I wake up every morning with lots of plans and activities in my mind. Living is blessing of Almighty. I stopped procrastination once I started enjoying my work and life.

What about you? Are you a procrastinator?

Many of us have the tendency to put things off. That is called procrastination. Remember, how many times you have been waiting to the last minute to pack your bag for a vacation, to book a flight, or to fill up a form. We do put things off when we don’t like doing it.

Vicious Cycle of Procrastination

There is a vicious cycle of not taking charge of your tasks. It may become your habit, but a bad habit to ruin your life and career. So, if you want to finally beat procrastination and move forward, forgive yourself for what you have done in past. 

All tips, plans, strategies for overcoming procrastination starts with Forgiveness. It may seem like a strange point to start, but it’s important.

You can do nothing about your past, but learn from it. So don’t repent for your bad habit. Beating yourself up for the past does you no good. Rather start a new era of your life. Discover yourself in a new way. A new person, who is proactive and who moves ahead of time.

Your feelings of regret and the anxiety generated by that, will enforce your bad habit to procrastinate again and again. Get out of that vicious cycle of procrastination.

How to Get Out of Delaying Tasks?

The next time you feel like procrastinating, tell yourself that “those days are gone”. It’s not the last minute of my career to regret for everything. Say it loudly, make it clear to yourself that you are not going to make the bad things happen once again.

Promise yourself to try to do better. Trying is very important. You can make a good habit by trying that again and again over a period of time. Trying leads to practicing and practicing leads to making habit. This is how we learn to stick to a process.

Time is the next big thing for making progress. Time can heal your mind, body and habit. So, give your trying and practicing enough time so that your body and mind can adapt with the new habit.

Sometimes, we feel frustrated. Frustration is the result of deviation of reality from your expectation. So, you won’t get frustrated about your lack of progress unless you set a high expectation for yourself. It’s normal to have drive, to cross your boundary of ability. But make your expectations achievable.

Do you know, why many people love to play the same video game again at same level they played earlier? They want to achieve better result. So extend your boundary. Use your limit of performance to motivate you. Try again.

Every moment is a new moment of your life. Make this moment special with a new beginning, with a new limit of yourself. If you are successful in your career or not, develop yourself for multiple career. In bad times, that can save you.

Keep the young kid inside you alive who is curious to know new things. Keep learning. There’s always something new to learn in your filed of work. Try a new way of doing things in life also. It will make the work enjoyable. 

Get out of your old version who sees life in a dull way while people are moving to another planet. Life is beautiful for its limitations. Because that leaves us a purpose to extend the limit.

Forgive yourself for first, that is the first step. Then take charge of your life and how you feel.