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In this guide, we discuss how to edit Instagram posts and some related frequently asked questions (FAQs) of Instagram.

Do you know that Instagram accommodates more than 1 billion active users monthly? This is why the network has many opportunities for businesses that want to embark on social media marketing. You can key into this merit to boost your customer base with the right targeted IG posts—just as companies engage in targeted email marketing for the best results.

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  • How do I add a photo to a previous post on Instagram?
  • How to change Instagram photos
  • How to edit Instagram captions

How to Edit Instagram Posts

Before learning about how to edit a post on Instagram, there are some things that one should keep in mind. If you feel like you need to edit a photo or video after posting, ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary. You should also be sure that such action will not reflect poorly on your brand image.

For example, ensure that you are not about to make an unethical edit or one that will be offensive to your followers. Rationalizing your decision this way can stop you from making a mistake that can be detrimental to your social media marketing campaign.

Now, let us get on with it…

Learning how to edit Instagram posts is quite easy. However, you also need to learn how to edit well before posting, so you will not have to seek rectification later. Here, I will show you how I edit my Instagram photos and videos before posting (in mobile view). In addition to that, a few tips will be given on editing IGTV posts (in desktop view). The steps are given below.

  1. Choose a file
  2. Make the photo or video aesthetically pleasing
  3. Include caption, tags, location, and platforms to share to
  4. Check advanced settings
  5. Post

1. Choose a file

To choose a photo or video to upload, you can select one from your gallery, or take a snapshot/record a clip. Do not forget to tap the camera “flash” icon on the left-hand side of the screen if you need lighting when snapping or recording. The icon on the right-hand side switches the viewing mode to “selfie” or otherwise.

When you are done with snapping or selecting an image file, the first thing that will show on the screen will be a zoomed view of the image. You can make the image fit the screen using the icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Collages, boomerang clips, or multiple photos/videos can be created with the three icons on the left-hand side of the screen.

How to edit Instagram post
How to edit Instagram post

To learn how I edit my Instagram photos and videos better, ensure that you are following the steps on your mobile device or PC as you are reading this.

The screenshots of the IGTV section below are in desktop view. To post an IGTV video, click on “upload” in the IGTV section on your profile page. You will see a “drag and drop” window on the right-hand side.

Adhere to the instructions you see on the editor such as choosing the right file format, file size, etc. You can check the IGTV video requirements page by clicking on the deep blue link at the bottom of the screen (right-hand side).

Fill the options from the top downwards—setting the video cover, title, description, preview, Facebook sharing, and accessibility (auto-generated captions). You can post the video once you are done. IGTV videos are for long-duration videos that cannot be contained in one normal video post. You can post videos that can go for as long as an hour here.

How to edit Instagram post
How to edit Instagram post

2. Make the Photo or video Aesthetically Pleasing

Away from IGTV video posting, this is the next step in learning how to edit a post on Instagram after selecting a file. For the images, you can make use of the “filter” and “edit” sections you see on your screen. The “edit” section has options for effects apart from filters such as “sharpen”, “structure”, “tilt shift”, etc.

What you see will be slightly different for videos as seen in the second screenshot under this step. You will see the “cover” option instead. For videos that are too long, the “trim” section will appear at the center of the “filter” and “cover” section tabs. You will see a “speaker” icon at the top to restrict video sound.

How to edit Instagram post
How to edit Instagram post
How to edit Instagram post

3. Include Caption, Tags, Location, and Platforms to Share to

These options are all on the next screen (including the link to the advanced settings section). Write the caption by clicking on the “write a caption” field. The location should be the place you are in presently.

How to edit Instagram post

4. Check Advanced Settings

Next on the process of learning how to edit a post on Instagram would be to check the advanced settings section. Here, you will find options for restricting comments, sharing your posts to Facebook, and creating descriptions for the visually impaired (Write Alt Text). From here, you can move on to the final step by returning to the “share” page in step 3.

How to edit Instagram post

5. Post

Before posting, ensure that all your edits are satisfactory. It is advisable to wait for some time, and then check the draft’s settings.

How to Edit Instagram Captions?

Here is how to edit Instagram captions without hassles. Firstly, you will click on the post. The “three vertical dots” icon you see at the top-left corner will be your next point of contact. Click on it to see the menu that comes up. The next move is to click on the edit option to see where you can make changes to the caption, location, tags, and alternate text.

How to Edit Instagram Captions
How to Edit Instagram Captions
How to Edit Instagram Captions

Caption formatting issues such as line breaks, emoji spaces, and so on can be resolved with the use of software applications such as Tailwind. For example, if you need to fix line breaks, instead of using the “enter key and period” technique, you can just do it smoothly with the Tailwind app.


To learn more about how I edit my Instagram photos, this YouTube tutorial may be prove to be helpful:


How Do I Add a Photo to a Previous Post on Instagram?

The answer to the question, it is not possible to add a photo to a previous post on Instagram.

How to Change Instagram Photos?

If you are thinking of knowing how to change Instagram photos in posts—sorry to disappoint you again—it is not possible for now.

Can You Edit Instagram Comments?

Can you edit Instagram comments? The answer to this question is also no. They can only be deleted. You can delete your comments and those of others under your post. Simply look for the comment and hold-click on it for the “trash” icon to be revealed. Click on it to delete.

Is There Any Option for Editing Instagram Photos after Posting?

No, there is no option for editing Instagram photos after posting them.

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Now, you know how to edit a post on Instagram easily. Hopefully, you found the answers to all your questions about IG posts and comments here. The best way to resolve future editing issues may be to delete the post permanently and then create a new one.

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