How to Determine the Right Size of Storage Unit & Save Money

How to Determine the Right Size of Storage Unit & Save Money

“1 out of 10 Americans needs the storage unit yearly.”

Storage units are a convenient way to store your belongings when you’re moving or don’t have enough right space for storage at home. However, not all storage units are created equal. You need to find a suitable storage unit to save money and ensure your belongings are safe and secure. As storage sizes are directly proportional to its pricing, it is imperative to choose the right size to avoid any unwanted investment.

How to Determine the Right Size Storage Unit

When determining the right storage unit, you need to consider several factors. These factors include:

1. Decide what you need to store.

Take note of all your stuff to segregate them into small, medium, and enormous stuff. Check out the items like bookshelves, couches, and tables to ensure a correct estimation of the type of storage you would need. For example, if you have large bookshelves or a bed that can be disassembled into small spaces, small storage space may suffice your requirements.

2. Check out your home storage options.

Once you have inventoried all your belongings, next comes the option to check out your existing storage space. For example, if you are executing a home renovation, you can shift your inventories of a particular room to another, depending on its space.

Alternatively, you can use your unused garage or an unused corner of your house to save on the cost of storage units.

3. Estimate the storage unit size

Measure your belongings to estimate the required storage space. You may start with the most extensive inventory to understand what type of storage you may need. For example, if your most extensive inventory is up to 15 feet, consider medium storage.

4. Research Storage Companies

It is where it can get a little tricky. Storage unit prices vary significantly from company to company. So it’s essential to do your research and compare prices before deciding.

When looking for a storage unit, ask about the following:

  • Price per square foot
  • Minimum lease term
  • Insurance coverage
  • Access hours
  • Security features
  • Climate control
  • Other special features
  • Price quote

Many storage companies offer free quotes online, so be sure to take advantage of that. Pick a small, medium, or large storage unit size.

Choose the size according to your requirements. It may also consider the other notable features offered by storage companies.

When you are shifting home, it is essential to organize everything in advance. So, carefully evaluate what to store and how much storage space you need to safely keep your belongings until their subsequent use. This simple act will save both time and money in the long run.

What are the various common storage units options available?

We have listed 8 common storage units that suffice the varied storage needs:

1. Small Storage units

Small storage units are generally around 50 square feet or less and are suitable for small items such as boxes of clothes, a mattress, a few chairs, and a small table. There are two types of storage options for small storage units as follows:

a. about 5×5 Storage Units

With 25 square unit space, most of the 5X5 storage units come with 200 cubic feet of packaging with their feet ceiling storage. Lamps, chairs, small bookcases, and small desks are some options you can conveniently save here.

List of Things that can be stored in 5X5 storage units:

  • Small appliances
  • Toys
  • small tools
  • files and papers
  • Small bookcases
  • lamps
  • Mini desks

The estimated average cost of 5X5 storage units is around $50.

b. about 5×10 Storage Units

With 50 square unit space, most of the 5X10 storage units come with 400 cubic feet of packaging with their feet ceiling storage. Placing large-sized desks and chairs will be an easy task to do here.

List of things you can store in a 5X10 storage unit:

  • Lamps
  • Books
  • Large appliances
  • Medium-sized furniture, e.g., Dining table, couches
  • Computers

The estimated average cost of 5X10 storage units is around $90.

2. Medium Storage units

When you need a storage unit that can accommodate 2-3 rooms belonging, consider medium storage units:

a. 5×15 Storage Unit

Total to 75 square feet and 8-foot ceiling leading to 600 cubic feet of packaging area. It is the right space for storage to remodel small bedrooms or kitchens. It can easily hold space of up to two rooms of belongings.

List of things that can be stored in 5X15 storage units:

  • Queen Mattress set
  • Bicycle and sports equipment
  • Nightstands & Dressers
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Appliances like Refrigerators, dryers, and washers

The cost of a 5X15 storage unit stands at around $120.

b. 10×10 Storage Unit

With 100 square unit of space, 10X10 storage units come with 800 cubic feet of packaging area. It is suitable for people who are looking to store furniture and appliances. Most of these facilities come with an 8-foot ceiling leading to 600 cubic feet of packing space.

List of things that can be stored in a 10X10 storage unit:

  • One coffee table
  • One dresser
  • Couches
  • Assorted boxes
  • Two end tables
  • Appliances like washers and dryer & refrigerator

It looks like a large walk-in closet where you can browse your stored belongings easily.

The estimated average cost of 10X10 storage units is around $135.

c. 10×15 Storage Unit

Compared to any standard car garage, it can accommodate the contents of large spaces such as full bedrooms. You can easily store large-screen TV, piano, tables, and couches along with large-sized and medium boxes. It is big enough to provide the right space for storage equivalent to three to four rooms.

List of things that can be stored in a 10X15 storage unit:

  • Large screen TV
  • Pianos
  • Couches
  • Tables

The estimated average cost of 10X15 storage units is around $150

3. Large Storage Units

When you need a lot of storage to accommodate your entire house furniture, Large storage units are excellent deals.

a. 10×20 Storage Unit

A 10X20 storage unit has a lot of space to make it appropriate for storage during a home renovation. It is as large as 200 square feet with approximately 8 feet of ceiling to provide a total area of 1600 cubic feet. You can store Large applications, office furniture, king-size beds, multiple large boxes, and other large outdoor equipment.

You can easily store large items like riding lawnmowers, 4-wheelers, etc.

List of items that can be stored in a 10×20 Storage Unit:

  • Patio Furniture
  • Multiple sets of bedroom furniture
  • Averaged size automobiles like Vans and SUVs
  • Dining room furniture

The estimated cost of a 10X20 storage unit is $165 per month.

b. 10×25 Storage Unit

It is a self-storage unit that is 10 feet wide and 25 feet unit to provide 250 square feet of floor space. Depending upon the ceiling height, you can get storage space of up to 2000 cubic feet. It can easily hold up to 16000 pounds of items. You can store up to 4 furnished bedrooms.

List of things that can be stored at 10×25 Storage Unit

  • A large van or truck
  • Garage’s content
  • Content of Patio Furniture
  • A small boat living room furniture
  • Various household appliances
  • Furniture up to 3 bedrooms

Items like boats, skis, and cars can easily fit into this storage size. It may cost you up to $200 per month.

c. 10×30 Storage Unit

If you have a fully furnished house with 3-5 rooms and consider remodeling, opting for a 10X30 storage unit can help. It can sufficiently hold the entertainment center, beds, washer, refrigerator, and other large items.

List of things that can be stored at 10X30 storage

  • Multiple sets of bedroom furniture
  • living room furniture
  • Patio Furniture
  • An automobile
  • Home office furniture
  • Garage content
  • 3-4 bedroom furniture

It may cost you up to $300 per month.

What type of Storage Unit do I need for different kinds of items?

It is judicial to choose a storage unit of the right size to avoid unnecessary complications.

Here are the storage types and different items that can easily fit in:

Home Appliances: For large-sized home appliances like a washer, refrigerator, dryer venting system, etc., you need a storage unit of 10X5 feet.

Mattresses and Box Springs: A 5X5 storage unit is enough to store a queen-sized mattress, box spring, and other bedroom accessories.

Pianos: A 10X10 storage unit is perfect for storing a grand or upright piano.

Motorcycles: A 5X10 storage unit is enough to store a sports bike or dirt bike.

Automobiles: For small-sized pickup trucks and cars, you need a 5X10 size parking place.

Riding Lawn Mowers: A 10X20 storage unit can store a riding lawnmower.

Sofas and Loveseats: For 2 sofas and 1 love seat, you need a 10X10 storage unit.

Electronics: You can keep your electronics in a small 3X3 storage unit.

Clothing: If you have a large number of clothing items to store, go for 10X10 or 10X15

6 ways you can save money on your storage unit

You don’t need to pay the maximum for using a storage unit. You can save some money by following the below-listed strategies:

1. Organize your stuff

When you add to your storage without any planning, you may end up storing less than its capacity. Driving back and forth is a headache when your storage is clumsy. Hence, it is essential to organize your stuff properly.

2. Decluttering

Storing the things you won’t require in the future will only add to your storage cost before moving to a storage unit. You may give away the unused stuff in donations. Decluttering essentially helps reduce your storage stuff, and you may end up paying less rent for your smaller storage unit.

3. Get a longer lease:

When you are taking a storage unit on a lease, try to ask for an extended period of six months or more if you can afford it. It will prevent the need to sign new contracts and, therefore, you can save some bucks at your end.

4. Get a discount:

You can ask for discounts to get your unit at cheaper rates. So, you must discuss the issue with the concerned person and negotiate on some excellent price.

5. Share the space:

Find out a common contact who also needs the storage space. When rented out on a sharing basis, the larger storage space turns out to be more cost-efficient. You can efficiently split the cost depending on the storage area you are using.

6. Pack efficiently

Packing efficiently helps you to settle your belongings in a smaller space. It will cut down your transportation cost as well. Not just you need the smaller storage unit, but it also implies that you will require smaller transports to move these items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average storage unit size?

An average storage unit size is approximately 10X10 feet. You can easily store the belonging for 1 to 3 beds. It may cost you around $135 to $ 160.

What is the largest standard storage unit size?

The largest standard storage unit size is approximately 10X30 feet. It can hold up to 3000 square feet of an area by stacking your belongings properly. It can hold large items like couches, trampolines, etc. It may cost around $300 per month.

What are the famous companies for the most affordable storage space in the US?

There are plenty of companies in the US offering affordable storage space. You can go for U-Haul, PODS, AAA Public Storage, etc.

Do I need climate-controlled storage for document storage?

No, you don’t need climate-controlled storage for document storage. Most self-storage facilities do not provide this service, and it will be an additional cost for you. So, try to avoid those places.

How tall are storage units?

The height of storage units is approximately 8 feet, including the ceiling. So, you can stack your items properly to take full advantage of this space.

How to organize the storage units?

There are plenty of ways to organize the storage unit. First, you need to secure your belongings properly using tape or rope. Second, you can stack the items properly to save money.

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Storage units can be a great way to store your belongings, but choosing a suitable size storage unit is essential to save money and ensure your belongings are safe and secure.

Not all storage units are created equal – you need to find out about the unique features offered by a storage company before renting. Some companies provide climate control, while others have security features like alarms and gated access.

When you are ready to rent a storage unit, be sure to get a free quote from several companies to find the best price. And remember, the smaller the unit, the less it will cost.