The 8 Best Colors to Wear to a Job Interview

Are you confused with the best dress color to wear to your next job interview? There are some things you need to consider while choosing your wear for your next job interview. The color of your dress is one of them. In this article, we’ll be enlightening you on the colors and dressing patterns that are most suitable for your next job interview.

Best Colors to Wear to a Job Interview

A very simple, yet elegant, dress is what is recommended for a job interview. While your dressing shouldn’t be the most prominent feature, you must not neglect considering it. The best colors for a job interview are neutral colors like white, black, gray, and Brown.

When going for an interview, the interviewers expect you to come all prepared, in appearance and as regards your qualifications (which is the main purpose of the interview). Do ensure you do not switch priorities by giving more attention to your dresses instead of your qualifications. This doesn’t mean you dress casually or trivialize an elegant appearance, but it places a value on moderation.

What Determines the Best Colors to Wear in any Interview?

  • While going for an interview in a work environment, go for simple color dresses that can project you as a professional.
  • In an in-person interview, choose solid color dresses and also make a background study of the organization to know what outfit type and color you can choose best. In an online interview, ensure your dress color is not blurred out by your camera quality, also make sure your outfit fits the background.
  • While going for an interview for a particular job role, like teacher, nurse, etc, project yourself as someone who has got the job already, in your dressing. Remember to keep it simple.
  • If you’re applying for a senior role, while going for an interview, appear the most professional way you can by adorning yourself in a complete set of suits of beautiful and welcoming colors.

Best Colors to Wear for an In-person Interview

In any interview, your outfit speaks a lot about you and your perception about work. While you prepare yourself, materially and intellectually, for the interview, give your dressing a huge part of the considerations too.

Below is a list of few things to consider while choosing an outfit for an in-person interview:

  1. Go With Neutral Outfits

For any interview you’ll be going for, have it stuck in your mind that neutrality is the way to go. Do not attempt to kill the show with bright color dresses, sophisticated designs, or enchanting styles. Keep your dressing neutral, simple and professional.

  1. Choose Solid Color Dresses

Solid colors appear more professional for any work environment, so while going for an in-person interview, choose solid color dresses over patterned dresses.

  1. Know Your Organization

You will be a step ahead if you have carried out some background study on the dress code of your potential company or organizations.

  1. Consider The Position You’re Applying For

If you’re applying for an executive position or any professional position, appear in the interview hall like you are one already. You do not want to appear casual for a managerial position. Also, if the position you’re looking into is less professional, your business casual attire will be the best for this.

Best Colors to Wear for an Online Interview

For a virtual interview, the best colors or dresses to wear are solid neutral colors like blue, gray, black and white. And you can also add a touch of a non-neutral color for a blend.

Online interviews, unlike the physical one, require some more attention to be taken in considering the kind of outfit you should wear. Unlike physical interviews, virtual interviews require you to use a solid and beautiful background which should blend with your outfit. Also, the quality of your camera is important in determining your outfit.

Here is a list of a few things you should consider while selecting an outfit for your next online interview.

  1. Webcam Quality

The quality of your webcam can determine the color of clothes you wear. It has been discovered that dark colors are more appealing and more visibly captured on camera than lighter colors. So if you’re going for a gray color dress, ensure it is of darker shade, and not pale, so it doesn’t appear blurred out or faded while on camera.

  1. Background

The color of the background in the video setting determines your dress color. Even if you’re setting up a virtual background, the background color is important for determining your dress color. Do ensure your dress color is in contrast with the background, if they are of the same hues, your dress may be lost in the background, so there should be a contrast.

  1. Avoid Patterned Dresses

Patterned colors could be distracting on screen, thus taking more spotlight of the interview than necessary. That is why solid colors are always recommended. Stick to your solid color dresses whenever you’re showing up in an online interview.

  1. Be Fully Dressed

Don’t only dress up the upper part of your body because it’s an online interview, put on your pants or skirt. You never know if you would need to stand up for an unplanned cause while the session is going. You wouldn’t want to go awkward, right. So, be fully dressed.

8 Best Color Combinations For Interview-Dress

1. Black Suit Blue Shirt

Black suits are always considered the best suit color because they can easily complement any other color. Black looks simple, but it is one of the most professional outfit colors that can suit your work. Black suits match perfectly with shirts of white, blue, pink, cream, and other lighter colors. So, black and blue outfits are good to go for your interview.

Black and blue outfits are great, simple, yet professional. Black suit blue shirt is a great combo for that interview. A blue shirt, more preferably the sky shade, and a solid black tie look so great for professionals, particularly for job interview purposes. Accompany the combination with a black or brown pair of shoes, you are all set to hit the ground running. Here is a nice sample of a black suit blue shirt outfit.

2. Gray Suit Black Shirt

The combination, gray suit black shirt is suitable for your light skin. The dark shirt adds an effect to the gray suit which makes it look quite darker. The dark, in contrast to your fair skin, balances the appeal.

Complementing the combination with a gray tie completes the resplendence. You are all set for your interview. Here’s a beautiful sample of a gray suit black shirt combo.

3. Navy and Black Outfit

Navy and black outfits are a great pair of colors with dark hues. These two colors are complementary but do not look so professional when combined, especially for an interview in a formal work environment.

So instead of choosing a navy and black outfit for your  next interview, you can simply go for a solid navy color dress. A navy gown dress is very much suitable for ladies. While for men, you can choose the black color and complement it with a solid light color like blue or white, or the navy color with a light blue color.

The solid navy color dress is a great choice for women. Here is a sample you’ll really like.

4. Black and Red Outfit

Black is a neutral color that can match any other color. Red is a sharp color which signifies alertness or danger. Now, trying to combine these two colors, like in a black suit red shirt combo, there’ll be a very sharp contrast, which doesn’t really look appealing or welcoming. Therefore, adding a touch of white will make the combination perfect. If black suit with red shirt isn’t a perfect match for an interview, then a black suit, white shirt, and a red tie will make the interview. Your black suit red shirt outfit will fit much better in other outdoor occasions.

Black, red, and white, go so well in this combination: A black suit and trousers, with a white shirt and a red tie is the perfect combination. The combination carries a professional appeal. Here is a beautiful sample of white, black and red outfit combo.

5. Solid Light Colors

Solid light color dresses like blue, orange, yellow, pink, cream, etc really look elegant when combined with a neutral color like black. However, the occasion you’re attending will determine which particular color is best to put on.

If you are going for a professional interview in a reputable organization, a law firm, or a school, you wouldn’t want to look shabby and at the same time extravagant, so choose a simple solid light color dress like blue or cream combined with a suitable solid neutral color. Avoid wearing red or orange for such occasions. Choose a combination of a neutral outfit and a light  color dress. Here is a blue and black outfit sample – a great choice for solid light colors and neutral colors combination.

6. Bright Colored Dresses

Bright color dresses like red, yellow, orange, green, blue, are very attractive colors, and they easily command attention. They are the best for parties and special events.

Because of their flamboyance and the attention they capture, they may be distracting in an interview, so it is advisable you put them away while going for an interview. Here’s an example of bright colored dresses.

7. Neutral Color Dresses

Neutral colors are hues or shades that lack colors. They do not belong anywhere on the color wheel, but they add resplendence to other colors, and can also stand independently. Common examples are white, black, gray, and brown.

Neutral color dresses are the best for interviews. They are simple in appearance, fashionable to behold and professional for a formal work environment. Here are some neutral color dresses samples.

8. Blue and Orange Outfits

Blue and orange are nice complementary colors. Adorned in such a combination gives you a resplendent ambience that will also be compelling to your beholders.

But since you’re going for an interview to showcase your intellectual and creative skills, and not a fashion contest, ensure you keep your dressing simple. A blue dress complemented with a neutral color dress will give you the simplicity you need. Your orange dress can serve its purposes in other outdoor events. Here’s a sample of how a blue and orange outfit looks like.

Meaning of Colors

Colors do not just exist as visual representations, they communicate some messages to our minds. Colors like black, red, white, blue, etc, denote several things and communicate different meanings. That is why we will be considering colors here and their significance to humans.

Neutral Colors

Blue: Blue is a primary color and it is associated with calmness, health and life. As a symbolic representation of the sky and sea, it denotes inspiration and trust. In some cultures, blue carries a negative emblem which stands for sadness.

White: It is obvious that we all agree with the popular opinion that white represents sanctity, peace, cleanliness, innocence, etc. White stands like a link to every other color. It signifies acceptance. It is welcoming. But when overused, without being complemented with any other color, it looks boring.

Gray: Gray color is a balance between black and white. In the psychology of color, it represents neutrality and balance. It is considered a full color when used alone.

Brown: Brown color represents the earth, sand, wood, and stone. It symbolizes safety, sincerity, and comfort. In its symbolic representation of the earth (soil), it stands for fertility and growth.

Power Colors

Black: black color stands for power, elegance. In contrast to white, it is commonly known to signify negativity, evil, darkness, etc. Despite this, it is still a great color, with the receptive ability to complement every other color.

Red: the red color is associated with danger, alertness, energy, love, courage, excitement, etc. Red is the color of blood. It is very appealing, conspicuous and flamboyant to behold.

Make Your Choice on Best Color-combinations

Understanding color psychology much better now gives you the privilege to make your choice from the wide varieties of colors available. For the sake of professionalism, avoid wearing bright colored dresses like red, orange, pink and other flamboyant hues while going for a professional job interview. Bright colored dresses are not bad choices, but because they easily grab attention, and may succeed in stealing the show of your interview, instead of your skills and qualifications, so it’s advisable you do not wear them for interviews. Bright colored dresses are considered as distracting colors.

Also, blue and yellow outfits are a very nice color combination which perfectly match a casual (less formal) occasion or outing. Blue and yellow outfits are best combined in a yellow tee-shirt and a blue jean. This really looks cool for tourists, hikers, adventurers, etc, but not the best choice for a job interview. While choosing a suitable outfit for your next interview, consider any of the solid light colors, (blue, cream, orange, yellow, etc) with a complementary neutral color like navy or black. The combination of blue and yellow outfits isn’t the best for a professional interview.

Black and red outfits are also very great and complementary colors, but since you aren’t going into a theater for an act, you can keep them away whenever you’re going for a job interview. Have you ever imagined what a black suit with red shirt dress combination looks like? I consider it  horrific – like the thought of someone in a money heist costume dressed for an interview. But how about introducing white into the combination? Like transforming a black suit with red shirt dress combination into a black suit, white shirt, and a red tie combination – that will be heroic. So, instead of a black suit red shirt combo, replace the red shirt with white, then add a red tie, that is the emblem of professionals.

Answers to Related Questions

What colors go with gray clothes?

Neutral colors like black. Gray is a neutral color, and you can best complement it with other neutral colors like black or white. You can also add some non neutral colors like blue or red to the combination. Have you tried the gray suit black shirt combination?

What is the best nurse interview outfit?

Neutral color dresses. The best outfit for a nursing job interview is a combination of any two of the neutral colors. With kempt hair, keep your dressing simple and professional.

Does black and blue match?

Yes. A great deal. Black and blue outfits are really amazing. An example is the black suit blue shirt combination.

What colors go with brown clothes?

White, blue, orange, black, etc.

What is the best teacher interview outfit?

A light color dress, like blue or cream, complemented with a neutral color outfit. While going for a teaching job interview, keep in mind that you’re going for a professional obligation, so ensure you dress simple. A combination of any two of the neutral colors is the best choice.

What is the best tie color for an interview?

Red, Blue, or Black.

What is the best men’s dress socks for work?

There are several good socks for any need you can think of. Check this article for a detailed review of the best dress socks for men.

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While going for your next interview, your outfit should be one of the key considerations. While choosing a suitable outfit for the interview, remember to stay simple, neutral and professional.

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