Businesses need to implement effective networking strategies to ensure growth. One of the ways they do this is by sharing business cards to establish connections with customers and stakeholders. This is why scanning apps for business cards are relevant in today’s world.

Such apps are useful for the sharing of business card contact information online, offline, in meetings, in events, and within an organization. You can save contacts for further usage like email marketing campaigns. This guide will put you through selecting the best tool.

Importance of Business Card Scanner

Sharing business card is a common business etiquette. This is common that most of the people can’t find a business card when needed.

In a study, it was gathered that 4 in 10 people revealed that the physical appearance of a business card negatively affected the way they perceived a company. Also, almost 40% of people would avoid dealing with a company whose business card looks cheap. So, ensure that the card is aesthetically pleasing regardless of the standard you want to follow for presenting information on it.

The 5 Best Business Card Scanner Apps

We will move further with tips on selecting the best business card scanner app with information such as website URL, rating, compatibility, price, etc. You will understand why scanning apps for business cards are as important as email marketing tools like GetResponse and social media tools like Tailwind.

Here are the 5 Best Business Card Scanner Apps

  1. CamCard Business
  2. ScanBizCards
  3. Wantedly People
  4. Sansan
  5. ABBYY Business Card Reader

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CamCard Business


Rating: 4.7/5

Compatibility: Android, web, iOS


  • Free Plan: None
  • Paid Plan: Starting at $5 (per user and month); minimum of 3 users


CamCard Business is a great business card reader app for contact task and activities management. Apart from its intuitive user interface, it also has a cloud storage feature. Users will also enjoy the app’s wireless card sharing feature and batch scanning functionality (scan more than one card at once).

Business executives can permit their personal secretaries to save card information on their behalf by enabling the “Secretary Scan” mode. How organized can you be with CamCard Business? You will be able to update a contact’s information when his/her business status changes—as long as he/she is registered on the service. For example, when they get a promotion in job. Other features include the setting of reminders and attachment of notes.

Scan Biz Cards


Rating: 4.7/5

Compatibility: Android, iOS


  • Free Plan: Available
  • Paid Plan: Starting at $100 per user per year


ScanBizCards is an ideal tool for customer relationship management (CRM) integration and contact saving at events. This is because it enables the direct storage of contact information to CRM systems such as SalesForce and SugarCRM using CSV format. You will be able to keep track of your interactions with customers efficiently.

The app is best for entire organizations, although individual users can make use of it. Businesses can perform as many scans as they want with this tool. Other features include two-sided business card scanning, wireless information sharing, ‘cover flow’ 3D view for easy organization of contact lists, and third-party app support.

Wantedly People


Rating: 4.1/5

Compatibility: Android, iOS


  • Free Plan: Available


This may become your best business card app for bulk scanning depending on your budget. You can capture as many as 10 business cards at once! You do not need to arrange the cards in an orderly way on a surface for the scan results to be accurate. Searching for card information on your contacts lists is easy with this tool because you can use any saved field.

Get social on Wantedly People with its profile creation feature, business chat platform, call option, and emailing functionality. It lets users share cards via temporary URLs or emails.



Rating: 3.8/5

Compatibility: Android, Web, and iOS


  • Free Plan: Available
  • Paid Plan: Custom; based on the number of users (one-time fees included) or business cards


Sansan is another tool that has been tailored to suit whole organizations. You can decide to make this the best business card scanner app for your team. Why? Members will have access to a digitized contact database because the app is connected to the cloud. Storage and organization of contacts is automatic

Members of the team will be able to share contact information with third-party services like CRMs, emailing services, and address books. This is made possible with API support. That is not all. You can attach notes to the contacts, in addition to tags and meeting reports. Lastly, contacts can be called or emailed while you are logged in to Sansan.

Business executives will be able to set restrictions for employees when sharing contact information. This means that you can share details to a selected group of employees exclusively.

ABBYY Business Card Reader


Rating: 4.6/5

Compatibility: Android, Windows, iOS


  • Free Plan: Available
  • Paid Plan: Staring at $30 per year


ABBYY Business Card Reader is the best business card scanner app among the 5 mentioned in this guide. Why? One reason is that it gives users the option to choose from 25 language options! Also, its top rated OCR technology enables the scanning of every piece of information displayed on the card.

In addition to the aforementioned features, typos found on the scanned card will be corrected in the scan results. Unrecognized data will be highlighted in blue for manual rectification. The app’s smart recognition also extends to the cropping out of unwanted edges from the captured image of the card.

ABBYY Business Card Reader has a powerful synchronization framework. This entails the backing up of data across all your devices manually or automatically—as preferred by the user. Apart from that, saved contacts can be shared through emailing. You will be able to stay in touch with new contacts easily.

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It is only right that the above tips on choosing a business card reader app for your device is accompanied with answers to some frequently asked questions. See them below.

How does a business card scanner work?

A business card reader app uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology through your smartphone’s camera to enable scanning. Captured contact information will be automatically saved on the device.

What a business card organizer app does is to scan the structure of the card, separate it into sections of texts and images, recognize each aspect of the card’s graphics, and then present the result like a form.

However, these scanners tend to face some challenges in terms of recognition and accuracy because of the card’s design—texture, layout,  images, color, contrast, font, etc. Human effort may be needed to edit the scan results for accuracy.

How much does a business card scanner app cost?

There are some free apps for business cards. However, these are the most basic versions. You can get some of the paid versions for as low as $1, while others may be $2 and above. The premium versions with the most advanced features can be gotten for as high as $60.

Is a business card scanner app worth the cost?

You may be OK with the free version of the app you purchased depending on how many primary functions it can perform. The size of your business will determine your need to upgrade to bigger plans. You may need to spend more money for a powerful app due to its bulk storage feature and efficient organization of contact lists.

How we choose the best business card scanner apps

The best business card scanner apps are chosen based on the following considerations:

  • Basic functionalities
  • Device compatibility
  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy level
  • Affordability
  • Premium version functionalities

How do I scan and save business cards?

Typically, you need to open the app and tap the camera icon when attempting to scan a business card. If the app recognizes the information on the card, it will automatically take a snapshot and proceed to text recognition. You only need to wait for a few seconds for the scan results to show.

A manual option will be presented to you if the results are incomplete. It may require you to change the language, input the card’s information, or perform other actions. The scan results will show the captured image along with contact’s name, title, and company. Other details include the contact’s phone number, email address, website link, location, social media accounts, and notes.

Edit all the information as desired and tap the save button. The saved contact will be added to the app’s contacts list and/or the address book of your phone. You can learn more about scanning and saving on your business card organizer app by watching this YouTube video:

What is the best business card scanner app for an iPhone?

Based on the most recent listings and our analysis, the best business card organizer app for iPhone is the ABBYY Business Card Scanner.

How do I organize my business cards on my computer?

Your best bet for a well-organized contacts list on your computer is the use of web apps such as CamCard Business and Sansan.


The best business card scanner app will save your time on business networking. It helps in collecting and saving contacts in digital format and in many other ways. Try the 5 top options or you can use your chosen app to test the scannability of a business card issued by your company.

Size matters when selecting the best business card app for your company. Based on the team size, what do you think is the best business card scanner app for you as an entrepreneur seeking to boost growth?