Personal development is a long process. It is related to expansion of self awareness, knowledge and improving personal skills. This process includes skills development, career development and personality development.

In this era choosing multiple careers is common but obviously challenging. UK professor Charles Handy in his 2001 book “The Elephant and the Flea”, calls doing multiple jobs “the portfolio life.”

How to Drive Personal Development

Developing skills help you to spend your life to utilize your fullest potentials. For example, if you perform something after learning it properly, you can give better value over time. Followings are some tips for skills development:

  • Be curious in learning which you enjoy.
  • Make asking questions as your habit and make fun. Curiosity naturally motivates to learn.
  • Develop your learning skills because it helps to develop other skills .There are many books to develop learning skill. Such as ‘Learn More Study Less’.
  • Be a smart learner who knows what and how quickly to learn something.
  • Find your role models which will give you a standard to develop your skills. Such as, if you want to be an actor you may follow Amir Khan but not copy him.
  • Try to short your learning cycle because the shorter you’re learning the faster you will develop your skills.

Multiple Career

Multiple Career means having more than one career by one person. For example, a doctor can also be a photographer, a journalist can also be a writer.

Multiple career is of two types: Concurrent and Sequential

Concurrent Multiple Career:
When one person maintains more than one career at same time then it is called Concurrent Multiple Career.

For example, Mr. X works as a doctor in throughout the week days and at weekends he works as wild life photographer.

This type of multiple career is referred in hyphenated. The Mr. X can be called as “doctor-photographer”.

Sequential Multiple Career:
When someone starts a new career after leaving earlier one then this is called Sequential Multiple Career. The person is having multiple career in his/her lifetime.

For example , Ms Y worked solely as doctor for 10 years. Now she wants to live her dream life as wild life photographer. So she starts his new career.

This type of multiple career is referred with “ex-“, such as “ex-doctor photographer”.

How to Develop Your Career?

In the Oxford English Dictionary career is defined as a person’s course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life).

In personal development, “career development is the lifelong psychological and behavioral processes as well as contextual influences shaping one’s career over the life span. As such, career development involves the person’s creation of a career pattern, decision making style, integration of life roles, values expression and life-role concepts”. [1]

In organizational development, the study of career development looks at:

  • How individuals manage their careers within and between organizations and,
  • How organizations structure the career progress of their members, it can also be tied into succession planning within most of the organizations.

In educational development, career development provides a student focus for selecting a career or subject. Many institutions provide career counselors to assist students.

How to Develop Your Personality?

Personality is a way of thinking, feeling and behavior. Is it really possible to improve personality? Of course, it is possible. Because to be born with it is an accident but dying with a good personality is regarded as an achievement.

Around 85% of your success is determined by your interpersonal skills. So personality is a powerful factor which determines whether people are attracted to you. There are some universal tips for personality development:

  • Enrich your knowledge and interests and exchange your views with them who are interested.
  • Be cheerful minded and keep a smiling face.
  • Don’t hurt people intentionally. Have integrity and treat people respectfully.
  • Try to consider good qualities of others. Have a positive outlook and attitude.
  • Don’t act artificially which may be regarded as hypocrisy.
  • Enjoy simple changes. Have fun.
  • Being helpful to others.
  • Meet new people especially those unlike you.
  • Keep strong opinion.
  • Be a active listener and enhance the speakers’ importance.

Online Courses for personal development:

Numerous online courses for personal development are available. These course emphasis on career development, motivation, self-esteem and teaching students to take control of their future. For example, these courses often help students to find their passion.

Effective communication, forming positive personal relation, critical thinking etc are covered there so that students can learn to make positive choices to meet their goals.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, analytical, interpersonal and speaking skills etc are required to be training and development specialist can be learned n personal development courses.

Improving skills, knowledge and awareness are prerequisite for being successful in every aspect of life. Get out of your procrastination, move forward. Build a powerful vision and set up a strong mindset to achieve it. Set goals and take necessary action plan.