Time is money. Yes, truly it is. Time is flying when you are working for years. So, why don’t you make your early retirement plan?

Obviously you don’t want to work till old age. So make your retirement plan early to enjoy these benefits.

Importance of Early Retirement

  1. You can work hard and earn comfortably when you are young. As time goes on, you get less enthusiasm and loss your ability to work more. So as earlier as you can earn, you should save for the rainy days.
  2. If you save small amount now you will get back large outcome in future. For example, you can invest your hard earned money in real estate. As you grow in age, you asset grows in value. In future the asset may compensate for your retirement or any urgency for money.
  3. The third point you should consider is the inflation factor. Every year money gets devaluation. Simply, which costs $10 at present could cost $10.50 on next year. Money losses its buying capacity each year. As a result,
    • Your idle money will generate less value as time passes
    • Rate of return may diminish in future

So, its wise to save early for your retirement.

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