Personal Growth

Personal growth refers to developing yourself. It involves developing your human capital, quality of life, and achieving success.

The power of your mind is a vast resource. The latest research in neuroscience suggests that the brain has a remarkable ability to change and adapt, even well into old age.

How often do we hear that creativity and problem-solving skills diminish as we grow older? It is a false assumption. On the contrary, as you grow older, you may find that these abilities become more powerful as the brain makes adjustments to compensate for any physical changes.

In addition to our brain’s ability to change, we have a variety of tools to help us reach our goals. Setting goals is a powerful way to motivate yourself to meet certain objectives.

Every day you must make decisions that either contribute to or detract from your personal development.

Based on your stage in life, priorities will shift. For example, early on it may be most important to excel academically. Later on, it might be more important to focus on your relationships or develop your career.

For many people, they can be balancing multiple areas of their life simultaneously. The key is the realization that different situations will present different challenges.

That being said, it is important to be mindful of your decisions. It is not always easy to have the foresight necessary to know what will lead to personal development, but it is possible with some time and thought.

The online education market is the new way of obtaining an education. Over 60% of college students are pursuing an online course that will result in a certificate rather than a degree. These courses offer the individual the opportunity to customize their education to their interests.

Every individual is different and no two people want or need the same kind of education. Certificates are more cost-effective for someone who is employed, doesn’t have the time to go to school full-time, is planning for retirement, or just wants to learn more for fun.

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