that will help you achieve your aim. You also need to find blogs that accept guest posts since it’s not all websites that do. And of course, you cannot force them to publish your posts. It is theirs and they have freedom over it.

There are many ways to find guest posting sites. Try these options:

  1. Use keywords and search terms to find guest blogging sites:
    Of course, you know that the keyword is the most important word your potential viewers are most likely searching for.

    For example, if you are looking for websites in the marketing niche, you could search on Google for “content marketing”, “online marketing”, “digital marketing”, “internet marketing”, etc. In order to do this, you could search in the following format = keyword + one of the below search terms:

    Keyword + “write for us”
    Keyword + “contribute guest post
    Keyword + “become a guest blogger”
    Keyword + “guest post” of “guest blog”
    Keyword + “submit an article”
  2. Use list made by other sites:
    Just as I said earlier, not all sites will accept blog posting. And not all sites that accept are good for you. So, this is a time-consuming and boring task to find guest blogging sites using keywords that might work for you.

    You can search on Google for a list of blogs on your niche which are already made by other websites. Try “blogs that accept guest posts” on google, you would get a list based on whatever you want.
  3. Check guest posting sites used by your competitors:
    Like you, many other marketers are also using the list of guest blogging sites made by other sites. As a result, those sites are in demand. So, this is hard to find an appropriate option as per your need and budget for publishing a guest post on those sites.

    Another approach is following competitors. If you look at your competitors’ marketing footprint, you could also find appropriate guest posting blogs.

    You could get to know about such blogs when you follow a lot of guest blogging sites, especially those in your niche. Otherwise, you may use tools like Ahrefs for competitor research and find such guest blogging sites.

How To Screen Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Your aim should not just be to post on any blog, but to post on blogs that will earn you traffic. That is the mount important thing here. So, you need to screen out the blogs you have enlisted. Therefore, while doing your form of audition on the guest blogging service, you should consider the following:

  1. Ensure that the websites have unique and valuable traffic. You don’t want to keep wasting time posting without getting results.
  2. Get rid of websites that are not in your niche. You don’t want to display shoes in a shop known for electronics.
  3. Check if the publisher is asking for fees to publish your blog and if that amount is within your budget.
  4. Read the detailed content standard that the publisher has set as a requirement to post your blog. You need to pitch content following that standard.
  5. Make sure the audience of the website is active to follow your posts. Of course, selling food at the mortuary will only earn you a waste of time. Except zombies want to eat fresh foods.
  6. Select the top sites based on the above criteria. Your best blogs deserve to be placed on the best platforms.

How To Pitch A Guest Post

As much as guest blogging sites would appreciate a guest post, it doesn’t still mean they should stock up their platforms with low-quality content. This is simply the need for them also to screen out your proposals.

A while ago, you were busy screening out some websites that are not relevant to you. That is also the same way these platforms will screen out the posts that may not add value to their quality. So, let me take you through this as an important process in this guest blogging service.

  1. Establish a relationship:
    Flashback to my story about selling wristwatches, I didn’t just rush as people to help me sell. I had to first make them my friends and then pitch. The same logic applies here. Build a relationship with them, a little friendly relationship message may be enough.
    • Something like this – “Hello Frank, greetings from an admirer and follower of your platform. I have since followed your platform and found the content fascinating. You sincerely have a good deal on there. Recently, I started my platform in a similar niche to yours. I believe I may have some quality contents to post on your platform. I understand the standard of your contents, and I do not offer any less quality….”
  2. Make your value known:
    Remember these editors have a whole lot of professional writers offering to make use of the same guest blogging service, just like you. So, you need to prove how much value you may bring to their website. Note that they didn’t come up with the platform to help you – writers, but mainly to help their readers.

    So, do not bore them with your stories. Rather show them your writings published in other popular sites. Those works will help them to judge your quality of work.
  3. Research well:
    Don’t make general statements about the platform. You cannot underestimate the essence of research in this instance. Show them that you are a regular user of their website and you know the taste of their readers.
  4. Be creative with subject lines:
    Subject lines are just as important as headlines are. I can’t count the number of times headlines have attracted me to read some new stories.

    Likewise, the subject lines are the tools you could use to attract editors to your pitch. Of course, a lot of writers would have also pitched just like you, but the subject line makes your pitch stand out and exceptional.
  5. Write once but edit more than once:
    If you were an editor, would you accept guest posts from pitches that are filled with grammatical errors? Of course, NO. So, ensure your guest post is perfect in terms of grammar, readability and context. Making a great impression with your posts will make you achieve your eventual aim.
  6. The shorter, the better:
    Your pitches should not be too long. Editors have a lot of pitches to check, they have little or no time to keep reading one pitch. Consider the following important for your pitches:
    • Write a brief introduction of yourself with links to your article published in other sites;
    • Explain why your contents is meant for the kind of audience they have;
    • Give a list of your topic ideas;
    • A quick summary of what readers will get from the contents
  7. Make use of pictures and visuals:
    The images will build the first impression that makes you stand out from the crowd. It suggests that you are serious about what you are doing.

    Research has established that visuals have the capability of generating about 94% of views more than texts will. So, visuals are very much important and well understood.

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I didn’t tell you the conclusion of my wristwatch business story. Eventually, I started getting more sales till I became independent on my own. I had enough customers and I was glad I made use of that method.

In your blogging or digital marketing goal, guest posting is one of the most effective means to get traffic and authority. So, make use of this strategy and shoot your blog among the stars.

I’m here, waiting to see your website soar high.

Good luck.

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By Kalpataru Biswas

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