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Our Belief

Some live for work, others live for life. Whatever the case is, Life is important. It’s nothing but time. Precious time. At Positive Worklife we explore how we can balance work and life to enjoy the positive side to the fullest.

Categories for Guest Article

We focus on wellness related categories. Here is a list of our current categories:

If you are interested to propose new category, feel free to suggest that.

What You Will Get With Your Guest Post?

Well, first of all, we believe that your guest posting has an intention to contribute to the mission of “Positivity”. We hope that contribution will help someone who is in need of that.

We allow 1 backlink and 1 mention of your brand for every 500 words of content. So it will give you the opportunity to promote a brand.

Apart from your brand, you will also get your authorship. We will publish your author bio and link to your social pages.

Criteria for Accepting Guest Blog

We are on a mission of contributing positivity to human civilization. So, we are strict on what type of content we publish on our blog. Here a checklist that can guide you:

  1. Your guest post must focus on positivity. We don’t accept any negativity.
  2. Focus on the categories listed above.
  3. Check our Privacy Policy and comply with it
  4. We don’t accept anything related to politics, sex, adult content, corruption, gambling etc.
  5. The guest article should be at least 1,000 words long and divided into at least 5 headings.
  6. Add examples and statistics where possible.
  7. We encourage using supportive YouTube video on your gust post
  8. Use http://hemingwayapp.com/ to check content quality. It should have a Grade 9 or less for Readability
  9. Use 1text.com to check and confirm that your guest blog is at least 95% plagiarism-free content. Alternatively, you can use www.smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/ , but in that case, the content should be 100% plagiarism-free
  10. Refer to at least 1 blog from positiveworklife.com within the article
  11. If you want, you can optimize your article for keywords. But use keywords naturally, don’t use any keyword where it is not suitable. User experience is more important than enriching with keywords.
  12. The article must be well researched, actionable, and conversational
  13. All the legal rights of the content submitted to us will be owned by PositiveWorklife.com
  14. We have every right to reject any article without giving any justification.
  15. We have every right to add, delete, edit, add any link, or modify any part or full article before publishing that in our website.


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