How to Write a Check with Cents - Steps, Examples, & FAQ

How to Write a Check with Cents – Steps, Examples, & FAQ

How do you indicate the amount of money when you are writing a check with cents? It can be a bit confusing when you need to write cents on a check. In this article, we will walk you through how to write a check with cents and provide some helpful tips and examples along the way!

How to Write a Check?

When writing a check, there are a few standard steps you need to follow to make sure the payment goes through correctly.

Here is a quick overview:-

  1. State the Date
  2. Include the Recipient’s Name
  3. Mention the Amount Numerically
  4. State the Amount Utilizing Words
  5. Give the Reason for Writing the Check in the Space for “Memo”
  6. Put Your Signature

1. State the Date

This is step no. 1 in the process of writing a check. The date needs to be written clearly, and the actual information you put down depends on the situation. You may need to postdate your check for some reasons. Dates can be written in the following ways:

  • In full: July 27, 2021
  • Numerically: 03/04/2021

2. Include the Recipient’s Name

Your recipient can be a business or a person. In the case of the former, you would have to write the business name in full, not the brand name in short.

Ensure that you’re using the proper spellings. It’s advisable to verify such things to avoid making the receiver go through hassles at the bank when trying to deposit/withdraw the money.

3. Mention the Amount Numerically

Look for where you’ll write the amount paid to the recipient using numbers. It’s usually a small box that may have the currency symbol in print. So, you’ll need to write the figure and decimal point alone.

Ensure that you state the amount so that a dishonest recipient won’t be able to edit the figures. Leave no significant space on the left or right side of the box or between the numbers. You can draw a line to take up the remaining space after the figures.

Don’t forget to put the decimal point separating the figures for dollars and cents. For example, this is how to write a check for 1,000 (in a US dollar amount) numerically in the space provided: $ 1000.00.

4. State the Amount in Words

You’re stating the amount again, but with words. It is a confirmation of the amount that was stated in the numbers. Writing a check amount in words is as easy as writing in numbers.

Ensure that your writing is legible and that you use the right diction (choice of words). The statement should mean exactly what you wrote in numbers. Draw a line to take up the space left if the words don’t fill it up. This is to make it known that there’s no other thing to be added. The currency type is typically stated in print (by the checkbook issuer) at the end of the space provided.

In mastering how to write a check for 1000 in words, the statement should look like this: One thousand and 00/100 DOLLARS.

5. Give the Reason for Writing the Check in the Space for “Memo.”

The memo area is where you’ll state the purpose of the payment. Such information can be helpful in identifying a lost or parted check. It can also serve as a reminder in the future.

You may not find it relevant or necessary to state anything in the space, but rest assured because it’s an optional part of writing checks. However, there are cases where a bill issuing company would require you to state your billing account information in the memo space. Check the examples of what may be put in the memo line below.

  • “Wedding present”
  • “Payment for graphic design”
  • “Water bill”

6. Put Your Signature

This is the last step in the process of finding out how to write a check with cents. You’ll be signing your name in the specified space at the bottom right-hand corner utilizing the signature that’s registered with the checking account. The bank will be sure that you’re in support of the transaction when they see your signature.

As a security measure it’s advisable to avoid appending a signature when other steps haven’t been completed. Checks can’t be deposited without signatures.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about writing checks:

How to Write a Check (Plus Some Fun Facts About Check Writing)

How to Write a Check with Cents?

When writing a check, the first part will always be the amount in dollars. The second part will be the amount in cents. This is written as “00” cents or “90” cents. If the amount in cents is less than 10, then it is written as just two digits with a leading zero. For example, if the check is for $12.03, then it would be written as “Twelve and 03/100 dollars”.

To write a check with cents, start by writing the amount of the check in numbers. Next to this, spell out the amount of the check using words.

Here’s an example:

How to write cents on check for $50.75?

Check Amount in number: $50.75
In words: Fifty dollars and seventy-five cents.

Now for mastering how to write a check with cents, you are almost there in the path. Here are few more examples.

How to write a check with Sixty Five Dollars and Forty-Five Cents?

In numbers: $65.45
In words: Sixty-five and 45/100 Dollars

How to write a check with cents only?

In numbers: $ 0.45
In words: 45/100 Dollars

Why do You need to Write a Check?

There are many reasons people write checks. First, of course, some instances would compel you to know how to write cents on a check. It can be as a payment, gift, or for personal use, such as in the case of having to learn how to write a check to yourself.

Here, we’ll describe five common cases which may require you to understand how to write a check (with cents).

1. Charity

You may need to learn how to write a check with cents when giving money to religious, charitable, or community organizations. Sometimes, checks may be the preferred means of money collected for these groups. This is because it enables them to save on processing charges.

2. Payment for Goods and Services

Individuals may need to know how to write cents on a check when the businesses and government offices they do transactions with prefer this means of payment. Companies may also use it to pay workers’ salaries/wages to avoid the cost of higher processing charges.

For example, you may have to understand how to write a check for 1000 as payment for the following:

  • House rent
  • Government office charges such as payment for taxes, fines, collecting permits, and so on.
  • Products bought at a physical store or paid for on delivery
  • Paying a plumber for repairs
  • Deposit on a landed property

3. A Celebratory Gift

What about a monetary gift to a loved one who’s celebrating a special occasion? You can do so if you know how to write a check for 1000 or more or reasonably less, right? For example, family members getting wedded, graduating from college, or celebrating a birthday.

4. Entrance Fee for Some Public Spaces

Some places are “checks only” when visitors pay an entrance fee. This means they don’t accept cash or any other means of payment. For example, amusement parks, campgrounds, nature parks, etc.

Imagine if you get to such destinations and don’t know how to write cents on a check. Even worse, what if you aren’t with your checkbook? Aaargh! It could be a bummer. Always have your checkbook on you or in your car, at least. At some point, this habit could be a lifesaver (quote and unquote).

5. Saving on Processing Charges

We’ve already mentioned the need to save on processing charges twice now. Well, that’s just how important knowing how to write a check with cents can be. Who wants to pay more if there are ways to pay less?

Utilizing your credit or debit card when paying for goods and services can be annoying if you have to pay a significant amount as charges for processing the transaction. What if using your checkbook would help you avoid such options? Let’s rephrase: What if learning how to write check with cents was the only other way to dodge extra costs?


How to Write a Check for 100 Dollars?

How to write a check for $100? Well, that’s easy. Check it out below.
How to write a check for $100 numerically: $100.00
How to write a check for $100 in words: One hundred Dollars
Or, One hundred and 00/100 Dollars
The symbols “&” can be used to replace “and” in the statement.

How to Write a Check without Cents?

If you are writing a check without cents, then you need to make a few adjustments. According to the Federal Reserve, your check should include cents (00) because the Federal Reserve requires that any check written in a bank or credit union must have at least one digit in its cents field. It should also include dollars with cents.
These are other examples of how to write a check with zero cents in words: One thousand five hundred sixty-five and 00/100
The conjunction “and” should only be seen in between the amount in dollars (one thousand five hundred sixty-five) and the one in cents (00/100). It should NEVER be included as part of the amount in dollars. See this example: “one thousand five hundred and sixty-five.”

How to Write a Check with Cents Only?

This is how to write a check for cents only in a different way: Only fifty cents.
In cases where the type of currency isn’t stated in print, you can write the amount like this: Zero dollars and 65/100.
This is another approach you can take in learning how to write a check for cents only when the currency type isn’t already stated: No dollars and 50/100

How to Write a Check to Yourself?

This is relatively easy. Just state your name as the recipient in the space provided.

How Do I Void a Check?

You may have to void a check due to the following reasons:
– If there’s an error in the information stated.
– If you’ve decided not to utilize it.
– If the check is required for a direct deposit.
Voiding a check is as simple as writing a check to yourself. Do the following:
The word “void” is written across the check in big letters and in block form. This is done for checks that have been filled out.
You can shred, tear up, or burn the check if you don’t need it anymore.
Direct deposits would require the following procedure:
First, write “void” across it as described earlier.
Get it scanned or hand it over to the person who is preparing the transaction.

Can I Write a Check with a Pencil?

Using a pencil to write a check might be the only option for you in some urgent cases. However, you aren’t advised to do so for financial security reasons. This is because important information, such as the amount of words and numbers and the intended recipient, can be easily edited.
Simply put, you’d be putting yourself in danger of fraudsters. It’s best to use a pen. You can always void the check if you make a mistake that can’t be erased.

How Do I Postdate A Check?

Postdating can be done when you want to avoid stating the present day’s date. People put future dates on checks for the following reasons:
– If it’s for a later withdrawal than the present day.
– If the money in your account isn’t up to the amount, you’ll be stated on the check.
Just ensure that the stated date is in line with the transaction’s day. You can’t go to the bank to cash a check with a future date written.

What Is the Number In the Top Right Corner of the Check?

That’s the check number. It can be in the hundreds (000) or thousands (0000). It’s used for identifying your check during tracking.

What Are the Numbers on the Bottom of a Check?

The numbers that can be found at the bottom of the check include the following:
Bank account number: The bank will know the source of the money with this.
Bank routing number: The bank will know how to move the money with this.
Check number: Used for tracking (as stated earlier).

So what’s a Blank Check?

A blank check is a signed check which you haven’t filled out completely. It may not have the recipient’s name or the amounts in numbers and words. It may only contain a signature without any other information. It’s not advisable to give a blank checkout to avoid fraud.

How Do I Write More Than One Name on a Check?

Use the conjunction “or” to separate the two names. Avoid using “and.”

What Are Alternatives to Writing a Paper Check?

It has been predicted that check-writing will stop by 2026 because the number of checks used for financial transactions is lowering at a rate of 1.8 billion annually. This means that more people are starting to adopt other alternatives to writing a paper check. We’ve listed them below.
– Debit cards
– Cash payments
– Credit cards
– Money transfer services. For example, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Western Union, etc.
– Online bill payments

Can I Write My Own Check?

You’ll be able to do so with the tips in this guide.

Where Can I Get Cheap Checks Online?

Banks issue checks, but there may be delays and higher fees. So what do you do? You can get cheaper checks on sites like, SuperValue Checks, Bradford Exchange Checks, etc.

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When it comes to writing a check with cents, there are a few things you need to be aware of. In this article, we outlined all the steps necessary to complete this task, as well as provide some examples. We also answered some frequently asked questions about the process. Hopefully, now you know how to write a check with cents and how to write cents on a check – whatever way you say it.

We needed to put that many FAQs in this guide along with their answers, so you can have enough information about how to write a check with cents. Feel free to research other aspects.

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