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There is no one way to learn history – just as there is no one way to enjoy or spend on holidays. But there are terrible ways to do all three.

History isn’t you learn something you learn on the four walls of a classroom, or merely reading books. Instead, you learn and understand history more while traveling. Traveling is the most exciting way to enjoy traditional beauty and understand history well. And when it comes to traveling and visiting historical places, nothing beats visiting Southport, NC.

Southport, due to its population and area, may seem a small town, but there are amazing things to do in Southport, NC. Especially if you are a history buff, then this town deserves a visit. From historical interest to amusement parks, every inch and ounce of this town is simply marvelous. Don’t believe it. You better pay a self-visit and see all the things to do in Southport by yourself. And if you are in a search on which is the best thing to do in Southport NY this weekend, we are sharing with you the most renowned places in Southport, and top attractions here.

Let’s check the attractions, and find what is there to do in Southport, NC.

12 Best Things To Do in Southport NC

1. Start by visiting the oldest Iron Southport Pier

Visiting the 160 years old iron pier is what to do in, Southport NC. Watching the Cape Fear River and small boats passing are fun things to do in Southport, NC. Sit on the swings, watch the boats, fish, and people fishing. Fishing is the main attraction here and one of the best things to do in Southport, NC. Whatever time you visit this place, you will find folks fishing. However, if you want to catch fish here, make a saltwater license for fishing.

2. Explore the amazing ship-like Maritime Museum

Visiting the maritime museum is the second-best thing to do in Southport, NC, this weekend. If you are a history buff, then paying a visit to this historical museum will be like a treat to yourself. Inside the museum, there are many facts and interesting things to do in Southport, that you will feel like you are traveling in the haul of a ship. That’s where they get the name ship-like museum. Herein you will get to see a replica of cannon as you see on a big ship. On the walls, you will find the paintings and sculptures of sailors who offered their service years ago.

3. Enjoy Kite Flying in The Ainsdale Beach

Does the touch of the sand between your toes and wind make you feel ecstatic? Then, Ainsdale Beach is where Southport NC comes. Experience the best coastal view visiting this place is the topmost thing to do in Southport NC this weekend. The beach is a beautiful beach secluded with sand-dunes. Built castles with dunes, play on the beach, paddle in the freshwater, and do all the fun stuff. Flying kites is the main attraction here, and is a must to do thing in Southport NC this weekend. There is also a special zone called the ‘Kite-Flying Zone,’ reserved for kite activities. However, if you are taking a power kite in this zone, then make sure you take prior permission.

4. Take a walk along the South Marine Lake

Historical places, not your things, and you are looking for what is there to do in Southport, NC? Well, going for a walk along the South Marine Lake is one of the best things to do in Southport, NC. Walk around the bridge and experience the best view together, and see the birds and swarms swimming around. To get the most of the lake, it is advisable to visit in summer, preferably on a sunny day. On the water, hiring a motorboat is a must to do in Southport, NC, to enjoy a wonderful boating experience. Taking a few steps away, you will find café and restaurants to serve you delicious native foods.

5. Spend time with Kids in Southport Pleasureland

Out of the different attractions, the city’s pleasure land is hard to miss. This is a fantastic theme park and the best place for families to stay in Southport, NC, to spend time together. There are amazing rides and thrilling activities, for people of all ages, especially for children. If you are going with kids, they will love this place as there are lots of fun things to do in Southport, NC. The entry here is free. However, for rides, there are special charges. For enjoying rides, purchase a fun card to do fun things in Southport, NC. Load your fun cards with credits, and use them on your enjoyable rides.

6. Check the only Botanical Garden in Southport

Do you appreciate nature and aesthetic beauty, and look for what is there to do in Southport, NC? Then, Botanical Gardens in Southport is a must to go. This place has the coolest, and the finest atmosphere, and has all the great things to do in Southport, NC. You will find beautiful floral displays with different species of flowers all-around. The presence of flower beds and the green environment make this place a perfect place for photophilic. Clicking photographs is one of the best things to do near Southport, NC. Inside the park, there is also a lake where you can relax and enjoy the gentle breeze. The scenario here is simply irresistible. Café and small shops are also there, where you can eat and buy snacks.

7. Dine a Romantic Date near Southport Beach

Southport beach is where it is Southport North Carolina’s most romantic spot. This is the best place to go lovey-dovey with your partner, and you will find amazing things to do in Southport, NC. Be it the decorations, music, lights, or music, everything here is a perfect romantic date. Near Southport beach, there are many restaurants, ready to serve your foods prepared by world-class chefs. Enjoying the candle-light Italian dinner, with romantic music is what you will love about the place. Undoubtedly, this is the best place to stay in Southport, NC, and re-propose your beloved how much they mean to you.

8. Enjoy water rides in Splash World Southport

If you are visiting Southport in summer, then the Splash World water park will surely drive you crazy. This is where it is Southport, North Carolina’s place to spend summer vacations with your family. The water here is clean and free from debris. There are mind-blowing slides and attractions for people of all age groups, especially teens. The lazy river tire ride, speed freak flume ride, toddler pool, to name a few, are some of the exciting things to do in Southport NC this weekend, here in this water park. Relaxing bubbles spa is what is liked the most and the most lovable by adults. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, in the bubbling water, to cool yourself in summer.

9. Take a 20-minute Ferry to Bald Head Island

Of the many things to do, taking a ferry is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Southport, NC. To stay away from the heavy traffic and busyness of the streets, then going for a ferry ride makes sense. Take a ferry from Deep Point, and experience the most enjoyable ferry ride of the city is one of the enjoyable things to do in Southport, NC this weekend. The 20-minute short ferry to Bald Head Island is so interesting that you will forget your last voyage. See the water splashing and the fishes greeting you a Hello. If you are carrying your luggage and belongings, you are free to take them, but there is an extra charge for them too.

10. See the local art at The Atkinson

At Lord Street, you will find where it is Southport NC famous art museums and art galleries. Paying a visit here is what to do in Southport, NC. The 19th-century Egyptian-style building prides itself on preserving Southport heritage for years. This place is home to theatre, music, comics, and films. The studio here has cultural activities and art exhibitions going around throughout the year. Whatever part of the year you visit, you will always get amazing things to do near Southport, NC.

11. Meet the waterbirds in RSPB Marshside

RSPB Marshside place is the most relaxing place and has all the thrilling things to do in Southport. If you love birds, then RSPB Marshside is where Southport, North Carolina birds stay. This place is merely known for being the best wildlife region. Bird watching here is famous and is, without a doubt, one of the best things to do near Southport, NC. At any point of the year you visit, you will always find migratory birds in this region. The best time to visit here is during winter, as this is the time you will spot wigeons and different varieties of geese here. However, you will always find avocets are lapwings throughout the season, maximum on summer days.

12. Fiddle around and shop at the Wayfarers Arcade

Before you end the trip and pack your bag, shop at the Wayfarers Arcade. This place is where it is the Southport NC famous shopping hub. The Victorian-style mall has a variety of shops inside, looking like an arcade. From the architecture to the decorations, everything about this shopping mall is simply impeccable. They’re also eating hubs you will find inside the Wayfarers Arcade. From Eating, shopping, clicking pictures, or fiddling around here and there, you will find it the best place to stay in Southport, NC.

Best Things To Do in Southport NC

What to do in Southport, North Carolina for Fun?

There are plenty of biking and walking trails that crisscross through Southport. For example, the Cape Fear River Walk is an approximately two-mile trail.

After all the fun you have in downtown Southport, join a local on a sunset or moonlight paddle. If a paddle isn’t your idea of a good time, go and enjoy the serenity of the Cape Fear at sunset or watch the sunrise in the early morning.

Between seemingly endless water, the changing color of the leaves, and the stunning sunsets, Southport offers countless opportunities for entertainment, relaxation, and romance.

Many of the different types of recreation in Southport have designated areas for beginner and experienced users. Is it your first time kite boarding? Want to hit up the perfect wave? Southport and its surrounding areas have the best instruction and opportunity for all types of water activities.

Thinking of visiting? If so, you’re in luck. The following suggestions will help make your vacation extra enjoyable.

  • The Lumina Theater.
  • The Wright Brothers National Memorial.
  • North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll.
  • US National Whitewater Center.

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Southport is located in the North Carolinian coastal community. Southport is a seaside community that takes pride in its maritime heritage. There are plenty of activities to do including fishing, paddle boarding, sea kayaking, sailing, boating, scuba diving, jet skiing, and swimming. Other things to do include eleven windmills on the Cape Fear River, a six and a half-mile beach, a Southport Pier on Ocean Drive, an L.P. Frink Park and the Cape Fear Museum.

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