How to Sell Jewelry on Etsy - Tips and Tricks for Success

How to Sell Jewelry on Etsy – Tips and Tricks for Success

Are you looking for tips on how to sell jewelry on Etsy? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This article will give you all the information you need to start. We’ll talk about how to source products, set up your shop, and promote your Etsy shop. So whether you’re a complete beginner or just looking for new ideas, read on for everything you need to know about selling Jewelry on Etsy!

What does Etsy stand for?

Before we get started, it’s essential to understand what Etsy is. Etsy is a website where people from all over the world can sell handmade or vintage items. It’s a great place to find unique and one-of-a-kind products and a great way to promote your own business.

The typical products sold on Etsy are:

  • Arts
  • Paper-based crafts
  • Printable designs
  • Jewelry
  • Housewares
  • Handmade products
  • Antiques and vintage items, etc.

How Etsy Works?

Now that you know what Etsy is, let’s look at how it works. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Set up an account.
  2. List your products.
  3. Ship your products to your buyers.
  4. Receive payment from your buyers.
  5. Repeat!

We’ll go into more detail on each of these steps below.

1. Setting Up an Account

The first step is to set up an account on Etsy. This is a quick and easy process; you only need an email address and password.

2. Listing Your Products

Once you have set up your account, you can start listing your products. This is done by creating a listing in your Etsy shop. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a listing:

  • Title: The title of your product is how people will find it when they search for something on Etsy. Try to keep the title short, simple, and descriptive. For example, “Handmade earrings” instead of “Earrings, handmade by me!”
  • Description: The description is how you will tell the buyers what your product is and what makes it unique. You should include information about the materials used, how they were made, and other interesting facts.
  • Pricing: You can set your own prices for your products on Etsy. However, remember that you will need to charge VAT (sales tax) on products sold in the European Union.
  • Shipping: Most people on Etsy ship their products worldwide. You should include how much it costs to send your product to the buyer and how long it will take for them to receive it.
  • Photos: The photo you upload with your listing is how buyers will see what you’re selling before they buy anything from you. Make sure that the photo is clear and shows off your product well.

3. Ship your products to your buyers.

Once you get orders, you need to ship those to your buyers. If you are selling digital products, then you can use the system provided by Etsy.

4. Receiving Payment

Once a buyer has purchased one of your products, you will need to receive payment from them. This can be done in a few ways:

  • PayPal: PayPal is the most common way to receive payments on Etsy. It’s quick, easy, and secure.
  • Credit Cards: You can also accept credit card payments through Etsy. This is an excellent option for buyers who don’t have a PayPal account.
  • Direct Deposit: If you’re in the United States, you can also receive payments by direct deposit.

Once you have received payment, it’s time to mark the order as “completed” in your Etsy shop. This will let the buyer know that you have received payment and will ship their order soon.

How Much Does Selling on Etsy Cost?

Etsy charges a listing fee of $0.20 per item and a commission of 3.5% of the total sale price. So, for example, if you sell a product for $10, Etsy will charge you $0.35 in commission fees. There are also some other optional fees that you may choose to pay, such as a payment processing fee (charged by PayPal) or a shipping fee.

The handling fee of Etsy

Etsy charges a handling fee. That is calculated as follows:

Etsy charges $0.20 per listing + a commission of between five and 12 percent, depending on how much you sell.

How to open an Etsy shop?

To open an Etsy shop, you first need to set up an account on Etsy. This is a quick and easy process; you only need an email address and password.

Once you have set up your account, you can start listing your products. This is done by creating a listing in your Etsy shop.

Do you have to have a business license to sell on Etsy?

No, you do not need to have a business license to sell on Etsy. However, if you sell products to European Union buyers, you will need to charge VAT (sales tax) on your products.

How many Etsy shops can you have?

You can have as many Etsy shops as you want, but there is a limit of five shops per account.

How to open a second Etsy shop?

If you want to open a second Etsy shop, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Etsy account and click on the “Shop” tab.
  2. Click on the “Add Shop” button and enter the information for your new shop.
  3. Select the products you want to list in your new shop.
  4. Add your payment information.
  5. Set up your shipping information.
  6. Publish your new shop!

How to Sell Jewelry on Etsy?

Selling jewelry items can be a profitable business. Etsy can be another channel to grow your business if you are already manufacturing jewelry. Otherwise, you need to source jewelry products. If you can source vintage designs, then selling vintage jewelry items on Etsy is a better idea.


Another good source of jewelry items is importing from regular manufacturers. Once you understand the business better, you can invest a significant amount in importing goods. For the early stages, it is recommended that you start small.

Jewelry bears culture. You can find many custom jewelry designers and producers in tourist areas. Tourists like to buy such tokens of local culture. So, you can try such producers for some custom designs.

Selling Jewelry on Etsy

Definitely, selling is not easy. Companies are spending millions of dollars on sales and marketing. But don’t worry. You have Etsy for your support. It is a popular marketplace for jewelry items. Millions of people visit the website looking for the products you are going to sell.

Following the best practices on Etsy is the best way to sell your jewelry products on that platform. You can promote your shop using the system provided by Etsy.

Buyers used to search on Etsy before buying any product. Therefore, you need to stand out in the Etsy Search engine. Research the other sellers for similar products and find the keywords you can use to optimize the Etsy search.

If you are comfortable with running ads, then try using Etsy ads to promote your sales on Etsy. It is a pay-per-click advertisement of the Etsy marketplace to highlight any listing.

Unless you are fully occupied, don’t stop your sales and marketing initiatives only on Etsy.

How to Promote Etsy Shop?

Social media is an excellent place to build your brand followers. For jewelry items, you should have regular communication on Instagram and Pinterest. But remember that Social media are not made for selling. Instead, engage your audience on those platforms. Try giveaways or competitions among your followers.

Once you grow your daily sales, you need to have a brand presence on Facebook, Twitter, and your own branded website.

Social media is a place where you will find interested people already looking for similar products. But for your website, you need to drive your own traffic. That is expensive and time-consuming. So, don’t go for your own brand website unless you have a separate budget and require a different sales channel.

Tips and tricks for success:

  • When sourcing products for your Etsy shop, try to find items that are unique and hard to find elsewhere. This will help you to stand out from the competition.
  • Make sure to take good photos of your products, and list all of the pertinent information (materials used, how it was made, etc.) in the description.
  • Be sure to ship your products promptly once they have been ordered. This will ensure that your buyers are happy with their purchase.
  • Use PayPal or other payment processing services to receive payments from your buyers.

How to package Etsy orders?

When shipping orders from your Etsy shop, it is essential to package them securely so that they do not get damaged in transit. Here are some tips for how to do this:

  • Use sturdy shipping boxes that can withstand being dropped.
  • Make sure that the items are well-protected with packing peanuts or bubble wrap.
  • Use good-quality shipping tape to seal the box shut.
  • Write “fragile” on the outside of the box, and be sure to use a trackable shipping service so that you can keep track of your package.
  • Make sure your customer knows how much it will cost them before placing an order.

What are the Pros and Cons of Selling Jewelry on Etsy?

There are both pros and cons to selling Jewelry on Etsy. Here are some of the key benefits and drawbacks to consider:


  • Etsy is a top-rated platform, so you have a large potential audience to reach.
  • It is easy to set up an Etsy shop and lists your products.
  • You can use the built-in tools provided by Etsy to help promote your shop.
  • Payment processing is easy and secure.


  • Competition can be challenging, as there are many other sellers competing for buyers’ attention.
  • You need to be able to take good-quality photos of your products and write compelling product descriptions.
  • Shipping can be time-consuming and costly.

Alternatives of Etsy where you can sell your jewelry

If you’re looking for other platforms to sell your jewelry, then consider the following alternatives:

  • eBay: This is a popular online marketplace that has a large audience of buyers.
  • Amazon: This site has a good market specifically for handmade items, so it could be a good fit for your products.
  • Bonanza: This site has a wide variety of products and a large audience of buyers.
  • Storenvy: This platform is designed for small businesses and allows you to create a free online store.
  • Big Cartel: This site is intended for artists and has a large audience of buyers.
  • Poshmark: This platform allows you to sell your products and also provides social networking features that can help you connect with other sellers.
  • Facebook: This social media site will enable you to create a free online store that can be linked from your business page.

Answers to Related Questions

So, should you sell Jewelry on Etsy?

If you are starting a new business, then selling Jewelry on Etsy is a great way to get started. The platform has everything that you need in order to run an online store and sell your products to buyers all over the world. But it can be hard work, so make sure that you are prepared before diving in!

It’s easy enough for anyone with an internet connection and a little bit of time. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to get started selling Jewelry on Etsy, but there are some challenges that you should be aware of before opening your shop.

Can you leave a review on Etsy without buying?

Yes, you can leave a review on Etsy without buying. However, keep in mind that your review will carry less weight if you have not actually made a purchase from the shop. If you have had a positive experience with a shop, be sure to leave a review and let other potential buyers know what you think.

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Selling Jewelry on Etsy is a great way to make some extra money. It’s easy enough for anyone with an internet connection and a little bit of time, but it requires more work than selling your items from your own website or even eBay. You need to be able to take good-quality photos of the products that you are selling and write compelling product descriptions in order to stand out from other sellers.

If you’re looking for how to promote your Etsy shop, we’ve got tips and tricks! The benefits outweigh the drawbacks when considering how long it takes before you start seeing returns vs. how many hours someone would have put into creating their own shop elsewhere online.

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