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Think of a lazy morning you are lying on your bed. Yeah, I also love that time when I don’t need to bother with anything. But we don’t own a magical wizard. So, we need to take charge of our lives and we need to move forward.

Getting out of procrastination takes time, effort and will power. Here I will share a simple 9 step process with you that I followed and made my habit. There is no single tip that works for everyone. Try these hacks and share which one worked for you.

How to Move Forward?

1. Set a Goal

Ya, this is obvious. Everything starts with a goal. You need to define what you want to achieve. Without a goal there is nothing to achieve.

I always say this, Life is beautiful for it’s limitations. A goal is something that extends your boundary. Something that will challenge yourself.

A good goal is a SMART goal. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. It doesn’t need to be complicated as it sounds like. Keep it simple to a time bound one.

For example: I will walk for 30 minutes everyday. This is as simple like that.

2. Commit to Your Goal

You know what you want to accomplish. Now commit on that.

Write it down in paper or notebook or in your whiteboard. It is important. You will be able to check back and measure your progress.

Call your friend or partner or family. Tell them that it is important to you. Because everything starts small.

Share your goal as announcement on your social media. It’s not for show off. Some people may laugh. Let them think whatever they want. Most of the social friends won’t care for your procrastination. They will love to see you achieve your goal.

This is important to motivate yourself. The social attention will keep you moving. Check the social profile of someone who loves cycling, hiking, walking at morning etc. They keep their friends posted on their regular activities.

Society keep us moving.

3. Get Started

We have done a 5 minute goal setting and 15 minutes committing session. That’s enough to get started.

This is the easiest part of the game. Enjoy this is exciting time. You are going to change yourself and you are going to achieve a milestone that you set.

Start walking. Remember your first day at school. Remember the day you learnt cycling. Those were fun. This is also fun. No matter what other people thinks, this is important for you. So keep moving forward.

4. Start Small

Everything takes time. So start small. You don’t need to walk for 30 minutes on the very first day of walking.

When you start something new, you may feel that you need support. May be you need a pair of jogging shoes, an mobile app to track your speed and so on.

Note those need and make a list. Arrange those after sometime. For now, just keep walking with whatever you currently have.

When you feel, it’s enough for today, call it a day. It’s a big day. You have broken a vicious chain of procrastination.

5. Motivate Yourself

Turn on your motivation button. Yes, there is a button you have created to motivate you.

Call your family, friend or partner. Tell them that you have done it. Share your photo on your social media. Show everyone that you are man of word.

Now, create another button of motivating yourself. Make a chart of your progress. It can be mobile application, a spreadsheet in your computer or just a pen and paper. Start your day with a look on your progress chart.

Then set 5 level of your progress. Say, first level is daily 10 minutes walk at a go. The second level is 20 minutes and so on.

These levels are your limits. Crossing own limit is the greatest motivation. You had that motivation visible when you were young kid. You learned new things everyday. Wake up that latent hunger and it will be fun.

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6. Keep Moving

Say you made 8 minutes walk on your first day and 10 minutes on second day. Now keep that growing.

It doesn’t need to be growing at 90 degree angle. But try to move forward on regular basis. Try – is the keyword here. Don’t regret if you could not hit 106 minute after having a 105 minute walk on last day.

But don’t go down to last level. Once you have achieved a new level, you have made a new mark, a new milestone. Practice for several days to make that level as your usual level.

For example, your 4th level starts at 60 minutes and 5th level is at 75 minutes. The first time you reach the 4th level, it’s time to practice and make it habit. Practice for several days targeting that 60 minutes mark. Gradually it will feel easier to walk for 60 minutes. Then you can move to next target level of 75 minutes.

7. Reward Yourself

It’s not an achievement unless it is celebrated.

You have made new mark of your goal, you have extended your limit of ability. Celebrate that.

Watch the movie that you wanted to watch for weeks. Go for shopping, try a new look. Buy a new pair of shoes. Do whatever you feel suitable as reward.

But procrastination cannot be a reward. Don’t skip a day as a reward. Definitely that is not a reward when you are losing a game. You have come this long way with the spirit that you will break your boundaries.

Share your celebration with your friends and family. This is time to get reward from social media as well. The people who care for you, let them congratulate you on your achievement.

Remember, nothing is special, unless you make it special.

8. Make a Group

I believe you have already found some people with same goals as yours. When you started walking for the first time, you have seen other people are walking in same park. As you become regular they will start noticing you.

Talk to them and make a group. Most importantly, make it a formal group.

I don’t know how many times you have heard this in your life from your teachers. Once again in life, make a group. There are many positive sides of making a group.

It will make your goal more enjoyable and fun. If you are an introvert person, no need to form and lead a group if you don’t like. But be part of a group. Every group has a few silent members. They are also part of making the group work enjoyable.

Share your achievements with your group members and check their achievements as well. This is the another button of motivating yourself.

Don’t take it as competition or rivalry. You are not working for any single physical material. Actually you are traveling together. So help and motivate each other to achieve synergy of your efforts.

9. Keep Learning

Learning should not be boring if you are interested in the subject. As you are making progress on your goal, explore the related areas.

For example, check the history of running as a game, the professional racers, popular racing events, etc. You might find the story of Fauja Singh inspirational. He has a marathon record of 5 hours 40 minutes at the age of 92.

We have grown up seeing heroes around us, starting from parents as our first superheroes. As you keep achieving new levels you need to know the superheroes in your field.

Motivate yourself once again to achieve more. At one point the last challenge becomes your usual ability. That makes you unable to move forward.


Moving means you are alive. Don’t choose to become a sitting duck. Move forward and give yourself what you deserve.

Try these 9 simple hacks to motivate yourself into action. You know you can make it happen. This is possible. I have done this and got out of year-long procrastination.