“Don’t get too busy trying to make a living that you do not remember to make a life” – Dolly Parton. Try to find balance in your life, as you learn how to balance your life. Balancing life will help promote general well being, mentally, and emotionally- this is how to live a balanced life can get you!

What Is Balanced Life?

Balancing life involves having control over every part of your life without sacrificing one for the other. For example, not sacrificing your health for your work.

Most 25 to 34 years old experienced poor balance life. This means we need to give high priority in learning how to find balance in life.

How To Find Balance In Life

Even though some folks term this impossible, how to find balance in life is easy and straightforward. It is very dependent on finding a balance between elements in life.

Elements In Life

You will learn how to find balance in life as you take your time in making sure you don’t take either side of the elements too far.


Mind: To find balance in your life you must balance between the mind as a center of intellect and a place of rest.

Heart: Balancing life comes with sharing and receiving affection.  

Health: Finding balance between eating, drinking healthy, proper exercising with resting.


Work: Our focus most times is the bigger picture, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, we need to set goals towards the bigger picture. Doing this makes you happy and content, eradicates worry and anxiety. Now you see the need to find balance in your life.

Family: Balancing life involves playing your role in the family. At the same time, create realistic boundaries.

Social: how to find balance in life through social is balancing between socializing with having time for yourself.

Fun: All work, no play, makes jack a dull boy. Even in your busy schedules try to create time out time for fun. This is a good point on how to find balance in life.

10 Tips On How To Live A Balanced Life

If you feel pulled to one element than the other or you don’t seem to know how to balance your life, the 10 tips on how to live a balanced life will give you alignment.

1. Acknowledgement

If you ever need to be sincere with yourself is now! When you need to look into your life, focus on your mind, your feelings. Also, reflect on the elements in life and look at the ones you are leaving out and then balancing life.

For instance, if you are not feeling satisfied with life, you can take some time. This is not for vacation, but for thinking. Could it be that you are neglecting your family, you give love and you are not getting it back. Perhaps you do not have enough time for entertainment. Reflect on these things and you will surely have an answer.

2. Self-examination

There is no better way to prevent or solve the issue of going far to the side of the internal or external elements in life by examining yourself. By self-examining, you can determine if you are moving far left or far right and bring balance in between.

Also by regularly self-examining, you can prevent it. How to live a balanced life through self-examining- by carefully examining your actions, and character, and then check if you are behaving in a way that meets your core values. Of course, your values and goals are not away from the internal and external focus.

3. Self-reflection

Living a happy life, it hangs on how you regularly self-reflect. You can only solve certain issues by self-reflecting. Reflect on the previous times, where you were able to achieve a certain objective. Consider how you were able to control the anxieties, worries, fears, and pressure around the goal and relate it to now. Reflecting on a disappointment too can also get you somewhere.

This is not to feel sorry, but to correct the mistakes. Ask yourself these questions. Why did this happen? Why this did go in this direction, where did I possible go wrong? Having accurate answers will help you forge ahead.

4. Set Your Goals

We all have that big picture staring at us at the face. However, instead of focusing on the bigger picture, you can break it down into smaller and more specific goals.

By doing this, you will not feel overwhelm and anxious. You will be content and happy at each level.

In fact, you can break the goal down into milestones, create, and execute a plan to fulfill the milestone towards the bigger picture.

In between the milestones, you can create time for fun. So ask yourself some important questions. What is the bigger picture? What goals am I setting this today, this week, this month, or year towards the bigger picture?

5. Planning

How to live a balanced life through planing- we discussed earlier you need to set your goals. However, it is one thing, to set a goal it is another to accomplish. You need to create a plan to achieve your goals.

You can make a to-do list per day, weekly, or monthly basis to accomplish these goals. If a plan is not working, create another plan.

“The definition of insanity is doing something repeatedly the same way and expects different results” – Albert Einstein. If your plan is not accomplishing a thing, revisit the plan, and identify the missing link instead of worrying or feeling exhausted. The issue is not the goal, the issue is the plan, try to fix it and be happy.

6. Remove The Hindrances

Fears, worries, anxieties, and doubts are spoilers to your plans. They can prevent you from accomplishing your plans not to mention your goals.

How to find balance in life by eradicating these hindrances, to deal with this issue you need to be able to first specify which one is rocking the boat.

Is it your fear, worry, anxiety, doubts, or everything? For fear and doubts, it could be that you need some sort of motivation or encouragement. Take things systematically to deal with worry and anxiety.

For example, you want to start a small-scale business, instead of trying to accomplish all your goals all at once, take it one by one. To start a business you need a capital; deal with that then move to the next one.

7. Say Good Things to Yourselves

Always say good things to yourself, don’t say bad things or negative things. Be positive. The whole essence of finding balance is to have a happy life.

It starts from being positive. Be positive about your way of life, be content with your achievement, and aspire to do better. You can create a balanced life for yourself by speaking positive things about yourself. Positive things like I am going to get it done, I am successful, or things are getting better.

As you continue to repeat these words you will feel confident, motivated, encouraged, and most importantly you will become those things you speak. This is simply how to live a balanced life.

8. Socialize

How to live a balanced life through socializing? Socializing is not just about having fun with friends or family, meeting old friends, or family members. No doubt, this is good, but socializing offers more than this.

It can help in finding balance. Use these moments to share your burden with someone you trust. You can as well speak to them about your plans. Allow them to challenge your feelings.

However, do this intelligently. Only share your issues with people you trust and have the right words. Moreover, you can just speak with your spouse about it. Also, take time to celebrate those little accomplishments.

9. Create A New Habit

Certain wrong things have become habits in our lives, which affects our viewpoint on how to live a balanced life. We need to identify and destroy them because it will stop at nothing to ruin us.

For instance, procrastination, it disrupts our lives and works every day. It can prevent you from attaining your goals not to mention the big picture.

This has become a habitual pattern with some people. We have to make effort to stop it. Also, deal with other habits denying you of having a balanced life.

10. Have Fun

You don’t have to go on vacation or go to one of the luxurious restaurants to have some fun. You can incorporate it into your daily activities.

Make your work fun in your workplace. Instead of taking a regular bath, you can decide to hit the pool or have a pleasurable bath in the Jacuzzi. Exercising too is important.

You can plan for a hike or hit the gym. You can likewise play table tennis, football, or golf. Even in your busy schedules, try to create time for fun. It helps alleviate stress, improve your mood, lower blood pressure, and improve your mental health

Learn more on how to live a balanced live in this video:


A balanced life is a happy life. It is finding balance in the mind, heart, and health. In addition, finding balance in work, family, social, and fun.

Balancing life promotes good mental health and emotional well-being. Our 10 tips on how to live a balanced life will aid you to find balance in your life and you can achieve your goals.