5 Stories About Never Giving Up Attitude & 15 Quotes

5 Stories About Never Giving Up Attitude & 15 Quotes

There are countless stories about never giving up attitude. People have faced seemingly insurmountable odds but refused to give up. They kept fighting until they achieved their goals. In this article, we will share five such never give up stories with you. We will also include fifteen inspiring never giving up quotes. Let these stories and quotes motivate you to never give up on your dreams!

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” -Vince Lombardi.

This quote is often attributed to the legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi, and it speaks to the importance of never giving up.

“Never give up.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and it’s a phrase that is easier said than done. But history has taught us that having a “no giving up” attitude can make one accomplish great things. These real-life examples of never giving up inspire us all. These stories will show you that anything is possible if you never give up. And don’t forget: the next step is always worth fighting for!

What Is a “Never Give Up” Attitude?

Having a “no giving up” attitude means believing in your potential to be successful and making sure you don’t quit trying to attain your goals no matter the obstacles faced. It also involves accepting that multiple failures can be part of the process and adapting to the cycle of trial and failure until success is achieved. It would be best if you kept being focused, positive, and progressive in the face of every challenge.

For example, America’s great inventor Thomas Edison made countless efforts at inventing the light bulb, but he didn’t quit the idea until it was realized in 1879.

Benefits of “Never Give Up” Attitude

In a study, it was discovered that the failure rate for young businesses was about 90%. What if the affected entrepreneurs decide to give up on their business ideas and avoid restarting the business? Dreams will be wasted, apart from the loss of financial security and jobs.

Here, you’ll understand why a word for never giving up is necessary. If you think that the phrase “don’t ever give up” is cliché, then you’re about to have a better mindset about that view.

  1. Not quitting enables you to use what you learned from your past mistakes to optimize future approaches to the problem. This means that you’ll be working smarter next time.
  2. Not quitting enables you to take a fresh look at the problem from a different perspective. Your creativity will therefore be exercised in new ways.
  3. Not quitting will make you less fearful of failing next time. In addition, there’ll be mental preparedness to face new challenges.

Real-life Stories about Never Giving Up

Are you ready to know five true stories about not giving up from different parts of the world? They’re the right kind of people to ask for a word for never giving up. Read on.

1. Jack Ma of Alibaba Group

Jack Ma founded Alibaba, which is now a multinational conglomerate based in China. Presently, he’s a billionaire with a net worth that has surpassed the 45 billion-dollar mark. He’s China’s richest person!

However, his success story didn’t start quickly. He was a child who had to redo his middle school entrance exam twice. The same thing happened when he wanted to gain admission into college—another double failure in the entrance exams! Ma also had a series of ten rejection letters from Harvard University. Talk about a very determined person. See why his words are among our list of never give up quotes.

Ma submitted about 30 job applications but got rejected each time. So when he was finally able to get a win—an interview at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)—he was the only one out of the applicants who were rejected.

Ma’s story of difficulty continued after he started Alibaba. The company didn’t become profitable until after a period of three years. All the Silicon Valley investors for who he requested funding declined. It got to a time when the company was nearing bankruptcy. This didn’t discourage Jack. His tenacity later yielded the great results that we know of today.

2. J. K. Rowling: Creator of Harry Potter

This British writer is perfect for our list… J. K. Rowling’s story gives us more reasons why the phrase “don’t ever give up” should be a mantra. We can start her story as a struggling writer from when she became a divorcee. She was living on government financial support at that time and could barely afford to feed her child.

Things were so hard that affording a computer or the cost of making manuscript copies was impossible. So instead, Rowling had to type out each draft of the voluminous Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone for submission to publishers. The drafts were rejected several times until Bloomsbury Publishing accepted a manuscript.

The book series is now a world-famous collection with many awards gained and over 500 million copies sold. It’s the all-time bestselling book series! Apart from that, Harry Potter is one of the top 5 all-time highest-grossing movie franchises. J. K. is worth over 1 billion dollars presently.

3. Nelson Mandela against Apartheid

Nelson Mandela was the most significant figure in the fight against the oppressive Apartheid regime. In 1993, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace due to his democratic take-over from the Apartheid government.

Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years (1962 to 1990) for conspiring against the Apartheid government. It was a life sentence, but he was released due to local and international pressure. Nelson had become 72 years old by then. Wasted life? No! He continued the struggle until the fight was won when he became president in 1994.

Madiba, as he’s fondly called, was a beacon of hope for many other anti-Apartheid activists while as a prisoner. His years of struggle against the segregationist government spanned a period of 51 years!

4. Why Oprah Winfrey’s Story Is Good Enough for Never Giving Up Inspiration

The American “Queen of all Media” went through a lot while growing up. She faced sexual abuse, molestation, racism, and early teenage pregnancy. Unfortunately, the baby died shortly after Winfrey gave birth. However, these experiences didn’t stop her from becoming an honors student at the end of high school—enabling her to win a college scholarship.

Winfrey started as an employee in a radio station before rising to become a world-renowned talk show host, television producer, actress, author, and philanthropist. Her net worth was about 2.7 billion USD as of March 2021.

5. Nick Vujicic’s Life without Limits

Vujicic is a very clear example of an individual who didn’t let his disability get in the way of his progress in life. He was born in Australia with tetra-amelia syndrome—a condition that involves having incompletely formed limbs (no arms and legs).

Vujicic grew up experiencing physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Bullies at school also picked on him. All these got a young Nick to the point of attempting suicide at age 10. Thankfully, Nick later accepted his condition and decided to become an agent of positive change.

Now he’s an international inspirational speaker and bestselling author who also paints swims, surfs, and skydives! He has been to over 57 countries! Amazing, right?! See?? Don’t ever give up! Oh, we can’t forget to mention that Vujicic is happily married with four children.

Watch this YouTube video for another true story of not giving up:

Powerful Inspirational true story…Never give up!

15 Inspiring Never Giving Up Quotes

Quotes on trying can help you stay motivated and boost your morale. That’s why we’ve presented 15 don’t quit quotes from 15 famous people. So now, without further ado, on to our never ever give up quotes!

  1. “Instead of letting your hardships and failures discourage or exhaust you, let them inspire you.”
  2. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
  3. “Keep moving forward.”
  4. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
  5. “Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”
  6. “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”
  7. “When you give up on life, never give up on yourself, because there is so much for you to keep on giving!”
  8. “Never, never, never give up.”
  9. “No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”
  10. “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”
  11. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
  12. “Your victory is right around the corner. Never give up.”
  13. “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.”
  14. “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
  15. “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

How to Build “Never Give Up” Attitude?

Never giving up is not only an attitude. It is also a skill that you develop through regular practice. Here are five tips on how to develop it.

1. Stay motivated:

It’s important to stay motivated and positive when building a never-give-up attitude. This can be done by setting goals, focusing on successes, and visualizing your desired outcome.

2. Avoid negative self-talk:

Don’t let negative thoughts or self-doubt keep you from achieving your goals. Instead, replace any negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Stay positive at work:

No one wants to work with someone who is always negative. However, maintaining a positive attitude at work will make you more pleasant to be around and could lead to better opportunities.

4. Avoid procrastination:

Putting things off only makes them harder to do in the end. If you find yourself putting things off, break them down into small tasks and complete one task at a time.

5. Build on your successes:

So you didn’t achieve all of your goals today; that doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow. So instead, focus on what you did accomplish and build on those short-term wins.

If you follow these steps, you will soon be on your way to building an unbreakable never give up attitude.

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Related Questions and Answers:

What happens when you never give up?

It’s great to see people strive for success. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, aiming to be the youngest person to ever start your own company, or a marathon runner pushing yourself past exhaustion, there is no substitute for hard work and persistence.
These are all examples of goals that require resilience. That is what happens when you never give up.

If quitting isn’t in your vocabulary then never giving up might give you everything that you desire and deserve.

You’ll become better and better until you’re good enough to finally achieve your goals and objectives. So don’t ever give up no matter what! The never ever give up quotes given in this guide should be useful as answers.

What is another word for never giving up?

Persistence is another word for ‘never giving up. It means staying the same over time. With regard to personality traits, persistence means showing the same degree of one’s personality. For example, a very assertive person will not suddenly become timid. When you are persistent, you are being true to your true nature.

Never surrender is also synonymous. Those people who have dreams are never crushed easily and last on and never give up until they achieve those dreams of their wishes.

How do I have a “never give up” attitude?

You need to find out your specific challenges to achieve the Never Give Up attitude. Then, for your particular case, follow the tips shared earlier.

Let’s start with some questions to yourself.
Do you believe in yourself?
Have you found your inner self?
Have you set your goals clearly?
Are you practicing the “never give up” attitude?

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Never give up on your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you want something badly enough, go out and get it.

Remember, the only way to fail is to quit. Never giving up attitude is all you need to succeed in anything you do. So never give up and never surrender!

Remember these real-life stories about never giving up – these will inspire you. Also, note the never giving up quotes – check back whenever you feel down.

The last word for never giving up? Ensure you’re on the right path that’s related to your passion, and not doing what someone else or society pressured you to do.