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Whether you’re the CEO of a new startup tech company or a salesman trying to market the company’s new product, you’re going to need publicity. Publicity informs potential customers of your brand-new product or idea, and so it’s the job of every business to get that publicity.

In the 21st century, there are many ways to do so. The question is how? In this article, we’re going to discuss how to submit a press release! We will look at the basics of a press release, tips, how to submit a press release via email, and more!

So keep on reading – and hopefully at the end you will be a press release expert in no time!

What is a Press Release?

A press release is any statement, news, or announcement provided directly to the media. You directly approach journalists, providing them the information you would like them to report on. This could be news such as a new product release, changes to your branding, etc.

Till today, Press Releases remain valuable means to present yourself to the world. Now that we are all connected through the Internet, people have more access to news than ever before. Thus, if you can put your company on the news – many more potential customers will see you.

If you manage to connect with a well-established newspaper or media outlet, like Huffington Post, or Forbes your business will not only gain viewership but also respect. Knowing how to submit a press release matters. Later in this article, we’ll be covering how to submit a press release via email, and other places to submit press releases.

Best Press Release Distribution Service

So now the question is, where to submit a press release? To begin, you first need to know which media outlets you want to target. If you are a technology enterprise for instance, it would be best to send a press release to Science blogs and business websites, but not beauty or glamour outlets. Being in the same field with your target media will make your story relevant, incentivizing the media to publish it.

Common Press Release Distribution Mistakes

Have you sent press releases before and always got rejected? Or are you nervous about getting your first press release rejected? Though press releases sound like a simple job, there is a lot of ways it can go wrong. Here are some tips to make sure that your press release actually gets published!

1. Too Much Content

Although explaining in everything in detail is appreciated, that will be the job of the press, not yours. Media outlets and blogs receive hundreds of requests everyday – you could send a 10-page manuscript but your target media will probably not read it.

The best way to approach this is to send a summary of your press release in a bullet point format. There should be no more than 8 bullet points. This style is convenient for reading, and at one glance the media will know if it is worth publishing

Second, this style is also great because it gets the media curious. They might start asking more details, and may ask for an ongoing communication. This is an opportunity to build relationships with the media outlet.

2. No Follow Up

As we mentioned earlier, media outlets receive hundreds of press releases every day. If you have sent a press release but received no response yet, it is good to follow up. They might have put you in the backlog of ever piling tasks.

Make sure to contact the media representative no later than 3 days. Any time longer, your Press Release might become old news. Moreover, if it becomes old news, then that is no longer worth publishing.

3. Poor Timing

Have you used press releases before, but they seem to be having little impact? It might be due to poor timing. For example, let us say your business wants to offer a one-day sale for its products. To make the most impact, the press release should be published at least a week or two weeks before the sale. This provides time for customers to read the press release and prepare for your sale!

Now imagine if the press release was published the night before your one-day sale. The press release will have less than a day of viewership, and with less viewership means less potential customers.

So when making a press release about upcoming events, make sure to time the press release correctly. Make sure to negotiate with the media outlet as to when you want your press release posted. If you submit a free press lease, media outlets are inclined to reciprocate your generosity. They will give room for negotiation.

Make sure to avoid posting on dates competing with press releases of bigger companies, and on special holidays. It will be difficult to compete – so find room on other days!

4. Minor Errors and Poor Writing

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make when making a press release is not proofreading. Media outlets despise basic errors such as wrong punctuation, poor grammar, and incorrect spelling, among others. If the first impression that they get is that you are a poor writer, they will refuse to post about your press release.

So, before sending your press release make sure to have it proofread. Now if you are not confident about your writing skills, delegate the task to someone who can do it. Whether it is your in-house marketing writer, or a freelance proofreader, it never hurts to ask for help!

Always, always seek to improve your writing. If you consistently submit poor content, your bad reputation might spread and soon there will be nowhere to submit a press release.

5. Making your press release content paid

Some businesses believe that they can profit by putting their information behind a paywall. This is a very poor practice. For one, this will limit your company’s reach as not all media outlets will be willing to pay for a press release. And second, the profit you get is not big enough to offset the loss in extra media coverage.

Rather than making a paid press release, just submit a free press release. You will get a much stronger reach that way – as not only can you have the support of big media outlets but also the smaller influencers out there!

Where to Submit a Press Release

Now that you know the basic mistakes to avoid, the next question is how or where do I submit my press release? There are several places to submit your press releases:

Press Release Websites

There are many websites where you can submit your press releases free. Many websites offer ways to either connect you directly to journalists or simply just increase ad posting for your website. This makes for a great way to get your media out there to the public!

Alternatively, you don’t have to submit press release freely. You can post your press releases on websites such as Help a Reporter Out. Reporters here will need to pay fees to access this data, but that means these reporters are looking for good content.

Just make sure to provide good content on websites such as Help a Reporter Out. Otherwise, just submit free press releases. Media outlets, journalists, and bloggers love anything free!

Your Local Magazine/Newspaper

If you are a smaller business, submitting to your local magazine/newspaper might be the best way to go! Try and check online if you can contact your local paper through phone calls or emails. Send them a basic pitch of your press release and hope that they accept it!

How to submit a Press Release via Email

How to submit press release via email is one of the most common questions – and it’s understandable. For one, there is no book or law dictating email etiquette.

If you would like to make sure you get as many media outlets accepting your press release, make sure to submit a free press release.

Now depending on who you send your emails to, some media outlets have requirements for press releases. Larger, more established media outlets such as newspapers and magazines require press releases to have certain criteria. To make sure they accept your press release, you must make sure you follow all their requirements for submission.

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I hope you now know where to submit a press release, how to submit a press release and tips on making good press releases! I hope you remember that to grow your business or your brand, you need to always do outreach. Press releases are a great way, but is not the only way!

You will find that sticking to one method is not always a good idea. So use press releases in conjunction with other methods – and experiment with your press releases! Update your style, design a press release routine, always keep on working the

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