How to Establish a High-Performance Culture

Establishing a high-performance culture is the main target in the Performance Management System. There is no mechanical way of driving performance. According to a study, poor company culture leads to a 48% chance of high employee turnover. That is 34% higher than a company that has a rich culture. Performance Management System The organization needs… Continue reading How to Establish a High-Performance Culture

Strategic HR Planning Process – Why and How

Organizations should have a rigorous Strategic HR Planning Process in order to avoid redundancy, restructuring, and also to reduce HR costs. Strategic HR Management Like any other management practice, HR management also requires planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The journey starts with a strategy. HR strategy depends on the business strategy. For example, if a… Continue reading Strategic HR Planning Process – Why and How

Change Management with Example

Change is the only constant thing in life and in business. Yet resistance to change is common. A manager needs to facilitate change within any organization as well as ensure the proper change management. Resistance to Change As a human being, we turn our perception into practice and practice into a habit. When any change… Continue reading Change Management with Example