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What is Forbes? Well, that may not be the question in your mind simply because of the popularity of the website. Whoever doesn’t know Forbes is probably living in the moon. Are you living in the moon? Definitely not. Let me just briefly tell you what Forbes is.

Forbes is an American online magazine that covers daily news about the financial markets, sports, personal finance, technology, business, among others. Sorry I’m spoon-feeding you with Forbes information. I just believe that to learn how to write for Forbes, you need to know about Forbes.

Benefits of Guest Post On Forbes

One more thing I feel you should also be aware of is the benefits you get if you contribute to Forbes i.e., guest posting on Forbes. There are some important benefits you are entitled to whenever you contribute to Forbes. Some of them include:

  1. Wide exposure of your articles
  2. Organic traffic to your website
  3. Audience tend to recognize you as a knowledgeable writer
  4. Opportunity to grow beyond your competitors

Therefore, if you are interested in Forbes guest post, you need to learn how to contribute to Forbes and that is why this article is here for your consumption.

3 Steps To Contribute To Forbes

After you must have learnt how to contribute to Forbes, then you would be entitled to the benefits of Forbes guest post. To guest post on Forbes, 3 steps must be taken into consideration:

  1. Prepare: to guest post on Forbes, you need to do the following at the preparation stage:
    1. Make writing your passion: you should not make it look as though you are learning how to contribute to Forbes because of money. You would get frustrated if all you are after is money.
    2. Write often: when you write often, it will become part and parcel of you and you will write with ease when you start writing for Forbes.
    3. Read a lot of posts that are already published on Forbes.
    4. Develop a sound relationship with writers who know how to contribute to Forbes. When you work with them and have a close relationship with them, you also would get to learn from them. At least, you could pick some Forbes guest post.
    5. Choose an area you would be interested in. this is not the time to be jack of all trades, audience love to know your specialty and focus. When you focus on a particular area, you would be giving them the impression that you are perfect in that area. You could write for the marketing section, lifestyle section, entrepreneur, etc.
    6. Get your posts prepared for pitching
  2. Pitch: you need not to worry yourself much about this. There is a great tool that could help you out. Here, the basic thing you will be doing to guest post on Forbes is to pitch your idea. You see, Forbes has a lot of editors that receive pitches for people who are in need of Forbes guest post. They review the ideas and then select among the best. Read more about Guest Blogging.
  3. Post: now when you have successfully learnt how to write for Forbes, and you have done the above in preparation. The next thing you need to do is to start posting. Especially once your pitches have been accepted. To guest post on Forbes you should do it well and appropriately. Do the following if you need to know how to contribute to Forbes:
    1. Check out their guidelines for posting on Forbes
    2. Write your article
    3. Edit and proofread it well
    4. Make sure the article is perfect and catchy
    5. Let it link to your personal website
    6. Send for publishing

10 Tips on How to Write For Forbes

Forbes guest post is not like some regular guest posts that you do, so it takes some technicality and specialty to do it right. Below are some tips coined out from opinions of some editors on Forbes. They include the following:

  1. Choose the niche/area that suits you most: of course, you need to select what you are best at to start to guest post on Forbes. You shouldn’t just write; you should write what you have enough contents for. Don’t forget that you are not writing for writing sake, but to create an impression on your potential audience. You don’t want to show them you are a novice.
  2. Pitch to the right editor: editors have their specialty too. You can’t go and pitch a news post to a beauty editor. He/she will immediately reject your pitch. So, do your homework and research about the editor before pitching your article.
  3. Make your writing professional: remember I said above that you are writing to gain audience, traffic and good impression. So, you want to make it as professional as possible. Your readers will perceive you as a real professional if you make your article professional.
  4. Do your research and gather necessary facts: in articles, research and facts are very important. It makes your article believable and it becomes an authority that people want to refer to for information. So, make sure your article is informative and educative enough to serve that purpose.
  5. Edit the article perfectly: you don’t want to have errors all over the articles, it will leave a bad impression of you with your readers.
  6. Follow up sometimes after posting: the essence of follow up is to ensure that your article is not swept under the carpet. You also need to keep reminding them to review or publish your article. However, you do not need to keep disturbing them. Follow up once in a while.
  7. Follow the guidelines for submission: There are some guidelines you need to follow to guest post on Forbes. Learn about these guidelines and follow them strictly.
  8. Be different: there is a huge benefit attached to being unique. It makes you stand out and respected. On a platform like Forbes where they receive a lot of pitches, they will always bow for creativity, and uniqueness.
  9. Make sure you tell the major parts of your story.
  10. I understand that you may have also submitted articles to some other platforms, like Huffington Post, if your work is accepted on those platforms already, do well to inform the editor on Forbes. Even if they haven’t got back to you, just inform them.

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In this article, we have successfully done justice to details about Forbes as well as the benefits attached to guest posting on Forbes. We also talked about the steps to contribute to Forbes and the tips you should follow if you want to do so. I believe this article is very useful and if you apply the tips above, you would have your headway with guest posting on Forbes.