“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.”

John F. Kennedy

As John F. Kennedy puts it above, peace of mind is not a one-time acquisition, but a composition of your lifestyle. So, getting to find peace will cause you to change your approach to life. And 10 important everyday keys will be revealed in this article to help you enter your place of peace.

But before we go further, I will like you to understand what peace of mind is all about.

What Is Peace Of Mind?

“Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition of benevolence, confidence, justice.” —Baruch Spinosa.

You must see peace as a state of mind. Irrespective of what is happening or has happened to you in time past.

Being worried, fearful, confused, angry, and stressed out can often distort your state of mind. You cannot avoid all these things as long as you live because they will always arise one way or another. The critical question now is “how to have peace of mind?”

How To Find Peace Of Mind?

There are so many opinions out there on how to get peace of mind. I will be sharing the 10 keys I have found that helps people build a peaceful lifestyle. These points are not superficial but are everyday activities you can practice to improve your state of mind. You can also read more on how to live a balanced life.


The act of meditating is a historic practice carried out in the 19th century. It was first recorded in the Vedas, and it is strongly affiliated with Hinduism and Buddhism.

Meditation is an individual practice that uses techniques, such as being mindful, or focusing on a particular activity, thought, or object, in order to become more attentive, aware, and attain an emotionally calm, and mentally clear, and stable state.

There are various ways and methods to have a peaceful mind through meditation; one such form is to focus on your breathing. As simple as it is, when you focus on your breathing, it gives you a clearer picture of your present moment. It allows you to address all the challenges around you from a place of peace and calmness.

If you are telling yourself right now that “I need peace,” then try this deep inhale and breathing exercise below;

  • Shut your eyes and take a deep breath. As you focus on your breath, you will notice that a defined pause is created.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed. Allow tension to flow out of your body.
  • Place your focus on the rhythm of your inhaling and exhaling.
  • With every exhale, expel the tension that you feel.
  • Allow peace and calm flow into you.
  • Feel your center, balance, and think of your present.
  • Go into your day in this manner.
  • Whenever you feel off, repeat this process.

You could check this video for more insight


Communication is essential in letting out steam. Most times, you feel uneasy and tensed up because your mind is full. And when you communicate with others how you feel, you ultimately feel lighter, and calmness flows into you.

Try and find someone that will listen to you, maybe a spouse, or even someone you do not know. But, ensure you pour out all the bottled-up anxiety, anger, and fears that take away your peace.

Lastly, when you communicate with someone, it helps you connect to that person and form a bond. This connection will help drive out loneliness and make you feel understood.


When you see the heading creativity, you might get spooked and say, how can this help me get peace of mind? My answer to you is simple! Engage in a creative activity, especially one linked with your hobby.

This will help you feel different about your current situation. Aside from the fact that creativity engages both the left and right parts of your brain, it also helps build a sense of fulfillment in you. When you look at what you can create, it gives you a sense of joy that welcomes peace into your heart.


How do I find peace of mind through activities? This should be the question in your mind right now as you read this article. To answer that question, here is how it works; there is a proverb which says;

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

The idler you become, the more your mind will wander and brood over things that will make you lose your peace.

Whenever you feel like you have lost your peace of mind, try and engage in productive activities to take your mind of that thought—activities like sleeping, swimming, playing games, and other hobby-like activities or recreational activities. When you engage in these activities, your mind becomes refreshed and be at peace.


Living in denial is never the best form of healing. To transit to a peaceful state of mind, you have to accept your current state of mind.

By acceptance, I mean acknowledging how you feel and also tell yourself that there are circumstances beyond your control. Recognizing this will put you in a defensive position by default, preventing situations or circumstances from stealing your peace.

It is also essential for you to note that even if you are in a panic state, accepting this will help you heal faster than denial.


Solitude is often confused for loneliness. So, whenever people see solitude, they quickly think it’s a bad idea. Solitude is like a fortress where people go for regeneration and refreshment. It is excellent for people to free their minds and do proper self-reflection of their thoughts and actions.

Due to how small our world has become with phones, social media, and social networking systems, people find it challenging to spend time with their thoughts. They are often easily distracted because there is always someone to talk to or something to see.

Solitude is one of the most potent means of self-healing and self-control because it is meditation’s birthplace.


Humans are built in a way that they must connect to feel alive because the connection is significant to have a healthy mind. Then, how to get peace of mind through connection becomes an important question because I just talked about solitude.

The connection I am referring to here is not playing and having fun with friends and family, but the very reason why you all have a family. Our families and friends are there to connect with us and satisfy that feeling of wanting to belong.

Part of the reason some persons enter into depression and become full of rage is the absence of people to connect with, so they lose their peace of mind. You should connect with those around you and strangers, discuss a familiar topic, and find common ground. You will feel brighter and peaceful when you are done.


Always try to contribute your quota in every way you can, especially in a group. It would be best if you said things as you see them because that will help you communicate clearly.

In contributing meaningfully to anything’s success, let’s say a surprise birthday party for a friend, colleague, or sibling, you end up sharing in the joy derived from it. Engaging in more of such acts will keep your mind in a steady state of peace.


It’s often said that ‘music is food for the soul,’ which makes it a sure way to fill your mind with peace. While it possesses the power to revive your mind, it also can make you sad and moody.

Music can literally control the emotions of men. Listening to a piece of upbeat tempo music can cheer you up, or maybe listening to the genre you like. When it comes to music, everyone has their preference.

You can plug in your ear pods for some time and refresh your soul with cool music. As you listen, your nerves will become loose, and your whole mind will be filled with peace.


Without order and control, everything will be in chaos, which is also true for our minds. If you do not organize your thoughts carefully, your life will be in disarray. Everything will fall apart, and you will lose your peace, then panic starts.

This is the reason why you must try to organize, not just your thoughts but everything around you. It would be best to create a pattern on how to act or behave when you want to go berserk. It will be just like a secret personal code of conduct to keep you in check and help you find your peace again.


Finding peace is often a personal and unique journey every man must discover for himself or herself. These 10 ways, as highlighted above, do not follow a particular order or require you to perform all. Just pick the one that suits your personality and stick with it.