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Have you ever been in that scenario where you bring your special cocktail or bite-sized treat to the office only to remember that there is no mini fridge available? Yeah, always a bummer, right, meaning you still have to go out for lunch or get a cold drink to set your engine running again? I’m sure you can relate because that is the condition in workplaces today.

A best small refrigerator is an economical and portable answer to many issues, from having your lunch fresh to getting a cold energy drink to help you stay active. After reading this article, I’m positive you will be able to pick a nice mini-fridge that will be perfect for your business.

Things to consider before you buy Mini Fridges for Small Business

You can get a fridge that stores anything from fruits or a cooler exclusively for drinks. That means this appliance is not an all-purpose fixture.  Many are just intended to chill wine or keep canned beverages chilled. With all that in mind, there are a few factors to consider before deciding what mini-fridge to buy.

1. Design

Since many mini-fridges use the same hardware, design is a crucial factor.  Simplicity is vital because, as in most fridges, the more sophisticated it is, the more things may go wrong.

2. Cost

Although most mini-fridges worth mentioning are in the $200 – $400 price range, you could also get a nice mini fridge at a lower price, especially for individuals who don’t intend on using their fridge frequently.

3. Size

Mini-fridges come in different sizes. Before buying one, consider what you plan to keep and how much of it you’re going to store. I’ll suggest something between 1.1-4.4 ft3

4. Configuration

Before making a purchase, it’s vital to assess what the fridge will store and how much room those items will demand. It would help to consider whether removable shelves are desired to help you make the best decision.

5. Usage

Like with many machines, the life span is directly related to how much it is used, and this is no different with mini-fridges or mini-fridges without freezers. The less frequently you open and close a fridge, the less the compressor is engaged, so the longer the fridge will last.

The 9 Best Mini  Fridges for Small Business

Remember I mentioned that a mini-fridge is not exactly an all-purpose appliance? This is because many of them are better than others in different scenarios regarding consumers’ needs and wants. We will look at the best mini fridge and the best mini fridge without freezer.

1. The Overall Best Small Refrigerator

RCA RFR322-B Single Door Mini Fridge

This classical 3.2ft3 mini fridge is an excellent pick for any situation requiring you to manage many items—from drinks to storing vegetables and freezing ice cubes. It is a pretty nice mini-fridge. The adjustable shelves, large door bins, and soda rack provide lots of storage possibilities. It has a customizable thermostat to keep things cool while also helping to save electricity.

You may wonder why this particular one was selected as the overall best mini-fridge? Here’s why. The sleek appearance is what really sets this best mini fridge apart.

An undetectable doorknob gives the fridge a streamlined appearance that makes it appear a bit fancier than you’d expect for the price.

Price on Amazon: $175
Check the latest price on Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.4/5

Customer Reviews: It is an awesome mini-fridge that allows me to fit in a lot of stuff. Simply incredible.


  • There is a lot of storage space
  • The leveling leg makes it easy to set on the floor or the counter,
  •  There are two detachable shelves


  • The invisible door handle might not appeal to some people.

A cheaper alternative to this is the Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge, a pretty good mini-fridge at $79.99. Another thing to note about this is that it is a mini-fridge without freezer.

2. Best Mini Refrigerator for Style

Smeg Mini Refrigerator

The Smeg mini-refrigerator is an attractive small vintage appliance that comes in different sizes, including the 2.5-foot high model. For a 1950s-inspired design, the Italian-made appliance is one of the best small refrigerators around. It has movable glass shelves inside and stainless steel knobs. Unlike other fridges, the Smeg is power-saving and includes a programmable thermostat and sophisticated lighting systems for a fresh yet distinctly modern feel. The elegant design instantly improves the appearance of any restaurant, bar, children’s playroom, or office. It is undoubtedly one of the best mini refrigerators you can have.

Price on Amazon: $856.51
Check the latest price on Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.5/5

Customer Reviews: It is quiet, efficient, and worth every cent


  • There are a variety of beautiful colors to pick from
  • They are available from several merchants all over the world.


  • They are pricey

An alternative to the Smeg mini-fridge is the less expensive Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, sold for $280.36.

3. Best All-in-One Mini Fridge

GE Double-Door Compact Refrigerator

This nice mini-fridge features 2 different doors, one for the fridge and one for the freezer, and the 3.1ft3 type as our best pick. Because the fridge includes multiple sections, it can keep items solidly frozen, allowing you to properly store meats and poultry, as well as a range of frozen meals. It is one of the most efficient mini fridges on the market.

A rack on the door can also be filled with ice cream or frozen peas. There are two glass shelves in the mini-fridge and a cooler compartment for fruits and veggies.

Price on Amazon: $358.30

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.1/5

Customer Reviews: the fridge is very good, nice looking, and with a top-notch temperature feature.


  • It is power saving
  • They are available in different finishes.
  • Easy-to-grasp handles


  • The digital controls are difficult to read.

An excellent alternative is the Smad Absorption Mini Fridge coming at a slightly lower price of $309. It is a nice mini fridge without freezer.

4. Best Small Refrigerator for versatility

Cooluli 10L Mini Fridge

Despite its small size, the COOLULI I10L2W can be considered the best small refrigerator. This fridge is designed to be put on a counter, either inside or outdoors, holding small water bottles, yogurt plates, beauty items, and milk. This Cooluli appliance is a mini fridge without freezer. It has movable shelves that increase its 0.35ft3 interior and a heating function that keeps hot meals warm at the touch of a button. No wonder it is highly regarded as the best small refrigerator.

It isn’t easy to compete with the adaptability of this mini-fridge, with its moveable shelves and robust design. It is one of the smallest refrigerators available today.

Amazon website URL of the product:

Price on Amazon: $79.99
Check the latest price at Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.4/5

Customer Reviews: This stylish small fridge is the ideal size for my lunch and a few snacks. It is small and will fit perfectly in my office. It is also really silent.


  • It is versatile and can handle a lot of products
  • The size allows it fo fit in small spaces


  • Temperature fluctuations could arise

A pretty decent substitute will be the Uber Appliance Mini Fridge at $48.31. One of the best mini refrigerators available.

5. Best Desktop Fridge

Cooluli Classic Compact Mini Fridge

Cooluli is your best pick if you want to have chickpeas and canned cold beverages at your workplace or if you’re a mother looking for a compact cooler to preserve breastmilk. This mini fridge without freezer can be powered by AC and USB cable, which is very useful when you decide to leave it in the office with the option of connecting it to your PC or a car’s charging dock.

It’s also quite mobile, weighing barely 4 lbs and including a handle on top that allows it to be carried around. It is fashioned to keep the items up to 45° cooler than the ambient room temp. If you need something warm, it has a warming range of close to 144°F. It is a very good mini fridge at a great price

Price on Amazon: $49.99
Check the latest price at Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: This mini refrigerator has 4.5/5 reviews on Amazon.

Customer Reviews: This stylish small fridge is the ideal size for my lunch and a few snacks. It is small and will fit perfectly in my office. It is also really silent.


  • Because it is light and portable, you can take it with you everywhere you go.
  • The USB feature is a big plus


  • It has a little space

An excellent alternative to this is the CROWNFUL Mini Fridge selling for $45. It is one of the smallest refrigerators you’d find.

6. Best Mini-fridge for Simplicity

Magic Chef MCAR320B2 Refrigerator

Magic Chef provides a basic, lightweight fridge,  at around 33 inches high and 3.2ft3. It may be a decent pick for a workplace that just wants a standard refrigerator to keep stuff cool. It has a reversible door and thermostat control with customizable features.

Price on Amazon: $340
Check the latest price at Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.3/5

Customer Reviews: I like this refrigerator. It functions adequately and is really quiet.


  • • It features a reversible door and can be placed flat against the wall.
  • There is no extension at the back to take up more floor area than is necessary.


  • Noise problems could develop

A very solid alternative to this is the Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator at $157.79, one of the smallest refrigerators available.

7. Best Mini Fridge for Beverages

HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

If cold drinks are a must-have for you like me, this nice mini-fridge is meant for you.  The 3.2ft3 fridge can contain a genuinely insane quantity of soda bottles—120 in total. With three movable shelves, it can also house a large number of bottles of wine.

It’s also relatively quiet, so that wouldn’t be an issue in an office, bar, or game center. The fridge’s defining trait, though, is unquestionably the transparent glass door, which allows you to choose your beverage before actually opening the door.

Price on Amazon: $ 319.97
Check the latest price at Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.6/5. It has one of the highest mini refrigerator reviews on Amazon.

Customer Reviews: I love this fridge. It works great and runs very quietly.


  • It has an auto-defrosting function
  • Despite the small size, it has a large capacity
  • There are three moveable shelves


  •  There are a few unexpected space issues since a fan protrudes from the top rack.

A very close competitor to this mini-fridge is Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator at $354.98

8. Best Value Mini Fridge

Magic Chef 1.7 Cubic’ Mini Fridge

It might not be easy to find the perfect portable fridge for around $150. However, this 1.7ft3 Magic Chef fridge could be precisely what you’re searching for. It doesn’t have a freezer or movable shelves, and the design is basic.

On the other hand, the primary compartment of this mini-fridge is large enough to hold many items. It features a beverage compartment on the door, ideal for a college dorm, bedroom, or office.  It’s a good choice if you want something portable and efficient.

Price on Amazon: $ 129
Check the latest price at Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.4/5

Customer Reviews: I enjoy this mini-fridge. It’s not little; in fact, it has enough space for a huge bag of ice, a couple of frozen meals, and three or four other items.


  • It is an excellent value for money
  • Despite the small size, it has a large capacity


  • On some occasions, the door might begin to develop faults and fail to close completely.

A very close competitor to this mini-fridge is the Insignia – 2.6 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge, currently selling for around $100.

9. Best Small Refrigerator for Odd Spaces

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

The Midea compact fridge is an excellent choice for storing groceries and other items for extended periods. It is suitable for the garage, cellar, or bar due to its flexible legs and reversible hinged door. You can tweak the temperature to the ideal value to preserve your things for future use, reduce waste, and take up less room in your fridge. It is one of the most efficient mini fridges with a 5-star energy rating on Amazon.

Price on Amazon: $ 280
Check the latest price at Amazon

Product Rating on Amazon: 4.6/5. It has one of the highest mini refrigerator reviews on Amazon.

Customer Reviews: It’s large enough to carry many items yet small enough to fit in my 200 sq ft room.


  • It has reversible doors
  • The legs are moveable


  • Noise problems could arise

If you don’t fancy this one,  the Vevor mini-fridge at $62 is a good option.

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The best mini-fridge for a dorm is the frigidaire efr331-black 3.2 Cu ft Eraser Board Mini Compact Dorm Fridge. This is very useful as you can write notes, lists, and most importantly, a reminder telling your roommates to keep their hands off your stuff. It is by far one of the best mini-refrigerators

What is the best fridge for a bedroom?

The AstroAI Mini Fridge is the best for this space. The AstroAI mini fridge is one of the best small refrigerators to store groceries, beverages, beer, snacks, breast milk, cosmetics, and skincare.

What is the best fridge for the office?

The Danby Designer Mini Fridge is a stylish fridge that fits on counters and desktops and has 1.6ft3 of storage space, with one shelf and two-door compartments. It’s energy-efficient and offers simple temperature control options. It is also one of the most efficient mini-fridges available.

What is the best mini refrigerator without freezer?

The SMETA 3 Way mini fridge without freezer ticks all the boxes in this area. It operates on modern tech, running on both gas and electricity. It has a compact design with enough space for your items. It is considered by many as the best mini fridge without freezer you can get.

What is the best Small Refrigerator for a garage?    

The Whynter Portable Tool Box Refrigerator is an excellent choice as a garage refrigerator. It looks like a conventional standing toolbox, which helps it fit in with the setting. There is no doubt in my mind that it is one of the best mini-refrigerators.


A good mini-fridge can be a perfect appliance for your home, dorm, garage, or anywhere really. The compact size is a desirable feature that allows it to be placed in tiny spaces, and some are even hand-held and can be carried anywhere. They are versatile and can manage various items from foodstuffs to beverages, fruits, and even breastmilk.

I always advise that you do proper research before deciding the best mini-fridge or mini fridge without freezer to buy, and this article is a perfect guide for that. So read through and click the link to purchase the best mini fridge or the best mini fridge without freezers.

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