Everyone needs website traffic from SEO. But what is the best SEO strategy to get right audience on your site?

Many people start websites without a proper strategy for driving traffic. Driving website traffic without a good plan is most likely to fail. Because if you don’t know the direction on how to reach your destination, you might eventually reach somewhere else.

Having a proper strategy is very important for search engine optimization. By proper strategy you will have a goal, and a plan on how to achieve that goal.

If you are new to SEO, you should set a goal in terms of traffic, keywords, ranking etc.. So what is “keyword” and “ranking”? Most importantly, how a certain keyword will get ranked? I know, you are thinking of those questions if you are new to SEO.

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How to make SEO Strategy

Set Your Goal

A goal is what you want to achieve. Yes, you want to achieve website traffic. Set a number for a specific period to make this a SMART Goal. For example, you want to achieve 1,000 website traffic from SEO in 1 month.

Define How You Will Measure Your Achievement

So, the goal is set. But how would you know that you have reached your goal or not. So set a website analytics tool. Google Analytics is the free and most reliable analytics solution that you can use.

Select Keywords based on your website topic

Keywords are the words people use to search anything in any Search Engine. These are also called “Search Queries”, “Search Terms” etc.

Keywords research means you need to select few Keywords which you will use on your content.

The Keywords research starts with main idea of your content. If your website is about “Industrial Cooling System” then you need to find out the keywords related to that idea.

There are many paid and non paid tools that will give you thousands of Keywords with their average number of search per month and competition. We recommend SEMrush as the best tool for SEO and SEM.

Determine Your Ideal Target Audience

Anyone can buy your product. But you need to identify the ideal people who will buy your product. If you are already in business, check your current customers. If you are new to this product then find out the people who are talking about your products in online forums, social media groups, etc.

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Figure Out The Needs and Demands of Your Target Audience

Once you know your target audience, figure out their needs and demands.

Why? You need to write content about their needs and demands. The people will search for the answers and land on your website. There they will get their answers as well as get familiar with your products or services.

For example, your people need to know “Best Companies for Industrial Cooling System” “How to buy Industrial Cooling System” etc. before making any purchase decision. So, this is your opportunity to stand out.

We recommend using SEMrush for content research.

Publish valuable content

Now, you know you audience, you know their questions and you have your keywords. It is time to publish good content covering all of those.

Content can be a combination of images, article, info-graphics, videos, reference to other popular information sources etc.

Make good content that solves readers problems (such as answers their questions. Use your keywords within those content. Then publish on your website.

Optimize on-page and off-page

On page search engine optimization means optimizing the content in best possible way to ensure best user experience. There are many areas to cover here. We will discuss on this in another article.

Off page optimization is the way you spread your content around the World of Internet. If people aren’t aware of your great content, then it is just like a great vacation island that no one knows.

So share your content through social media, social bookmarking sites, forums, guest posting etc.

Guest posting is the most effective way of getting SEO as well as referral traffic. Use SEMrush to find out the opportunities for Guest post publishing.


There you go. You have a solid SEO Strategy.

From there you need to analyze and expand. You need to find out what is working: what are the keywords, what are the off page media etc.

You need to expand to more target audience analysis, publishing more content, reaching out to more publishers to spread your content.

The more your content gets referred by similar contents from other sites the better chances to get lots of website traffic.