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Keyword Research – Understand Your Target Audience

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Keyword Research is the first step to understand your target audience and what they want and need. It is also the initial step for search engine optimization (SEO).

What is Keyword?

Keywords are words used by search engine users in their search. These words define what they need from search engine.

For example, if I need to know the best WordPress plugin for SEO, I would search with ” best WordPress plugin for SEO” or “best plugin for SEO” etc. The words written in the search are called Keywords.

Keywords are also called “search terms”, “search queries”, “key phrases” etc.

What is Keyword Research?

Search engines and various tools provide data regarding keywords. Tools like SEMrush provides the search query, the average number of search made per month, relative competition on each Keyword, etc. Analyzing such data is called Keyword Research.

Keyword research is very important. These words tells a lot about your target audience.

Target audience is the people who are your ideal customers. Anyone can buy your products and services. But you need to define the ideal people you want to target in your communication.

Marketing means satisfying your target audience’s needs and demands in a profitable way. You can understand your target audience through Keyword Research.

What Your Target Audience Wants?

Your target audience types the keywords in a search engine (for example, Google), to look for information. So, if you find that your topic-related keywords get 1 Million search per month then you know the volume of demand for your topic.

If you read through the key phrases which have the most search volume then you will find out the exact need of your audience. Say if you provide cleaning services, you can find out which types of cleaning service has the most demand. If it is residential cleaning or commercial cleaning etc.

Search engines and keyword analysis tools also provide data on the relative competition of every keyword. This is scored out of 100. The highest score, 100, means it is the most difficult to rank for on the search engine result page. The lowest score, 0, means the opposite.

The difficulty or competition score is also an important indicator for your keywords analysis. When you are new in SEO, you should not target all the highly difficult keywords. Rather select various types of keywords search volume with various types of keywords difficulty.

If you find that your topic-related keywords get 1 Million search per month then you know the volume of demand for your topic. Click To Tweet

How To Find Keywords?

So, how would you find out what your target audience is writing in their search engine? 

Start with your guess. You might know enough about the topic that you want to write about or the topics related to your products and services. Come up with a list of words and phrases that you might use in search engine.

The first and best free tool for keyword research is Google. Write those words or phrases on Google, you will get instant search suggestions. Write down those search suggestions to make a list of keywords. These keywords are the seed keywords that you will use to find more related keywords.

Now, search with each of those terms on Google and scroll down to the bottom of the first page of search results. Google will provide a list of related keywords. Add those keywords to your list. 

For more advanced analysis you can take the help of the keyword tool SEMrush. Google provides the free keywords analysis tool under the Google Ads account. Open your free account and search for more keyword ideas based on the seed keywords you have already made. There are various paid keyword analysis tools providing many other features link rank tracking etc. 

What To Do With Selected Keywords? 

If you have gone through the process described above, now you have a list of related keywords. You also have their search volume and competition.

Select 2 to 5 keywords which are closely related to make one set of keywords. Consider these for selecting keywords for a set.

  1. Select few keywords with high search volume, few with medium and rest with low search volume
  2. Select few keywords with high competition, few with medium and rest with low competitions
  3. Ensure that the keywords are closely related to form one idea
  4. Ensure that total search volume of your selected keywords are more than 1,000

It's time to make content based on one set of selected keywords. Make various types of content, images, videos, article etc. Post few content on your website and use rest of the contents for content marketing.

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Search engine optimization is all about providing the best user experience. Through keyword analysis, you will be able to know what your target audience wants. Based on that valuable data you can ensure the best value of your users' attention and time.

For a proper SEO Strategy, keyword analysis is the first step. Check our blog on other steps for making detailed SEO and content marketing plan.

Written by Kalpataru Biswas

Kalpataru is a Software Sales, and Product Marketing professional.

He writes on business development, personal development, personal finance, and career development.

He has more than 10 years of experience in driving revenue through data-driven Sales & Marketing.