Top 10 Tips on How to Write For Forbes

What is Forbes? Well, that may not be the question on your mind simply because of the popularity of the website. You really want to get straight to the main points, right? Talking about writing for Forbes or how to guest post for Forbes. Well, you are in the right place to learn these things. You will also learn about Forbes submission guidelines and more. However, before we get to those sections, let’s understand what Forbes is all about.

Forbes is an American online magazine that covers daily news about financial markets, sports, personal finance, technology, business, and so on. You can get more Forbes information from other sources. Just keep in mind that to learn how to write for Forbes, you need to know about the company. Not just to know about Forbes, but also what the brand stands for.

Benefits of Guest Post On Forbes

Forbes is able to reach about 140 million people across its various platforms monthly. That is one important thing you should be aware of concerning the benefits that you can enjoy when you contribute to Forbes, that is, guest posting on Forbes. Let’s check other benefits that you are entitled to whenever you contribute to Forbes…

  1. Wide exposure of your articles
  2. Organic traffic to your website
  3. The audience tends to recognize you as a knowledgeable writer
  4. Opportunity to grow faster than your competitors

Therefore, if you are interested in handling Forbes guest post jobs, then you need to learn how to contribute to Forbes. That is why it is only right that the next section was included in this guide.

3 Steps To Contribute To Forbes

After you must have learnt how to contribute to Forbes, then you will move on to the section for knowing the benefits of Forbes guest post jobs. Three steps must be taken into consideration in order to guest post on Forbes. They are discussed below.

1. Prepare

To guest post on Forbes, you need to do the following at the preparation stage:

  1. Make writing your passion: You should not be so money-minded that you allow the passion to hide in the shadows. In learning how to contribute to Forbes, let the passion guide you.
  2. Write often: When you write often, you will get better with time. Practice regularly until you are sure that you can do a decent job on your first day of writing for Forbes. In doing so, read a lot of posts that are already published on Forbes for guidance.
  3. Develop a sound relationship with writers who know how to contribute to Forbes. When you work with them, and have a close relationship with them, you would also get to learn from them. At least, you could pick some Forbes guest post formats.
  4. Choose an area you would be interested in. When you focus on a particular area/beat/niche, it would be easier for you to be a specialist in it.
  5. Get your posts prepared for pitching.

2. Pitch

There is a great tool that could help you out with this task. To guest post on Forbes, you have to be able to pitch your idea. You see, Forbes has a lot of editors that receive pitches for people who are in need of Forbes guest post writers. They review the ideas, and then select the most desirable piece. Read more about Guest Blogging.

3. Post

Now when you have successfully learnt how to write for Forbes, and you have gone through the preparatory and pitching process, the next thing would be to start posting. To guest post on Forbes, ensure that you do the first assignment well, so as to make a good impression about your skills. Do the following if you need to know how to contribute to Forbes:

  1. Check out their guidelines for posting on Forbes
  2. Write your article
  3. Edit and proofread it well
  4. Make sure the article is perfect and catchy
  5. Let it link to your personal website
  6. Send it for publishing

10 Tips on How to Write For Forbes

A Forbes guest post job is not your regular kind of writing job. It has requirements that must be met. For example; just like how freelance writing clients give writers requirements to meet. In learning how to guest post on Forbes, one must be conversant with these guidelines. See the following 10 tips gotten from the opinions of some Forbes editors.

1. Choose the niche/area that suits you the most

Of course, you need to select the area that you are good at in order to guest post on Forbes. You shouldn’t just write; you should write what you have enough ideas for.

2. Pitch to the right editor

Editors have their specialty too. You can’t pitch a sports post to a beauty editor. He/she will immediately reject your pitch. So, do your homework. Find out about the right editor to meet before pitching your article.

3. Make your writing professional

You are writing to gain more audience, traffic, and good impressions when writing for Forbes. Try to make it as professional as possible.

4. Do your research and gather the necessary facts

In articles, facts are very important. It boosts the article’s credibility. Make sure your article is informative and educative enough. Simply put, it should be a great read.

5. Edit the article perfectly

You don’t want to have errors in your write-up. It will leave a bad impression on your readers.

6. Follow up after posting

The essence of following up is to ensure that your article is not swept under the carpet. You also need to keep reminding them to review or publish your article. However, you do not need to keep disturbing them. Just follow up once in a while.

7. Follow the Forbes submission guidelines

There are some guidelines you need to follow in order to guest post on Forbes.

8. Be different

There is an advantage to being unique. It makes you stand out, and it makes your work get respected. Of course, you will also be respected as a writer. On a platform like Forbes where they receive a lot of pitches, they will always look for the write-up that manages to stand out from the many submissions.

9. Make sure you tell the major parts of your story well

Know how to guest post on Forbes with the key areas of your article in mind. Make sure you don’t take them for granted. Every part of the write-up needs to be perfected.

10. Build your portfolio

You may have also submitted articles to other platforms (e.g. Huffington Post). If your work is accepted on other platforms already, do well to inform the editor on Forbes. Even if they haven’t got back to you in a considerably long time, still do well to inform them of new developments.

Hopefully, this section was helpful in clarifying things—including in the aspects of relating with the editor on Forbes and following the Forbes submission guidelines.

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In this article, we have successfully done justice to the details about writing for Forbes as well as the benefits attached to guest posting on Forbes. We also discussed the steps to contribute to Forbes and the tips you should follow if you want to do so. Now you can be on a clearer path to guest posting on Forbes!