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The internet has changed the way businesses market themselves forever. If you turn back to 20 or 30 years ago, marketing was a very simple job. It involved putting up advertisements on newspapers, television, or getting a celebrity endorsement if you had the budget. However, these practices are getting old and outdated, thanks to Internet.

People from all over the world can now influence other people’s buying decisions by simply having a large enough following on their blog or social channel. For businesses who want to compete at the top, it’s important that you can do outreach to bloggers quickly and effectively.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach refers to contacting bloggers or influencers to help you advertise your business. Blog outreach comes in various forms, whether writing about your business in a blog post, making a YouTube product review, or other blogger outreach best practices. What’s important here is developing a network of influential bloggers to help you increase your market reach.

In this article, we’ll be examining methods and approaches in successful blog outreach. Additionally, we’ll be providing you with examples of outreach software and outreach tools to help you do blog outreach efficiently. Just keep the following points in mind:

• Blogger outreach best practices
• Blogger outreach software or blogger outreach tools

How to Outreach Bloggers

Spamming vs Targeted Approach

What are the means to capture bloggers? Here is a breakdown of two different approaches

Spamming Approach

The Spamming approach involves emailing pitches to a large number of Influencers or bloggers, who might or might not want your advertising pitch. Spam is easy to do, as it simply involves researching all the bloggers related to your niche and sending them an email template afterwards.

This method is quick, fast, and allows you to connect with plenty of bloggers. However, the spamming approach is often frowned upon. For one the emails are just basic templates and may not meet convince the blogger. Secondly, spam is mostly sent into the spam mailbox to never be seen again. You may want to avoid using this approach for your campaign.

Targeted approach

The Targeted approach is much more time-consuming than the Spamming blog outreach method. It will take a lot of work, and you will email fewer influencer’s a day. However, it’s a very effective method.

The targeted approach requires that you do research on the type of influencer you’d like to network with.

Rather than selecting all the bloggers related to your niche, you can examine each blog individually. Once you select candidates that fit your needs, you can proceed to draft personalized and unique emails.

This takes a lot of work, but by working to develop relationships with these bloggers and understanding their needs – they will be more interested in your email pitch for guest posting!

Free vs Paid Approach

Free approach

The Free approach is literally just asking a blogger if you can do a guest post on their site! There are no fees to pay – it’s free. However, there aren’t that many generous bloggers these days. Keep in mind that most bloggers would see this as an unwanted solicitation. After all, bloggers want a benefit in exchange!

Keep in mind that bloggers are also people interested in making money out of their blogs.

Most of the time the free approach does not work. A reason may be because you get most of the benefits and they get little if at all. Novice bloggers may take this as an opportunity to build backlinks, however, this is rare.

Paid Approach

The paid approach involves money – or product. For the paid approach using money, you’ll simply pay the blogger so that you may guest post or have the blogger write content for you. If you provide the article, bloggers are mostly inclined to accept because it’s easy money!

The alternative paid approach is to offer the blogger your product. This may involve giving them a trial of a premium software or mailing them an actual physical product, in exchange for being able to guest post or have an article written about your business. This approach by far, is the best and most frequent one used today.

There are a lot of reasons why providing a free sample of your product to the blogger is the best approach. For one – the blogger gets to use the product. This provides a source of content for the blogger to write about. If they find your product excellent, they may provide a wonderful review that is sure to attract customers!

Second, if the blogger continues to use and endorse your product, they will continue to advertise your product! For a small investment, this can lead to phenomenal returns in outreach. So, when choosing between paying with cash vs providing a product, consider that providing a product usually has better returns!

The Blogger Outreach Best Practices

Now that we’ve retrieved relevant blogs and their contact details, the next question is how do we make sure they like our pitch? To do, here are a couple of tips on blogger outreach best practices!

  1. I scratch your back, you scratch mine
    When writing the pitch, as we established earlier, ask yourself what you can offer to the blogger? By allowing guest posting or asking them to write content, what will the blogger get in exchange? If you are using the paid approach by providing them a product or giving them cash that is one way to do it! But what else?

    If they write about this product, can you guarantee them that the post will be well received? Will you allow them to guest post on your blog/website? What other opportunities can you provide for these influencers apart from the product/cash? If you can provide something that will help their blog grow. The probability of them accepting your pitch will be high.
  2. Keep it short and simple
    There’s no need to make long essays. Instead, just keep it simple and straight to the point. Introduce yourself, your blog/company, your request to guest blog, and why, as well as the offer. At the end of each pitch, make sure to leave contact details so if the bloggers have any questions, they can connect with you quickly if they have any questions!
  3. Build relationships
    Blog outreach is not just about building up Internet traffic or backlinks. It’s also about maintaining a relationship with the blogger. If you’re able to maintain a good and friendly business relationship, the blogger may continue to advocate for and market your product on your blog.

    A loyal and committed blogger will get you a lot more marketing than old strategies of TV advertisements or newspaper ads – so better get friendly with your bloggers!
  4. Be unique
    How will you pitch yourself to the bloggers? What makes your product or service different from all the competitor’s out there? What are the benefits of you and the blogger collaborating? If you’re able to show why you’re the best business/person to partner within the industry – bloggers will readily accept your pitches!

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Best Blogger Outreach Services

Keep in mind, there are millions of bloggers out there. To keep up with the constant flow of information it’s good for you to invest in outreach software and blogger outreach services. There are various tools and different types of outreach software out there. They include but are not limited to:

Back Link Research Tools: Online Tools such as Ahrefs can help you check for backlinks between sites. They can also aid the user in ascertaining which sites have the best links and increasing the amount of traffic.

SEO Research Tools:  Google Search Console, and many others help lookup trending keywords relevant to your niche. Using such keywords in your content will help them rank higher on the results pages of search engines.


I hope after reading this article, you have at least some basic understanding of what Blog outreach is. Just remember – to get to the top, it’s important to build and develop relationships with bloggers out there. You can get to the top fast alone, but with a strong network of influencers, you’ll make it far.

Not forgetting the importance of adopting the best practices, blogger outreach software, and blogger outreach tools that have been mentioned in this guide.

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