Best Office Chairs for Back and Neck Pain

The 8 Best Office Chairs for Back and Neck Pain

If you are like most people, you spend the better part of your day sitting in an office chair. And if you’re like most people, you also suffer from back and neck pain. This is because many office chairs are not designed with ergonomics in mind. This article will discuss the eight best office chairs for back and neck pain. Then, we will cover each product’s review, rating, pros & cons, etc.. Finally, we will answer some questions about the best desk chairs for back and neck pain. So read on to find out more!

Importance of Chairs for Back and Neck Pain

Chairs are essential for back and neck pain because they provide support and comfort. A good chair can help to reduce or eliminate pain, and it can also prevent further injury. There are many different types of chairs available, and choosing one that is right for you is important.

Things to Consider to Buy the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

You should keep a few things in mind when purchasing the best ergonomic chair for back and neck pain.

1. Height

First, consider the height of the chair. You should be able to sit in the chair with your feet flat on the ground and your knees at a 90-degree angle.

2. Depth

Consider the depth of the seat. The seat should be deep enough to sit all the way back in the chair and still have a few inches between the back of your knees and the edge of the seat.

3. Lumbar Support

Look for a chair that offers lumbar support. This is especially important if you suffer from lower back pain.

4. Material

Consider the material of the chair. Leather is generally more comfortable than fabric but is also more expensive.

5. Adjustability

Make sure that the chair is adjustable. A chair that ensures a good backrest and armrest. You should be able to adjust the seat’s height, the seat’s depth, and the backrest’s angle.

6. Comfort

You need a soft cushion office chair that provides comfort that will enable you to work for longer hours without pain.

7. Rolling Desk Chair

Working in the office often requires you to move from one point to another. Therefore, you need the best desk chair for back and neck pain which is convenient for moving.

8. Style

Your chair should also match the style of your office décor. Being the best ergonomic office chair for back and neck pain does not mean being dull or unprofessional.

Now that we have discussed what to look for in an ergonomic chair, let us look at the best office chairs for back and neck pain.

The 8 Best Office Desk Chairs for Back and Neck Pain

We took the time to find the best office chairs for you. We’ve analyzed over 50 products and over 500 customer reviews. So, you don’t have to worry about looking for them anymore.

All of the selected products have received more than 4 out of 5 stars from a good number of buyers.

1. Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Nouhaus Ergo 3D 

This is the best pick for your work. It’s beautifully crafted with customized adjustable features to provide great comfort and reduce back and neck pain.

The Ergo 3D is the best ergonomic office chair for back and neck pain because it aligns with your body and comforts your spinal shape. Additionally, its multifunctional adjustable features like the lumbar support, headrests, and armrests provide a good sitting posture that relieves stress on your back.

Features and Benefits

  • 3D lumbar support system: The Ergonomic office chair is built to align with your spine, relieve back pain, and reduce fatigue.
  • Super-Lounge Tilt: For relaxation, the Ergonomic office chair is fitted with 135 degrees back lounge tilt that enables you to tilt back to get a quick rest so that you can have an excellent reclining posture.
  • Breathable Mesh. Another amazing feature of this office chair is that it’s made of soft HD mesh, which allows airflow to your body, and helps you to stay cool always.
  • 4-Directional Armrests. The multifunctional adjustable armrests can be adjusted to any direction or height for perfect arm movement.
  • Adjustable Headrest. The Ergonomic office chair’s mesh headrest is easily adjusted up or down to provide good neck support.
Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Price: $329.99
Check the latest price on Amazon

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5 from over 2,404 customers

Customer Reviews:

“I love this chair. I’ve used it nearly every day for two months now, and bang for buck, this was a great purchase that I would make again.”


  • 3D lumbar support.
  • Two sets of free blade wheels
  • Aluminum base with dual casters


  • Customers complained of creeks when you sit on them.

2. Best High Back Desk Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Flash Furniture Office Chair

If you’re in the market for a high back office chair, the Flash furniture high back office chair might be the perfect chair for you. It’s a contemporary executive high-back desk chair with a ventilated mesh back which can also be used as a high-back computer chair.

Due to its built-in lumbar support and adjustable headrest make it the best desk chair for back and neck pain with high-back.

Features and benefits

  • Built-in lumbar support. This high-back desk chair provides additional support to your lumbar region, which helps your back to maintain its inward spinal curve for a healthy and comfortable posture.
  • Flip-up arms, an adjustable headrest, and a height-adjustable lever that helps you rest your arms support your neck, and lower or raise the seat height to fit your body for maximum comfort.
  • The pneumatic adjustment lever has a tilt lock mechanism to stabilize the chair and lock it at an upright position, able to give you an excellent reclining posture.
  • Breathable mesh back which supports your lumbar area and allows airflow to your back, which helps to keep you cool and comfortable, making it one of the best office chairs for lower back and hip pain
Best High Back Office Chair

Price: $177.77
Check the latest price on Amazon

Rating: 4.2/5 from 10,827 customers

Customer Reviews:

“This is a nice, comfortable chair. I bought two of them. Both assembled very easily. I’m 6’1” (73” or 185cm) tall and I weigh 212 (96.2kg). The chair is comfortable and the headrest is in a good spot. I like that the arms fold up out of the way when I don’t need them and are easily lowered into place when I want to kick back a little. Like when I am on the phone.”

“I suffer from pelvic pain due to ligament tears and other issues. Sitting is a painful activity for me for the most part, but standing is also painful. In short, I spend most of my days in discomfort. This chair has been a real boon to me. The time I spend sitting in it is really the only time I am comfortable most days.”


  • Padded flip-up armrests
  • Heavy-duty nylon chrome base
  • Easy to assemble


  • Wheels are a bit noisy on hardwood floors.
  • The design isn’t very sleek.


3. Best Armless Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Kolliee Armless Office Chair

On a budget but still, looking for the best armless office chair for work? The Kolliee Armless Office Chair is probably what you’re looking for.

The Kolliee Armless office chair is our best pick amongst an infinite number of armless office chairs because it has a very soft cushion, is very comfortable, and is pretty good for working from home due to its extreme portability.

Features and Benefits

  • Size: It’s relatively small, not weighing much – just 16lbs. It won’t take much office space.
  • Thicken-padded, very soft mesh, and high-quality foam cushion puts you in a relaxation mode and relieves you of any pain issues.
  • Adjustable Height: By pressing the button underneath the seat, it goes down or rises with you. It can go as low as floor level, making it convenient for kids and short people.
  • Armless, yet very comfortable. This makes for a seat size width of about 18.1 inches, providing enough space to sit. And with its mid-back, it provides a comfortable seating position to guarantee a pain-free posture.
  • Heavy-duty base, providing enough strength for excellent stability. Its weight capacity is about 250lbs.
  • Finally, this lovely chair has 360-degree swivel casters to move freely around your home or office without leaving any scratches on your floor. Why won’t you consider it the best armless office chair with all these beautiful features?
Best Armless Office Chair

Price: $69.99
Check the latest price on Amazon

Rating: 4.5/5 from 2,799 verified purchases


  • Very soft cushion
  • It is very lightweight
  • High-quality gas lift cylinder


  • Back support isn’t very comfortable.
  • The chair does not tilt or recline – it is permanently leaned forward..


4. Best Office Desk Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair

The Mfavour Ergonomic office chair is a multifunctional and multidimensional adjustable chair designed specifically for body dynamism. It is aimed at relieving any back pain arising from long hours of sitting position, and that’s why it ranks as our best office chair for neck pain.

Features and benefits

  • The high-density foam cushion is soft and thick, providing a comfortable sitting position and wide enough to accommodate any size.
  • Another great feature why we consider it the best office chair for neck pain is its curved, adjustable headrest which is designed to rotate 45 degrees for free movement of the neck while holding the head firmly to ease head movements up or down, or even sideways.
  • The bi-directional adjustable lumbar support ensures that the chair can tilt backward to 90 – 120 degrees, giving good backrest and support for a comfortable sitting posture.
  • It is also height adjustable. You can adjust the handle to move the seat up or down and tilt sideways. You can adjust the handle to lock the seat to suit your sitting height.
  • The nylon-made mesh back ensures breathability and allows enough airflow to provide the cooling system to your body. No moisture, no heat, no sweat. Its competitors agree that it’s the best office chair for neck pain.
  • Furthermore, it uses a 3D adjustable armrest with a pivot twist, to allow for multi-directional adjustments – front, back, or sideways.
  • Finally, it has a stainless aluminum alloy base which is durable, with a capacity of 330lbs of weight – able to carry any heavy weight for long hours of work.
Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

Price: $179.99
Check the latest price on Amazon

Rating: 4.1/5 from 598 customers

Customer Reviews:

“As good, if not better than more expensive chairs!”

“Great chair especially for a big guy like myself.”


  • Very durable.
  • It can support a very heavy load,
  • Supports multi-directional adjustments,


  • The armrest moves far apart from the back support when reclining.


5. Best Office Chair for Lower Back and Hip Pain

Kolliee Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

The Kolliee mid-back office chair is the best office chair for lower back and hip pain. It has a sleek ergonomic design and a superior quality mesh providing you with a pleasant breathing experience anytime you’re using this low-back chair.

We selected this product as the best office chair for lower back and hip pain because it offers lumbar support, which reduces back pressure, and also because of its high-quality resilience foam cushion offers long service life with more comfort.

Features and benefits

  • Adjustable flip-up armrests provide sufficient balance for your arms
  • A high-quality foam cushion offers you a very comfortable and relaxed seating position.
  • Mesh-covered seat: provides enough airflow to ensure breathability and prevent sweating during the warm period.
  • The lumbar support of this low-back chair is designed to support your back, thereby reducing back pressure and pain caused by long hours of sitting.
  • The tilt-back mechanism allows you to lean to 30 degrees and spring back up when you sit. This helps to relax your hips and back whenever you choose to kick back and relax.
  • Durable 360 degrees caster wheels provide enough stability and allow you to glide throughout your workspace.
Best Office Chair for Lower Back and Hip Pain

Price: $119.99
Check the latest price on Amazon

Rating: 4.0/5 from 7,017 customers

Customer Reviews: 

“This chair was easy to assemble. I followed the steps provided in the instruction (I contact the seller and get a video instruction). It only took me about 20 minutes to put together. Highly recommended this comfy chair.”

“love this chair for several different reasons. First of all, the back support is AMAZING! Also, you can either have the arm rest down or up, depending on your desire while sitting in the chair. Also makes is easy to slide under your desk. Height of the back is also a plus.”


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Designed to fit your lumbar, thereby reducing back pressure.
  • High resilience foam cushion that springs back once compressed.
  • Sleek ergonomic design.


  • It doesn’t handle the load very well.
  • The tension spring can be a bit noisy.


6. Best Reclining Desk Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Respawn RSP-110

Meet the Ergonomic Respawn RSP-110 reclining chair with an extendable footrest for position reinforcement. With the curvy nature of this reclining chair – which was once nominated for the award, it is incomparable among its peers.

Features and Benefits

  • Professional looking, with very bold and colorful upholstery, the Respawn is very comfortable for you.
  • 4D adjustable lever underneath. You can lower or raise the seat to provide the best reclining posture you need.
  • A soft padded armrest, which can easily slide backward and forwards, makes the arms comfortable.
  • Adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows – which can be tweaked to suit your need – allow you to sit upright and maintain a healthy posture. It’s a robust straight, back chair.
  • Suitable for gaming, this excellent award-nominated reclining office chair is committed to your satisfaction and comfort.
  • Finally, the 360-degree swivel rotation enables the chair to move smoothly around your home or office, while the extendable footrest provides comfort and balance for your legs.
Best Reclining Desk Chair

Price: $149.98
Check the latest price on Amazon

Rating: 4.3/5 from 28,455 customers

Customer Reviews:

“10/10 would buy again, lumbar support, head pillow, footrest, and reclining features all make this chair into something that should be priced much higher than it is.”

“This is the greatest desk chair ever made! SO comfortable! The footrest, the reclining, the soft leather, the lumbar support, the headrest…everything is awesome! If you have to sit for extended periods of time, do yourself a favor and buy this chair!”


  • Suitable for race-style gaming
  • 5-year warranty
  • Comfortable footrest   
  • Beautiful contour-design


  • A bit squeaky


7. Best Kneeling Office Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Dragonn by Vivo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

If you’re the typical 9 to 5 guy, you’d know that sitting on the same spot for over 8 hours excluding overtime can make work very painful and unpleasant. To soothe this unpleasantness, you’d need a very good kneeling chair. That’s where the Dragonn Vivo Ergonomic Chair comes in.

Features of Dragonn Vivo Kneeling Chair

  • Natural S-shaped curve that’ll keep your body in perfect form either while at work or at home
  • Thick comfortable cushions allow you to sit and kneel at the same time while tilted to a slanted posture to provide a good and comfortable balance while on your desk or computer.
  • Adjustable height customized to angles up to 90 degrees to 137 degrees, giving you an excellent kneeling posture, thereby eliminating any back pressure you’re likely to feel.
  • This kneeling chair also comes with two locking casters and a strong metal base making it very durable. Due to the presence of its casters, you’ll be able to cruise around your office while locked in a stable position.
Best Kneeling Chair

Price: $109.99
Check the latest price on Amazon

Rating: 4.0/5.0 from 3,861 verified purchases

Customer Reviews:

“I’m 225lbs solid dude, back was killing me. Got this chair, took me a week or so to build up the muscles in my shins to get used to the new weight distribution, my pain is GONE. Love this chair.”

“The install was a breeze. I have no idea people that are saying it was difficult to build. There’s an instruction that also comes with two Allen wrenches. Took me less than five minutes to put together.”


  • Very comfortable cushion
  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Allows for easy locomotion
  • Supports weight of up to 250lbs


  • The caster wheel easily locks


8. Best Plus Size Desk Chair for Back and Neck Pain

Serta Executive Office Chair

Welcome onboard the Seta big and tall executive office high-back chair. This large, comfortable, and fit-for-office use is undoubtedly the best among its contemporaries. Even the manufacturer recognizes that “not all chairs are created equal!” This chair is unrivaled. We didn’t blink an eye to adjudge it the best office chair for plus size!

Features and Benefits

  • Made of high-quality leather, the Serta features a high back and ergonomic lumbar support that guarantees an all-day comfortable seating position.
  • This great chair has deep layers of thick, non-recycled foam to ensure a wonderful seating experience. It can also tilt back to enable a comfortable reclining posture for a quick rest.
  • Supported with an elevated headrest, the Serta ensures a comfortable neck support position that will reduce any strain on your neck or back.
  • Another great feature of this executive chair is the thick foam armrests to rest your elbows and relieve any pressure on your arms.
  • Dual wheel designer casters make it easier for a smooth-rolling movement around your office.
  • To prove its strength, it can carry up to 350lbs, complimented with a height adjustment lever to adjust it to your size. It is even an understatement to describe it as the best office chair for plus size!
Best Office Chair for Plus Size

Price: $213.77
Check the latest price on Amazon

Rating: 4.1/5 from 2,194 customers

Customer Reviews:

 “Chair shopping is frustrating, this is a good chair.”

“But, I like it. It’s really comfortable. I like the support it provides, and I think it’s a winner for the next few years at least.”


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fit for executives
  • Optimal neck support


  • The chair produces a creaking sound under load


What type of chair is best for neck pain?

The best chair for neck pain should have all the qualities one needs in a good desk chair: 

  • The backrest should be adjustable, and it should firmly support the upper body. A high backrest that can prevent people from hunching over the computer is very important. 
  • The chair should have high and stable armrests that are neither too wide nor too narrow so that it can keep the shoulders, arms, and wrists in a relaxed position. 
  • The seat should be comfortable because sitting for a long time is not suitable for the neck. 
  • It should be an ergonomic chair that can support the body of a person sitting for long.
  • The best chair for neck pain should work well for many users: tall or short, heavy or light, etc.

What is the best chair for neck pain?

This greatly depends on the type of pain you are experiencing, or you think you may be participating in the future. As more people start to experience neck pain, more and more new furniture is being created to help ease the discomfort. In addition, new technologies and better ergonomic designs have improved the quality of the office chairs currently on the market.

Some of the chairs that offer the most pain relief for the neck include models such as the Mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair, AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair, and X Rocker 5139601 Pro chair, etc.

What is the Best Office Chair for Sitting for Long Hours?

Though several chairs are suitable for sitting for long hours, however, the Nouhaus Ergo 3D stands out. It is an ergonomic chair that has excellent lumbar support and adjustable features to help you maintain a neutral posture.

What is the Best Desk Chair for a Short Person?

The best desk chair for those considered short the Kolliee armless office chair is best for them.
– It has an adjustable seat height that can go as low as a floor level.
– It can be further adjusted to allow for personal customization

What is the Best Lumbar Support Office Chair?

To be considered the best lumbar support office chair, that chair should have an excellent adjustable tilt-back system, thick resilient foam, and an elevated headrest. Check out the Serta Big and Tall Office Chair.

What is the Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain?

The best office chair for lower back pain on our list is the Kolliee Mid Back Mesh Office Chair. This chair allows for easy adjustability and provides sufficient lumbar support to ease your lower back pain.

You can watch this video to learn more about adjusting the office chairs for back pain.

How To Adjust Your Lumbar Support – Ergonomic Office Chair

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If you are looking for the best office chair for back and neck pain, you don’t need to spend more time on your chair searching for them. This article lists 8 of the best ergonomic office chairs for back and neck pain. They will help to alleviate your pain or discomfort. We have also provided a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best desk chair for back and neck pain. You can select the one suitable for your needs. So don’t wait any longer, choose the best office chair and start working comfortably.

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