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Positive Worklife is a collection of articles on positivity, productivity, personal growth, career, and worklife wellness.

In this age, most of the people are living a busy life. Life can become stressful for many reasons, but small informational help can save time, money, and effort. Positive Worklife provides such informational support to help you feel comfortable, positive, and productive at your home and office.

The Power of Positivity

Positive thinking is the power behind the evolution of human beings. For million of years, we have been improving our life and surroundings.

Positive thinking also plays a great role in our life. Positive thinking is helpful to work on any challenge, whether it is personal or professional. It helps us to deliver good results and enjoy our work-life.

Positive Thinking with Positive Approach

If you are not ready for the challenges of the future, who will? It’s up to us to build our future using Positive Thinking.

The Positive Approach helps us to face the challenges of life and work better. It is about keeping high standards, thinking optimistically, having a positive mind, dealing with failures positively, taking responsibility for your own happiness, etc.

Positive Worklife

Humans are social beings. We enjoy our time with near and dear ones. But we need to work. For most of the people, the harsh world starts when they start earning.

Some people live for work, others live for life. Whatever the case is, Life is important. It’s nothing but time. Precious time.

It depends on you, how you use this time.

At Positive Worklife we explore how we can balance work and life to enjoy the positive side to the fullest.

Components of Positve Worklife

Several elements contribute to worklife wellness. Some of those are:

1. Positive Mindset:  

Your mind has a powerful influence on your worklife, and it may be either positive or negative. When you have a positive mindset, you get more of what you provide as input. So, if you take in more positive information, your mind will give you more positive output. A positive mindset is an attitude that helps to create a win-win situation in every area of worklife.

2. Motivation:

You should be highly motivated to make your worklife successful and you should always keep motivation as one of your priorities. Positive motivation helps create a positive mindset and positive behavior which can help you to boost productivity and achieve success in every area of worklife.

3. Productivity:

Productivity is one of the most important components of any worklife. Productivity helps you to increase your revenue and it ensures that you are making the best use of your time and energy at all times. A positive mindset, motivation, and productivity help create a perfect balance in your life.

4. Travel:

Travel is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. Travel gives you more stress resilience, energy, higher productivity, health and wellness, greater creativity and innovation and it also enhances your happiness level. When you feel relaxed and happy after traveling it will benefit not only yourself but also your family members and loved ones.

5. Personal Development:

Personal development helps you to improve yourself and it encourages you to make changes in your life so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

6. Career Development:

Career development includes effective networking, developing meaningful relationships with both customers and employees, positive self-image, etc.

7. Business Development:

Business Development helps you to build a successful business and it also ensures that you get the best from your employees.

8. Comfortable Home:

Work is not 100% of your life. At the end of the day, a comfortable home is crucial for healthy and happy life. Small improvements in home can make huge difference in your productivity.

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Kabi Kalpataru Biswas

Kabi Kalpataru Biswas is a product specialist in professional life. He has an extensive background in developing products and driving revenue through data-driven Sales & Marketing. Starting from Samsung Mobile, in his 11+ years of experience, he worked with companies like Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. and ADN Telecom Ltd. to name a few. As the lead of a digital marketing agency, he also worked with 40+ national and international brands for managing their branding and lead generation.

The experience built the key expertise of Mr. Biswas that includes Market Research, Data-driven Strategy Development, Agile Product Development, and Executing Inbound & Outbound Marketing initiatives. His experience in working with several software-based products allows him to gain expertise in website development, UI, UX, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Funnel Configuration, Re-marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, etc.

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