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Top 11 Link Building Tools: Both Free and Paid Software

Top 11 Link Building Tools Both Free and Paid Software
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Whether you’re a budding blogger, an entrepreneur looking to sell products online, or a business seeking networks and advertising, you need link building tools. Now you might be wondering, why do I even need to learn link building? Can’t I just make good content, and then the audience will come? Alright – first let me explain.

Link building is the way to jump-start your online business or website. Think of it as doors to your website – the more doors you have the more ways into your website you have. The more ways in to your website mean the more likely people will find your website while browsing.

Even if you have fantastic product or an excellent website – if there are too little “doors” to your website, nobody is going to find it. In this age, you’re competing with millions of websites with millions of doors – one door is not enough. Google and similar search engines value websites that have more links – and if you want to be on Google’s front page you’ve got to get all those links!

Statistics from many link research software have demonstrated that top websites have backlinks of at least 2,130. Therefore, if you want to make your website more successful, you’re going to have to build and research links!

Link builder tools streamline the process and make things a lot easier. Without link building tools, you need to spend lots of time to find suitable websites for link building. Then you need to pitch your links with content following the rules or norms or guideline of that websites. Some sites may accept your request some sites may refuse. It would be tough for you to track site wise response.

Such long and boring process will not be free of errors. Moreover, time means money. Whether you do it or your employees, you are going to waste money if you do not use any link builder tool.

Why go through the trouble of sifting through all this data when you can use SEO link-building software or link research tools? If you go through the Internet, you can find many free link-building tools out there. However, if you’re serious about making your website be part of the top, you’ll have to spend some cash for the best software. Apart from helping you build links, link research tools can also help you sift through the many website data out there.

In this article, we’ll be tackling various software that will either help with link building or link research!

1. Ahrefs

Pricing Model: Monthly
Price:  Lite plan at $99 monthly, with multiple packages until agency plan at$999

Ahref is one of many link research tools out there, and is one of the best resources on data for link building. Ahref compiles data sets from number of links, competitive analysis, and many other tools. Ahref has its own dedicated ranking system as well, which rank which sites have the best Internet traffic etc. Their data is comprehensive and can help give you the information edge you need to know what’s trending!


Pricing Model: Monthly
Pricing: $10 for Standard Plan is a new generation AI based link building tool. This software makes guest posting, outreaching, link building, analysis etc. easier for you! focuses on best white hat techniques of link building. It finds guest posting opportunities by tracking websites with similar content, keywords etc. This helps you to filter and narrow down to your select blogs of choice to guest post on!

Once you get the guest blogging sites on your niche, you can send your pitch for links with just few clicks. will track all your pitch with response and related analytics.

With this tool, not only are you developing your own website, but you’re also getting to develop your own network with other content creators, bloggers, and businesses!

3. SEMRush

Pricing Model: Monthly
Price: 99.95$ for Pro package, $399.95 for business package

SEMRush is another set of link-building tools – focused on researching backlinks as well as Search Engine Optimization. The tool examines competitor’s ads, traffic, and plenty of other analytical features. Additionally, the app also helps target websites in your country, helping with local ad campaigns.

4. Majestic

Pricing Model: Monthly
Price: $49.99 for LITE user, $399.95 for API package

The Majestic SEO linker tool is another set of tools with various features to help develop with backlinking. Tools include, but are not limited to: backlink checkers, comparisons with other domains, Keyword checkers, and many more. However, some of these tools are unavailable depending on the package you get – essentials such as keyword checkers are locked behind the Pro package.

Pricing Model: Monthly
Price: $67 for Starter package, $1000 for Agency Package

Broken link builder is a different type of link builder to others on this list. This tool is specifically used for finding broken links or “dead” pages relevant to your site. It establishes content and allows you to reach out to website owners to help create and develop links. This tool is perfect for exploiting the dead links. However it offers little in terms of analysis for your website!

6. Moz

Pricing Model: Free & Monthly
Price: Free for the Free tools, Standard at $99 per month up to $599 at Premium

Moz is another company and set of software tools for any blogger looking to increase their audience. Moz comes with free tools on their websites such as the keyword explorer, link explorer, and metrics for websites you visit. The free link building tools they offer are for the basics, and if you’d like access to more analytical data you’ll be needing to pay $99 a month for their service.

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7. Buzzsumo

Pricing Model: Monthly
Pricing: $99 for Pro Package, $499 for Enterprise

A dedicated link research tool, Buzzsumo is designed to stay on top of all the latest trends. Buzzsumo monitors keywords, backlinks, and emerging brands on any topic. Additionally, Buzzsumo can also check other websites for popular questions on forums relevant to your business or niche.

A lot of the Buzzsumo software is dedicated for discovering all this information to help you build your business. It’s heavy on data analytics, so be warned, but all the information this software offers can only help if you act on it!

8. Google Webmaster Tools

Pricing Model: None
Price: Free

It’s no surprise that the biggest and most popular Search Engine has their own tools for Search Engine Optimization! The Google Webmaster Tools is a set of free link building tools designed to help track the performance of your website. It specifically checks how Google interacts with your website – checking on the presence of backlinks, link failures, web crawl errors etc.

This is an excellent starting point for seeing what’s missing on your website however, the tool is not as comprehensive as others on this list. It’s good to have this tool in addition to other tools!

9. Seoptimer

Pricing Model: Monthly
Pricing: $19 for DIY SEO Package, $59 for White Label and Embedding package

Seoptimer is a SEO link building software, which analyzes your website for Search Engine Optimization, Social presence, performance etc. It ranks your websites based on various criteria, allowing you to focus in on its strengths or learn about weaknesses to fix. Overall this gets the basics right, and for business owner or content creator this is a wonderful tool to have?

10. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Pricing Model: Monthly
Pricing: $19 for Standard package, $149 for Premium package

HARO (otherwise known as Help a Reporter Out) is a unique SEO tool. It’s not actually a link builder tool or SEO link building software, but more of a network. When you signup on HARO as a source, journalists may look at your profile and request you to answer questions. The journalists may use the information from your conversations as material for an article – which is posted on their news website.

This is a non-traditional way to build up your web-presence by having you and/or your websites name on news sites! This is a tool that’s useful, however it’s best to have if you’re using it together with other link builder tools.

11. Alexa

Pricing Model: Monthly
Price: $79 for Traffic analysis, $149 or $299 for marketing research, $19.99 up to $799 for site ranking

If the name sounds familiar, its because this tool is owned by Amazon and named after their digital virtual assistant! Alexa is a set of SEO link building software and link research tools. You can purchase a certification to get your website ranked, pay for a different membership to get marketing, or pay a smaller fee for traffic analysis.

Alexa has many tools at its disposal, however they do not come in one package and are locked behind several subscription payments. Assuming you can afford it, Alexa is a fantastic link research tool – but at a very expensive price.


With these link building tools, I hope you’re able to find one that satisfies your needs for your growing website or business!

Written by Kalpataru Biswas

Kalpataru is a Software Sales, and Product Marketing professional.

He writes on business development, personal development, personal finance, and career development.

He has more than 10 years of experience in driving revenue through data-driven Sales & Marketing.