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The first time I heard about Mr. Chetan Bhagat and his “The 3 Mistakes of My Life” is exactly 3 years ago. I was going through corporate training. On the second day of the training, the training manager came for a Question & Answer session. She told me how much she loves reading and why we should keep reading. She told about one of her favorite writers, Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

After 3 long years I found the book and managed time for concentrating on the novel. Then I started reading the book and the prologue drew my all attentions at once. Its awesome.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat

As the tagline says, “A Story about Business, Cricket and Religion”, well said, indeed. This is a glimpse of India, depicting the most 3 issues of daily life of Indians: Business, Cricket and Religion.

Yes, this is “glimpse”. Life is much more complex when emotions plays the vital role in most of people’s mind. But such most discussed issues are depicted in well writing by Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

The writer, I should say, is Awesome in writing. The way he presents his story you will be mesmerized. The familiar characters around us easily becomes central characters of his books. And you can’t stop reading.

3 Mistakes of My Life is a story of young, aspirant and honest Businessman of Ahmedabad and his friends and families. This is a story of his 3 Mistakes.

The writer shows the daily life of Ahmedabad old town inhabitants.

And yes, obviously there is a love story. That leads to different corners of life. Love for friends and family, love for cricket and love for overcoming challenges – when put in a place with the excellence of a writer then that is a superb literature.

This story is neither a typical love story nor a typical youth goon’s story. This is life. And this is not just a story. It has profound insights of a writer.

The book is one of the top 10 big-selling books of India, yes, it is.

You should read the novel.

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Reading is fun. You will enjoy reading if you are interested in the subject. The books like 3 Mistakes of My Life will make you curious to read more. Take reading as a tool to be happy and to keep motivating yourself.

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