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Being positive comes with lots of benefits. If you want to be around for many more years, embrace positive life. You will experience less stress and it promotes general well-being.

That said, being positive does not mean you run from challenges or difficulties, or you will be far from reality. It allows you to react intelligently to difficult situations even while in reality.

“You cannot give solution to a problem with the same kind of thinking that creates it in the first place” – Albert Einstein – you need a positive thinking!

Read on to learn more about how to be positive and how to live a positive life.

Power of Positivity

A particular research from Yale shows that people who know how to be positive lives longer than those who did not agree to positive life.

In this study, 620 senior citizens were questioned if they believe that as we aged we become less useful. Some agreed and some do not.

The study found out that the senior citizens that agree, and of course, have better positive attitude towards ageing have a longer life span of an average of about 7.5 years than the senior citizens that have negative attitudes. This is the power of positivity!

The longer life span is because of the cumulative effects of several benefits of being positive.

Positivity keeps you optimistic, reduces your stress levels, reduces the risk of heart disease and it makes you evaluate yourself better. More so, it keeps you happy and improves your attitude.

5 Tips On Living Positive Life

1. Be Committed to Positive Attitude

Being positive is a commitment. The first point in learning how to live a positive life is to see positivity as a good choice and stay fully committed to it.

No doubt, there will be bad days, but here is the one million dollar question, do you want to be positive about the negativity or be negative about the negativity. It is your choice. However, it is preferable to stay positive.

Learning to control your emotions and attitude deliberately is learning how to be positive. Do not let your feelings get into your head. In fact, you can only solve that negativity with a positive attitude.

Practice this every day, and you will feel happier.

2. Be Grateful to What You Have

Most of the times, we focus more on the wrong things while we neglect the good things in our lives. The truth is life is not always bed of roses; there will be ups and downs. However, Most times, the bad overwhelm us so much that will forget the good.

There is a way out – be grateful. Being grateful to what you have is how to be positive. Do not focus on the things not presently there or the wrong things.

Stay positive by appreciating what life has given you. Be thankful for your family, your job even while aiming for a better income.

Also, learn to say thank you, to your spouse, your boss, or your employees. Gratitude is helpful for healthy and happy relationships.

Have a more practical approach on how to live a positive life by gratitude.

3. Don’t Blame Yourself or Others- Learn to Forgive

Don’t self-blame or blame others, it is suicidal! A study by Roland Z. et al. shows that self-blaming can result in depression, self-guilt, low self-worth, hopelessness, and all these three factors contribute immensely to the global suicide.

Besides, blaming yourself or anyone attracts negative energy. Learn to forgive and move on.

Even if they hurt you, don’t take it personal, just forgive, is for your own freedom!

First, take responsibility for what happened. This is however different from blame. You need to admit you made a mistake, but don’t feel bad. Things happen.

Then engage in activities to make you feel light, perhaps hit the gym, or have a time out with friends or family. Doing this will help you regain your positivity, and you can think straight again, to come up with solutions. Your problem solving skills will also be helpful here.

4. Travel – Whenever You Can

Going on a trip is a good way to boost your mental and emotional health. Take some time off and explore to reinvent and reinvigorate yourself. Go bury your troubles, disturbing thoughts in the beautiful shore of Santa Cruz or one of the scenic beaches in Florida

Positivity that traveling can provide includes:

New Perspective: Visiting new places, meeting new people, and learning different cultures can alter the way you view life. You see new possibilities and new ideas.

It Changes the Mood: just a thought of going on a vacation spark joy especially for a place you’ve always wanted to go.

Besides, travelling gives you the opportunity to be free from the hustling and bustling life of the city, which most times is characterized by emotional distress, challenges, stress you name it. Exploring brings a whole new level of happiness and satisfaction.

It Makes You Flexible: you need to be flexible to make most of your time in an unfamiliar environment as you face certain good problems.

For instance, you will need to learn the local language for better interaction. Adjust to their lifestyle. Moreover, this process will teach you patience. This is an important learning point in how to live a positive life. Patience helps to overcome anxiety, worry even to deal with fear. It likewise makes things clear. Patience also helps in problem solving.

There are tons of sightseeing places to visit for your next vacation or holiday or in your leisure.

You can visit the main beach at the shore of Santa Cruz or the popular wharf. Florida is also an exciting place to visit especially for its beaches. Embrace the beauty of nature at the Cairngorms national park in Scotland.

There are numerous other destinations to explore and forget about life’s troubles. Enjoy and stay happy!

5. Develop Your Skills

Certain skills are necessary to live positively. The skills include but are not limited to critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, collaborative and communication skills.

Critical thinking skills will help you identify true information. No doubt, we will experience difficulties and challenges, but your problem-solving skills will help you overcome them. You also need positive communication skills to live a positive life.

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How to Live a Positive Life with Skills

Critical Thinking Skills: Thanks to the information age, we have instant access to information from our phones. However, do we take some time to analyze the information and confirm if it is true or false?

Whether we like it or not, information has influence over the mind, and our feelings. It can trigger anger, anxiety, even depression, and can take away our positivity.

To stay positive you need to use your critical thinking skills, to analyze information properly before accepting it. Ensure to make this a habit. Learn more on how to use the critical skills to live positively.

Problem Solving Skills: unfortunately, the world we live in is not void of problems. In fact, we experience advancement because of men and women that were able to solve problems.

For example, problem of electricity, which was solved by Michael Faraday, and many others solutions to world’s problem.

We don’t run from troubles we face them and overcome them. However, this has a lot to do with the problem solving skills.

Problem solving skills help us to define an approach to a problem. We need creativity to come up with different solutions, we need to develop the ability to listen and integrate other people ideas, and problem solving also needs good decision-making.  

Instead of getting worried, anxious, or fearful take a deep breathe and use your problem solving skills to solve the issue.

Collaborative Skills: two heads are better than one – C. S Lewis. Brainstorming, working as a team and your flexibility to learn from others, will help you live a positive life.

You can’t do it all alone. Learn to involve others, and allow them to share their ideas freely.

Through collaboration, you can achieve a better result in the shortest time possible without stress or frustration. However, you need the collaboration skills to make collaboration work.

Positive Communication Skills: learning to speak positively is helpful to you and for people around you to live a positive life.

Here are the few communication skills you need to develop for living positive life:

  • Don’t speak without thinking on the right words to say
  • Have an open mind to establish the truth of a matter
  • Employ your active listening skills to rightly respond to a discussion or argument
  • Always speak positively about someone, and don’t gossip. You experience positivity as you give positivity.


Learning how to be positive is not an option. Negativity on the flip side, attracts hopelessness, worry, anxiety, fear, and depression. More so, it could lead to premature death.

So staying positive is not an option, is a lifestyle we must adopt.

Use our five tips on living a positive life to live happily and healthy!

Remember, a positive outlook does not come in a day; it is a process. If you have to practice positive living daily, to live a full positive life it’s worth it.

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