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Effective communication is very important. It is the lifeblood of any business or office. Hence, the importance of having the best office phones cannot be overemphasized. An efficient office phone will streamline good communication between the organization and customers, between workers in their places of work, as a home and business phone, and in other areas of life that are work-related.

The importance of any office phone is its sound quality which is a highly overlooked feature. It makes a big difference regarding customer experience, especially if you want reliable sound quality.

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You want office phones with a good automated-attendant feature. This is especially important when the office is closed, or the staff is unavailable or close to the office phones. You also want your office phones to have hunt group, conference, speed dial, softphone, announcement, voicemail, call hunting features, etc.

It does not matter where your office is located, there should be at least one office phone in your place of work or office that will help suit your needs. No matter the business you are into, 10 of the best office phones have been outlined below to make choosing an office phone even easier. These office phones have the necessary features you will be looking for whenever you want to get an office phone for your own business.

By the end of this article, you should tell which kind of office phone or office phone will be suitable for your business.

1. Overall Best Office Phone

Panasonic 5 Handsets Link2Cell DECT 6.0 KX-TGF775S

The Panasonic 5 KX-TGF775S handset is the overall best office phone for families and companies. It has DECT 6.0 digital technology, allowing secure connections with minimal interference and crystal-clear sound. It has an answering system and can collect messages from a phone from any location in the house. These phones may be both home and office phones. It features Bluetooth capabilities, an answering system, and a function to see who is calling.

Other Technical Specifications

  • Handset displays
  • A phonebook
  • A base unit
  • Call conferencing
  • Speakerphone options
  • A mountable design

Amazon website URL of the product:

Price on Amazon: $94.95
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Product Rating on Amazon: 4.1/5

Customer Reviews: It includes a lot of functions, according to customers, including great call blocking


  • They work well as both home and business phones.
  • Offer a variety of features to meet a variety of requirements.
  • Have excellent call blocking feature.
  • It ensures secure calls with excellent voice quality and no interference.


  • They aren’t suitable as reconditioned products.

2. Best-rated Office Telephone

Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System – KX-TGF575S 

One of the reasons this office telephone is ranked as the best-rated office telephone is its high rating. This cordless office telephone comes with an answering machine and is extendable, it has Bluetooth capabilities and voice assistants. It also has a 3000-entry phone book, a baby monitor, and battery backup for up to 12-hours of conversation when the power goes out.

Other Technical Specifications:

  • It is a Panasonic brand
  • Strong backup battery

Price on Amazon: $159.95
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Product rating on Amazon: 4.5/5

Customer Reviews: Customers report that it functions as expected and has good ergonomics.


  • Because of its rechargeable backup batteries, this office telephone is well praised.
  • A secure signal that is free of interference
  • Because of the office telephone’s answering system, all calls may be answered even if no one is there.


  • It does not record calls from cellular lines; 
  • Because of its warnings, it is considered to be noisy.

3. Best Home Office Phone

Panasonic KX-TGF350N Corded / Cordless Dect 1 Handset Landline Telephone

This home office phone has been selected as the finest home and office phone because it is ideal for individuals who work from home or have workplaces in their homes. It has a phone base that informs the phone system’s base unit right away, a backup battery, and can take up to 250 numbers. It also has excellent sound quality and the ability to amplify sounds for better conversations. 

Other Technical Specifications:

  • Panasonic brand
  • Corded and cordless
  • Backup battery

Price on Amazon: $65.95
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Product Rating on Amazon: 4.5/5

Customer Reviews: Customer evaluations state that it is fantastic, that everything works, and the excellent sound quality.


  • It has strong call blocking features 
  • It has a substantial battery backup 
  • It has good sound quality 
  • It works well as a home and office phone


  • It has a fundamental flaw.

4. Best Phone with Headset

VTech Connect to Cell DS6771-3 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone 

The office phone is ranked as the best with a headset since it has a DECT 6.0 cordless headset and can be expandable by up to five devices. It can also save up to 50 calls and has a caller ID share-add contacts from your landline system to your mobile devices. It has a computerized answering system with a voice guide, virtual multi-line operation with mobile notification options, and conference between an outside line and up to two cordless handsets. It is a landline phone with a battery-powered power source, making it one of the best office phones. 

Other Technical Specification:

  • VTech brand
  • DECT 6.0 cordless phone
  • Battery power source
  • Virtual multi-line operation
  • Conference calls
  • Cordless handsets

Price on Amazon: $73.99
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Product Rating on Amazon: 4.1/5

Customer Reviews: Customer review highlights it as easy to use. 


  • One reason it is regarded as the best office phone is that it has a lot of headset options. 
  • They have a lot of functions, making them the best office phone on the market.


  • Call quality is questionable.
  • It is made of fragile, low-cost plastic.

5. Best Phone for Small Offices

XBLUE X16 Small Business Phone System

According to reports, the XBLUE X16 is the best office phone for small businesses with 2-16 employees. There is no need for an internet connection, and all voicemail is safely saved on-site in the X16 system. Hands-free features include a built-in speakerphone and it’s powered by a corded electric outlet. 

Other Technical Specifications:

  • XBLUE brand
  • Music hold
  • Caller ID
  • Auto-attendant
  • Voicemail boxes
  • Call recording

Price on Amazon: $639.99
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Product Rating: 4.3/5

Customer Review: According to customer feedback, it is reliable and professional, with many useful features. 


  • It is the best office phone for small workplaces 
  • It is safe and secure 
  • It improves office efficiency 
  • It is quick and simple to use, making it one of the best office phones available 
  • It is all-inclusive, with no additional costs for additional services


  • As one of the best business phones, it is fairly pricey.

6. Best Phone for Large Offices

AT&T CD4930 Corded Phone 

The extra-big, easy-to-read LCD on the base offers the optimal viewing angle for caller ID and call history data, making this phone one of the finest office phones for large offices. It’s ideal for big workplaces since it digitally records incoming messages, outgoing announcements, and memoranda for up to 25 minutes. It’s backlit display allows you see the numbers, names, time, and date of incoming callers at a glance, even those on hold.

Other Technical Specifications:

  • AT&T brand
  • Corded phone 
  • Loudspeaker
  • Backlit display
  • Announcement

Price on Amazon: $44.95
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Product Rating on Amazon: 4.4/5

Customer Review: According to customer evaluations, it performs as expected and boasts many user-friendly features.  


  • It’s simple to include additional people in a chat, making it a great phone for large offices.
  • It is one of the most user-friendly business phones.
  • It’s an excellent, basic phone that’s simple to set up.


  • There is too much static and echo.

7. Best Office Phone for Durability

Panasonic KX-TS880B Integrated Corded Telephone

If you’re searching for a long-lasting business phone, the Panasonic KX-TS880B is an excellent choice. It contains 3 AA batteries and weighs roughly 1.85 pounds. An extra-long coiled cord, a ringing indication, a hands-free loudspeaker, a navigation key, a 2-step tilt angle, 30 one-touch dialer stations, programmable flash time setting, and even call waiting for caller ID are some of the other features.

Other Technical Specifications:

  • Panasonic brand
  • Integrated corded office phone
  • AA batteries
  • Dialer stations

Price on Amazon: $44.19
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Product Rating on Amazon: 4.0/5

Customer Review: Customers get top marks for having a solid base weight and a good loudspeaker.


  • It makes life easy for individuals who make frequent phone calls 
  • It is lightweight 
  • It is reasonably priced


  • It has a known issue with headsets that requires you to turn off the hand receiver and speakerphone.

8. Best Office Phone for Price

Snom IP 710 Phone and POE VoIP Phone 

The Snom IP 710 phone is the best if you don’t have a lot of money but need a nice phone for your home and company or a home office phone. It is a very basic and easy-to-use phone with only 5 programmable function keys, 12 identities or lines, and a 4-line illuminated B/W display. It features a multi-line operation and weighs roughly 2.6 pounds.

Other Technical Specifications:

  • Snom brand
  • VoIP phone
  • Multi-line operation
  • Programmable function keys, lines, and display.

Price from Amazon: $36
Check the latest price on Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 5.0/5

Customer Review: It is an amazing functional product, according to customer feedback


  • It is very easy to use 
  • It is very easy to understand


  • Does not have a wide range of features
  • It cannot be used for large offices.

9. Best Phone for Memory Storage:

Grand-stream GXP1400 Small-Medium Business HD IP Phone

The grand-stream GXP1400 is the ideal phone for office work that requires a lot of memory capacity. It’s a high-definition wideband phone with hands-free speakerphone and excellent acoustic echo cancellation. It comes with a phonebook that can hold up to 500 contacts and a call history that can hold up to 200 entries. It contains an automated personal information service, customizable music ring tone/ring back tone, and two switched auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps network ports with integrated POE.

Other Technical Specifications:

  • Grand-stream brand
  • Dual-color LEDs
  • XML programmable context soft keys
  • Three-way conference

Price on Amazon: $44.00
Check the latest price on Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.0/5

Customer Review: Customer review says that it is has a sturdy impression with typical and acceptable sound quality.


  • It is a typical small business phone.
  • It is comfortable


  • It isn’t very easy to set up

10. Best Value Office Telephone:

AT&T ML17929 2-Line Corded Telephone

For a variety of reasons, the AT&T ML17929 phone is rated as the best value office phone. While this phone may not have as many functions as the others, it has a very high market value. It is a corded phone with a black number pad, 3-way conference call capabilities, multi-line operation, 2-line operation, caller ID, an 18-digit speed dial, and a phonebook directory with 100 names and numbers. It even features a loudspeaker and a caller ID history of 99 names and numbers. 

Other Technical Specifications:

  • AT&T brand
  • 3- way conference call capabilities
  • Multi-line operation
  • Phonebook directory
  • Caller ID

Price on Amazon: $31.95
Check the latest price on Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.3/5

Customer Review: It is excellent, large, and simple to grip, according to customer feedback.


  • It has high sound quality 
  • It is ideal for small businesses 
  • It is simple to use
  • It is inexpensive


  • It has issues with static.
  • When the phone is wall-mounted, it does not stay on the base.

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How to select the best office phone for your needs?

  • Here is how to pick an office phone that will meet all of your requirements:
  • Determine how much money you are willing to spend on a phone.
  • You’ll need an office phone with a selection of functions to meet all of your requirements.
  • You should think about how long the item will last.
  • You should also think about the phone’s pricing.
  • You should also consider your company’s size, which is especially true for people who require phones for their homes and businesses.
  • Consider the sort of business you’ll be operating.

What are the common features of office phones?

The following are some of the most typical characteristics to look for when purchasing an office phone:

  1. Softphone features
  2. Auto-attendant
  3. Conferencing
  4. Announcements
  5. Call forwarding, recording, queues, logs, and parking, among other things
  6. Direct inward dialing
  7. Hold music
  8. HD voice, among other things

What is the average price range for office phones?

Numerous factors generally determine the cost of an office phone:

  • The number of users
  • The features and functionality required
  • The number of physical locations accessible
  • The phone models
  • Maintenance, and so on.

As a result, prices range from $200 for a low-cost system to $400 – 600 for a mid-range system to $1000 for a high-end system.

Watch this YouTube video to learn about an overview of office phones.

Best Office Phones


By now, you should have a very good understanding of office phones, their features, pros, and cons. So, the next time you go out there looking for an office phone, you should be able to find one that suits your needs perfectly by using the points highlighted above.  

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