Huffington Post Submissions – Definitive Guide

Have you heard about Huffington post before? No? okay, let me walk you through what it is. Actually, it is now called the Huff Post. Every country has its own news website. Huffington post is America’s blog and news aggregator. It has grown so well that it has editions in both international and localized forms.

The contents of the Huffington post include news, business, culture, lifestyle, politics, environment, health, comedy, women’s interests, satire, technology, local news, popular media, etc. Just basically what a national newspaper in your country would do.

So, in this post, you are going to be exposed to Huffington post submissions, how to submit to Huffington post, Huffington post submission guidelines, among others. Stay connected.

Huffington Post Submissions Guideline

Because of the popularity of the Huffington post, you may want to get your submissions to them. Of course, you could share a little from their popularity. You cannot just jump on them and push your contents to them. No one does that.

The best you can do is to follow a systematic guideline for Huffington post submissions so as to achieve your aim. Below is the guideline for Huffington post submissions:

  1. Research and Cater:
    You need to first research and have full information about the types of articles you want to write on. It would not look nice if you only make moves for submissions without having the necessary information required about them. This also involves keyword research.
  2. Send an email pitch:
    We will discuss this later. This tells a lot about your goal. If your pitch doesn’t go fine, then you can simply forget about getting approval after submitting it to Huffington Post. The Huffington Post contributor platform is filled with people, so, they are at will to pick you or not. Therefore, ensure your pitch is at its best.
  3. Follow-up:
    This is the final step of the Huffington post submission guidelines. After you have done everything necessary, it is important you follow up. Remember they may have received a lot of emails from others. So, follow the track on it if submitting an article to the Huffington Post is your goal.

Submitting To Huffington Post

Applying to belong to the Huffington post contributor platform is not a joke. I mean there are a lot of benefits and where there is much benefit, there is much competition. So, you need to be perfect with how to submit to the Huffington Post. Before submitting to Huffington Post, you need to first pitch your ideas. If your ideas are taken, then you can greet yourself congratulations. Follow the below process to pitch your first article:

  1. Try to pitch an idea for a story or article;
  2. One of the editors of the Huffington post will then show interest in your pitch if it makes sense to them;
  3. You develop the article, edit it, and make sure it is perfect. You know you want to create a lasting good impression;
  4. Submit the final article to the editor;
  5. If the editor likes the article, he will approve it. Once approved, he/she will then open a blogger account for you;
  6. Then, you subsequently submit articles through that blogger account that’s created;
  7. The articles you submit henceforth will be vetted, approved, and published when and where appropriate on the Huffington Post.

Why Your Pitch Might Fail

However, as sweet and smooth as the above process sounds, there is a probability that your pitch may fail. Yes, it may fail. Don’t be surprised, everything in life has the probability of failing. Submitting an article to the Huffington post may also fail due to the following reasons:

  1. If your idea is rejected or ignored: you see, these editors have seen a lot of ideas. They have received a lot of pitches. They are professionals. So, you cannot just come up with junk pitches, refuse to follow the Huffington post submission guidelines, and expect them to approve your pitch. Would you approve if you were to be the editor? So, to avoid this, learn how to submit to the Huffington post well, ensure you pitch the best idea, and pitch it well.
  2. They may reject your final draft: You should know by now that the Huffington post contributor platform is a standardized one. If you want to join the platform, you must join with standardized article and pitches. You should try as much as you can to avoid rejection.
  3. Blogger account submissions may get rejected: this may be as a result of formatting or technical issues. So, ensure you proofread, edit, format, and perfect every article before submitting an article to the Huffington post.

Kindly note that if your article gets rejected or ignored, you can try to reach another Huffington post editor or perhaps try to pitch a different and better idea.

If your final draft was not approved, the editor may be kind enough to point out the reasons for the rejection and you will be given the opportunity to modify and then resubmit.

Finally, if your account submission(s) was rejected, they will most likely give you a chance to fix any issue that may have occurred.

So, in as much as failure is inevitable, it is not the end of it. There is always a solution to failure. Do not let an initial failure weigh you down. Rather improve on yourself and give it another shot.

Pitching On Huffington Post Officially

You can pitch on Huffington post officially by filling an online form. The form has the following required fields:

  1. The Proposed headline: The title you are proposing for your article
  2. Your pitch: A little summary about the article you are proposing. Should be between 500 – 1,000 words
  3. Your name: Your real and full name
  4. Your bio: A short professional and personal bio
  5. Your email: This must be your primary and personal contact email address
  6. Topic: This is the general area you are pitching towards, for example: Lifestyle, News, Entertainment, Technology, etc.

Pitching On Huffington Post Unofficially

Although, it is always advisable to follow the usual way. But sometimes, following the crowd isn’t best. You know a whole lot of people like you who want to belong to Huffington post contributor platform would use the online form.

Now that you have learnt how to submit to Huffington post, let me go further to teach you a more effective way of pitching. One thing about following the crowd is that you won’t be different from the crowd. When other people are submitting to Huffington post, the editors may be bored with their trashy ideas and they may assume most of the pitches are also trashy. That way, your pitch may be rejected by the crowd.

However, one effective way of not following the crowd is by pitching to the editor(s) directly. That way, they will take their time to assess your pitching and you may be lucky. So, how do you find the editors?

  1. Browsing: In this methods, you will browse through Huffington post to search for articles that may be similar to your own. You can find that on the “ALL SECTIONS” button on their official website. Then check out some sections that may sound familiar to you.
  2. Searching: This involves using the search box on The Huffington post official website to search keywords related to your articles.

Pitching your ideas to these editors may be done in two (2) methods viz:

  1. Pitch only: Here, your basic idea only matters. You pitch it and await the response of the editor. If he shows interest in the main idea, then you can write the full article.
  2. Full submission: Here, you send the final draft to the editor and wait for his feedback.

Template of Pitch Email

Subject: a quick question

Hello [the first name of the editor],
I have an article idea I am working on and I think it fits well for the [name of the section] of your website. Kindly take a moment to check it out.

Below is my pitch:
[The headline of the pitch] .

[Give a short description of what the story or article entails. You may mention some points as well].

[Give an explanation of why you think the audience of the section would love the idea. In other words, establish the relevance of your idea]

[Tell the editor something about yourself]

[Attach links to some other articles you have published that are relevant to this as testimonials]

This looks like it fits well and looks nice for [section name], right? If yes, kindly let me know and I would get started with a draft of the article/story.

I look forward to getting a feedback from you.

[Your Full Name]

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How To Get Featured In The Huffington Post

The beauty of submitting an article to the Huffington post is to get featured. I mean, you are not submitting to the Huffington post for charity, it’s because you want to be featured. Actually, getting featured on the Huffington Post contributor platform is just like getting featured on any other platform. It is a form of Guest posting.

There are some general rules, and just like we have taken our time to explain in this post, find below how to get featured in the Huffington Post:

  1. Step One: Select the section you would love to write on.
  2. Step Two: Write the best story or article that fits this section.
  3. Step Three: Look for the editor that is appropriate for the section.
  4. Step Four: Send your pitch to that editor by mail. Follow the procedures earlier explained on here.


Now, you know all about Huffington Post submissions. Try the guidelines. Let us know your experience in comment.

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